Friday, June 13, 2008

Ohh . . . . and it's Fridaty the 13th . . .!

Hmmm, maybe I should just sit tight and not do anything at all today...... no matter what I do, I could get hurt..... ahh, I just remembered - I usually get some sort of money on Friday the 13th! I will check the PO Box, and I will look on the street, but since I'm not going far to do either, it probably won't be a huge amount....... now if Publishers Clearing House would stop by, then I don't have to go any where!

I do not believe in a particular day being bad luck..... each day is what you make it.

I am making my day beautiful!

This is my South 40 . . . and when the sun shines through the pines, it is just spectacular!! The yellow spot you see near the center of the picture is a bird house. When it is 80 deg in the sun, it is sooo cool in the shade. It is time for me to bring out the gliders, hmmm, and put up the hammock too!

I need to get the camper (Picture in a previous post) ready to go again... we are leaving next Friday for a 2-day trip. This time we are going to a small campground and will do some catfishing!! It is about 10 miles from home - we can't afford to go far. Thankfully in our area we have plenty of public lands and forests that we can find a wide spot in the road and park it.

I also need to finish the curtains for D's room..... as I feel like it. While I'm working on the curtains, I keep thinking of other things I can make - uh, like duh - this is D's room I have things set up in, and he will be coming home by the end of the month! I have to put all the sewing stuff away!!! and no where else to set it up....

Go enjoy this Friday the 13th . . . it's Friday, what can be so wrong with that?

Wishing you short trips of the happy kind!

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