Monday, March 28, 2011

A pair, a pair, a pair ...

... of socks!! I finally finished my first pair of socks. They are not perfect, but I consider them my sampler socks. They are a little bit too loose - OK. There are three different types of increases - OK. There are holes at the heel - OK. I don't think I'll go on with more little things I've found, but I sure have learned a lot! Never mind the hiked up sweats... it was just to show you that they were knee socks.

Two of them! I didn't really have the "Second Sock Syndrome", but I did knit a couple of smaller things while knitting the second sock. The looseness at the top is because I totally forgot about the 1x1 or 2x2 rib to help them stay up. I think I could go back and re-do that part, but then again, maybe not. LOL

Here is a scarf in garter stitch with a bit of a fringe that I knitted during the second sock. Very simple, just CO 20 and knit to your hearts content until you come close to running out of yarn. I took the tail end and cut as many fringes as I thought I would need and then knit until the yarn ran out. I think the yarn was Vanna's Choice Tweed, and the needles a 7 or 8.

I, of course, had to knit a bunny with Easter coming up. The pattern was "Bunny Nuggets" from Danger Crafts, and it came out sooo cute. Only about 4 inches to the top of the ear, and a big fuzzy tail.  The ears are not quite the same length, but that makes him cuter!!  Simple I-cord.  The eyes are light blue beads, and the nose is embroidered pink yarn.

I'm working on a shoulder wrap for my Mom, but I'm not far enough along to bother taking a picture as it looks like lots of stitches (233 at the moment) on a circular needle. I want to finish it by her birthday at the end of August, so she will have it going into winter. My Mom will be 84 and has trouble staying warm during the Danish winters, so I though I'd knit her something useful.

I will probably cast on for another pair of socks in the same type of yarn, but I will try a different toe that is more rounded. I am still experimenting with different methods of doing things, but I figure socks are a good way to practice some of these methods. Only I will know...

Have a wonderful day!


Mama Pea said...

Hey, I think you did a GREAT job on your socks! We are always so critical of our own work because we see every little glitch that nobody else will EVER see. I like your scarf, too. Cool yarn. Cute widdle wabbit all ready for Easter, too. So much fun to see all your knitted thingies.

Anna said...

Congrats on finishing your first pair of socks. Socks are my number one favorite thing to knit. I can't seem to refrain from buying sock yarn because its my favorite also..its just so pretty. So now I have a huge sock yarn stash and sometimes wonder "so many socks, so little time". Have fun with it and keep on knitting those socks!!!

Gail said...

It looks to me like you did a real fine job. I love the bunny.

Paula said...

Wow! You've been very knitting prolific lately. I love your socks! I've only knit two pair ever and just got some sock yarn for my third pair. LOVE that bunny. Going to check out the pattern right now!
Happy knitting!

mtnchild said...

Thank you sooo much for all the nice comments. I will definitely make more socks, and hopefully I will get better ... LOL

Mama Pea - I am very critical of my own work. I find most things come very easy and that makes it sooo "not work". I'm not bragging, but I sometimes have trouble understanding why everyone can't do it. MY problem!!!

Anna - Welcome! It's a good thing that I don't have a huge selection in yarn in my little town or I would have a sock yarn stash from hell too!!

Gail - Thank you. I can so see a myriad of booboo's and changes, but I'm still very proud of my first socks. The bunny doesn't take too long to make up-lots of fun.

Paula - I knit in the evening when watching TV, so there is at least a couple of hours a day that are spent knitting. Since Easter is so late in April, I should make a bunch more with all the gifted and scrap yarn I have little bunches of. Have fun with the bunnies!

In my mind right now is casting on another pair of socks with a different rounded toe ... I will find a totally put together pattern that fits all my idiosyncrasies for a very easy pattern.