Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm posting again so soon ... LOL

Boy has blogger changed since I use to post a lot more frequently ... oh well, progress.

I finished the little bunny and put it inside the mug I gave my niece for Easter, and she loved them both!  We have had rain the last 2 days so the raking of the pine needles is still waiting for me ... today is sunny, but it's after 2pm and I have a few other things that need to get done.

Over the weekend, or was it Friday ... no matter, I put the trickle charger on the truck, and today I went out and got it started with a little help from my Jeep.  Now I need to either get the truck down to the gas station or get a 5 gal gas can so I don't completely run dry ... It's easier to take the truck, but I'm not sure how far the fumes will get me.  It's 2 miles to the station ... Now I need to put the camper battery on the trickle charge.  We go for the first camping trip on May 4-5-6, so I do have some time, but it seems to, all of a sudden, be time to leave with not much done.  I try to start early.  The poor camper really needs to be cleaned after it's long winter nap, and that can be done anytime before leaving. 

I called my local computer place and found out that I need an inverter to be able to charge the tablet.  That's good to know before I go and blow it up!!  The computer guy said to go to a trailer place and that they should have what I need ... later this month.

I'm not hearing very good stuff about the economy - Obama is devaluing the dollar.  For the last 40-50 years the US Dollar has been the currency used for global transactions, but now some of the countries around the world is starting to make contracts with China to use the Yuan ... once that happens world wide, the US can no longer print money and we, as a country, will go down hill FAST.  OK, enough of that!

For the first camping trip, I need to make a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend of mine and I also want to make some of those neck coolers, that you dip in water and they stay cool all day long.  I have some instructions and they are just straight forward.  I think I need to make up at least 10!  And then some more to sell ... I was thinking of asking $15 for the ones for sale - the rest are free to friends ... LOL.  Does that sound like a reasonable price?  I always have a habit of selling myself short with prices.

I do need to go out and put some more straw in the chicken coop - every time I do that, those darn girls scratch it all outside.  They are down to bare wood in the coop and the nesting boxes. 

Have a good 'rest of the afternoon' and evening - oh h*ll, have a great life ... LOL

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