Monday, November 3, 2008

and so it goes . . .

Yesterday started out with a bang! Actually a phone call to say my dog had played Houdini and was now at Dale & Candy's house. I had let her out, per her request, and I guess I didn't hear her scratch at the door, so she decided to escape. Now, in the past when she's gotten out of the yard, she will sit on the front porch and wait, nope, not this time. I guess she thought she'd teach me a lesson. Up the hill she went - a full mile no less - and was waiting for Dale to come out. And happy as a lark, tail wagging, butt wagging - real happy.

I get up there and she is happy to see me! Imagine that! Usually she knows she's done something wrong, but nope, not yesterday. Happy, happy dog. A couple of cups of coffee later, we head down the hill accompanied by 2-18 packs of eggs. Now these eggs are pretty fresh right out of the chickens, and have all sorts of "stuff" attached - do I need to go there? Nope, thought not! I have a little over a dozen at home . . . and figure that all I can do is cook them up for easy snacks. There is no other way to get rid of that many eggs as fast.

As I was cleaning the new eggs, I ran across a little, itty, bitty egg. Not much larger than a quarter. Can you believe this? That is actually a quarter lying there, and the other egg is a duck egg about 5 times as big. When I was taking it out to clean it off, it slipped out of my fingers and cracked.

I decided to fry it up along with another, small to regular chicken egg, and enjoy it. Here is a picture of the egg in the pan with the 'normal' egg. It literally was bite size. It looks like all yolk, but there was only a tiny, itty, bitty one - about 12 o'clock. I was a bit skeptical about an egg that size tasting ok, but it was fine. What. there. was. of. it! The rest of the 2nd 18 pack had eggs in it that are about 2 inches long. I will cook them up this week too and make an egg salad for us to enjoy. It will probably take a dozen eggs for us each to have a sandwich!

We are so use to duck eggs, that to have this tiny little thing is a total novelty! I'm just in awe that one of Dale's chickens laid that tiny speck. There was another one, not as small, but very elongated . . .

Lets hope that by tomorrow night that we can visualize a moose head hanging in the Vice President's house!!!!

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