Thursday, February 12, 2009

A quick snow picture

Natalie from Chicken Blog asked for some snow pictures - Here you are!

I took 4 pictures of our snow, and only this one came out clear - not enough coffee this morning. It is 20 degrees outside right now, so I'm not running out to take more at the moment, but later on I will.

I noticed that even this one is a little bit fuzzy in the background. Again, the "not enough coffee" excuse . . . LOL

This is looking south. You can see my dog; she is staring at some deer that are out of sight of the camera.

Wishing you fuzzy warm feelings from Oregon!


Natalie said...

I spotted the dog first and love her ready to bolt stance! You can just tell she spies something fun.

Betty said...

Talk about a winter wonderland...what a great photo!