Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh ... the animals have their day!

We have had some terrific weather the last 3-4 days, and it is suppose to last for another 3-4 days. Temps in the 80's ... makes for a bad hunting season.

About 3 weeks ago SueAnn needed to go out around 2 in the morning ... what else is new? Well, I saw a shadow over by the chicken pen, but I really thought it was just my eyes after being dragged out there at that hour. But nooooo! There is a neighborhood black with white stripe type animal trying to make a dinner date with my chickens. Well .... do I need to say more? At 2 in the morning I'm trying to remember what takes the smell down about 300 degrees, but bleary brained me, just stood there staring straight ahead. I woke up when the dog wiped her cute, stinky face on my jammies! I grabbed the feminine internal cleanser and doused her good. It did help a lot, but didn't quite get it all. I woke up the next day with a headache, and knew exactly why!

Just laugh, go ahead ... last evening the cat wanted in, he lets me know by hanging up on the screen and yowling. I opened the door, and OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!! Joey evidently got too close and reeked with black and white striped type animal scent!! Have you ever tried giving a cat a bath? I did once about 40 years ago - never to try again. Until last evening! At least I was awake even if my eyes were a bit teary. Grabbed said cat, headed for the bathroom, closed the door, dumped some female stuff on him and realized I didn't have a scruffy towel handy, oh my beautiful bath towel ... Joey didn't mind the wiping down, but he felt like he needed some loving and kept jumping up in my lap - I again had a headache! Ummm, like we did that for about 5 minutes and I finally just let him jump up - - and stay, for about 10 minutes.

My whole back yard looks like this picture!  All my cute little ladies look like I tried to fleece them, but they are doing it all by themselves!  I have 5 ladies, and am getting 1 maybe 2 eggs a day.  The biggest girl is the worst 'shedder'!  I'm just going with the flow for now.  I don't care too much about the chickens, but I certainly DON'T want a repeat of my 2 legged critters.  Maybe I will just have to camp on the back steps with my .22 to prevent that ... if I don't gag first ...

I sure hope you all have had a better time lately.


K said...

Oh man, oh man!! I'd so much rather deal with our raccoon than your black and white stinker! And I had no idea that you could clean that smell with...ahem...that particular product! Who knew!

Paula said...

Skunk Skunk - Go away!!! I've always heard tomato juice takes skunk smell out, but who has a vat of that hanging around? Hope you get rid of your visitor before anymore stinky encounters. Make sure your ladies know not to accept the dinner invitation!!