Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hmmm, heat wave ? ? ? when ? ? ?

. . . and it came and went. Pffttt, gone, just like that. I have to admit that it was very, very warm... all the way up to 85-87 deg. That's almost hot when you come from somewhere in the 60 deg. range. And today got all the way up to 50 - maybe. The rest of the week we are suppose to have some rain and maybe some thunderstorms.

Since we are leaving for a camping trip in a week, I sure hope Mother Nature gets this out of her system by then. I don't mind camping in the rain, but...... I'd prefer not to. This is the first outing of the year and my birthday trip, so I'm asking for nice weather. Something in the 70's would be wonderful, with very little wind.

wishing you clear and sunny days..

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