Friday, April 10, 2009

It's been a long time

I've been reading blogs, but have been a bit lazy when it comes to posting on my own. I will try to do better! There is stuff going on, but I don't necessarily think most of it has been post worthy. . . I've helping my room mate pack for his move - only 26 days left, boo hoo, and I think most of it is under control now. Of course, there is always last minute stuff and going through our Christmas decorations. We have sooo many outside lights that we just don't use any more - he will take them.

I've been futzing here at home, doing mindless stuff. I decided not to go through any more boxes of fabric until my room mate is moved out, that way I can spread out a bit more to really see what I have out in the shed. I know there are pillow forms, lots of fleece, not large pieces, but enough to warm up several people and kids! Hats, scarves, and I might even try to make some mittens. This would be for next year, since by the time I get to making them it will be warm enough to not need them.

I'm also trying to get the camper ready for a trip on April 24, 25 & 26. We will be camping at a higher elevation than I live, so I'll need plenty of warm fuzzies of all kinds. My friend Dale belongs to a Black Powder group, and they are having their first "Camping Shoot" this month. A lot of the group members dress in period clothing, have old guns, and have a ball doing this! I'm going to go for the camping. I have to leave my dog at home because she is terrified of guns and rifles. I can leave her with my room mate this time, but at the "Shoot" in June, I either have to find someone to watch her or not go.

Well, back to real life.

Back soon!

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Paula said...

Oh how fun! My Dad belonged to a muzzleloader group when we were kids. I loved going to the shoots and the parties. One of my favorite memories was the Christmas party that was thrown every year in the clubhouse. Everyone dressed in period clothes and had a hooting good time. I'd love to experience that again someday! You're going to have a "blast".