Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to mangle a Mango . . .

. . . in one easy step . . . Now that should have been a video!

Our last camping trip out, Linda was kind enough to invite the "Monday remainder" of the whole camping group over for brunch. Just lovely - eggs, sausage, both regular and Italian, hash browns and Mango. She had sliced the mango up so nice - I gathered that there were several by the amount of slices. I had never had mango before, but I tried and I loved!!!

OK, now it's several weeks later, and I've bought a couple of mangoes. Seem like a good snack right about now . . . I cut into it like I would an avocado, try to twist the two halves apart, nothing doin . . . I then try to cut again and twist, nope, just more mango juice on the counter . . . Hmmm ? ? ? what the .... ? ? ? Now I know that the skin is pretty thick, so I try to peel it. What a mess! I have mango juice and bits and pieces of peel all over the kitchen and my hands... (I looked for the hidden camera) I figure that I have made such a mess of this poor mango that I just need to dig in with the teeth . . . tasted real good, but I think I'll ask Linda how to properly slice a mango! I really don't want to go through that again, and can you just see it . . . showing off my mangled mango skills in front of other people? Horrors . . . !

Well, my dog (me too!!) is finally getting a bit of relief from her terror of thunderstorms. I have her on medication, talked to an animal behaviorist and started the training exercises to prove myself the alpha female. SueAnn, my dog, is starting to look to me for guidance. We have power walks to do, but not right now as there are thunderstorm clouds overhead, but maybe later when the day cools down . . . now that's not quite what I mean - it's only 72 at the moment - but the humidity is very high! . . . and it's hilly where we walk.

I had an eye appointment yesterday, it had only been 3 years since I've been . . . and not too surprising, I need a new prescription. Not sure what the insurance will pay for the exam, but nothing on the new lenses, nada, zip, zilch. Cost me $127. It would have been $102. more for the transition lenses, so I decided to wait. I'm also not sure if they can do the transition stuff since my glasses are tinted slightly pink..... hmmm, will have to remember to ask next time.

I've lived here in my house for almost 7 years, but the transfer station (trash) is now giving us fits and starts about bringing burn barrels to dump. I guess they have had a few fires due to hot embers left in the barrel...... so we decided to forgo the mess of taking the ashes out of the burn barrels and putting them into black plastic - could you see me after doing that on a breezy day - uh huh, go ahead and laugh!!!! The sight would be hysterical!

I called the trash company, and asked about price, size of barrels, etc. I can have pick-up for $14.88 per month if I supply my own barrels - 3-32 gal barrels with weekly pick up. Not bad, but I'll tell you, those 32 gal barrels look sooo small after dealing with the 55 gal burn barrels! I also made sure the little cans have wheels . . . I have a gravel driveway so we'll see how well those itty, bitty, tiny wheels do. AND how well will they behave on the snow and ice we get? Hmmm, I guess I'll find out as soon as we get some snow.

I do a lot of different crafts and have been very impressed with all the crafty folks I've run across here in the blogosphere! I've ordered some really nice books based on recommendations read here, and I've even ordered some books about needle felting. Just what I need, a new craft! NOT!!!!!! but I'm going to do it anyway! One book I got is Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Fuzzy Felted Friends by Saori Yamazaki and the other is little felted animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath .

Now I'm looking for a starter felting kit. I saw one the other day, now let's see if I can remember where!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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