Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas gifts ...

I have been knitting! ... and knitting ... and knitting ...

These are 2 sets of fingerless gloves, easy. If you'd like my pattern let me know. The pink ones go to my niece that received the pink/green snake scarf last year. I'm trying to finish the green ones to send to my Mom, who is 82, in Denmark. She's not into the hot, screaming colors, but I thought she needed something bright ... and if she only wears them indoors - who cares! I thought they would be fun.

This cowl is for my friend who spends a lot of time on the quad. He plays in the snow and plows out driveways - the wind in your face gets very, very cold. I found this pattern on Ravelry, it's by Michael who also has a blog, This Boy Knits I think I searched for "cowls", but I'm not sure, on second thought, try searching for "Man Cowl" - the name of the pattern. Michael's pattern calls for 60 rounds for the main section, but I only did 40 rounds and it made it long enough to pull up and cover the lower face. It's a bit hard to see the design because I used "camo" yarn, but I think it's very nice and manly!

This is the beginning of a Double Layer Hat, where you start the hat at the top, knit down to the ribbing, then knit another hat to the top. Stuff one hat part into the other and you have a double layered hat. Extra warm. This is for another friend that likes to take walks in cold weather and I thought he needed something extra warm for his head.

Hopefully I will get all these done so I can move on to all (4) the beaded ornaments I need to make! I'll get it done, I just need to sit my fanny down and do it. Sounds familiar, huh?

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.


Barbara said...

Hello, My first visit to your blog and I enjoyed reading and looking forward to keeping up with your post. I am adding a link of your blog on mine. I am in the process of learning how to knit. I am also organizing a craft room at my house. I had to laugh at the cat on the vent as I have one also that lays on the vent when the heat is on.

Christina J. said...

You have been busy! I like all the bright, fun colors you are using.

Paula said...

Wow! Busy busy knitting hands at your house and mine too. I think your mom is going to love those green mittens and that cowl is absolutely perfect for a man out riding a quad. Good job!

Betty said...

My, you HAVE been busy! I finally had time to come over and read your posts. We've had a lot going on and I have been remiss in spending my usual time at the computer.

Love the gloves and cowl; I know how much fun you are having.

Take care.