Tuesday, August 24, 2010

too long since posting ...

I've been here every day reading all the blogs, but I've also been busy crafting for a craft fair in Boston. I don't have any pictures to show yet, but as soon as I get a chance I'll post a bunch.

The weather here is starting to get a bit crazy again. It was 43 (8C) when I got up, which has a brrr factor built in, but it it going up to 93 (35C) this afternoon. Tomorrow will be 95! Then by next weekend it will be back down in the 70's. Global warming or global cooling, go figure.

This was Labor Day 2009. We are getting ready for one more camping trip in about 8 days; wonder what the weather will be then?? Doesn't matter, we are going.

After this trip, there will be work around the property to be done before the snow flies again - and who knows when that might be. We usually don't have sticking snow until right before or right after Thanksgiving, but it is cold in October.

I will also see how all the new weatherization will work. I know it will be wonderful, but I don't know HOW wonderful. I'm looking forward to it. That large white box inside the porch will be full of wood for the stove, and I'm sure it will last longer than in years past.

Well, I need to get back to the crafting. I promise pictures soon!

Hugs to everyone!!


Mary said...

Hey, welcome back to the blogosphere! Nice to hear that you are crafting and camping. Nothing better!

Natalie said...

Those temperature extremes are rough... I remember them from my Minneapolis days.
Camping, crafting, and looking ahead... all good stuff my friend.
Also... bunny hugs will be delivered >*<

Tilly said...

Thanks for your comment - I'm really enjoying the knit-a-long. Talking of the weather, it's been all over the place here too, ridiculously hot and humid followed by chilly and raining. I wish it would make it's mind up. My daughter went camping with her dad and they came home early in the end as the weather was so bad. Hope your trip works out better than hers!

Ravenhill said...

Nice to have you back again! Good that you are reminding me that we need to start thinking and preparing for winter. We don't need the wood, no fireplace or stove here, but I need to get knitting for the family! I look forward to seeing what you get creative with.
hugs from emily xo

Nezzy said...

Yep, thanks for the reminder. I need to order wood for the winter. Bought the winters propane a couple weeks ago but I need to paint, cover and tie down some things. Pool needs closed and the windows need caulked. Ya want to come down and help when you finish there??? Heeehehehe!

Don't work too day girl.

God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!!

Anonymous said...

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Ravenhill said...

Are you back to crafting yet? I hope you are doing well. I miss your posts.
Wishing you a happy day.
hugs from emily xo