Saturday, April 20, 2013

News worthy week

Boy has the news been busy!  I've been wrapped up in the Marathon Bombings since my roommate is from Boston (outside) and knew where all the places were ... Well, the Libs must have been very disappointed that the bombers weren't the White Tea Party culprits that they were hoping for ... shame on them!

The Ricin letters ... the Fertilizer Plant explosion ... the murder of the City prosecutors in Texas ... Wow, not small news stories.  I got to a point during the week that I almost couldn't keep track of them.

I need to finish a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend for the Black Powder Shoot that takes place on May 3-5 up the mountain about 10 miles.  We will be heading out on the 2nd to set up camp. The use of the land is being donated, but it has to be left as we find it.  I'm not a member of the Mount Mazama Mountain Men, but I go for the 'camping'.  One of these years maybe I'll sew up a costume to wear at the Shoot, but don't hold your breath!  I'm taking responsibility for 2 of the 3 evening meals this time ... The Friday night meal will be Chicken Soup (stew actually) and some of the snacks.  The other meal will be Burritos with all the fixins' - Hopefully at least one evening will be a bit warm ... at least the meat and refried beans will be warm ...

I've outlined the area in my front yard for the Hugelkultur garden with branches so I can get a better picture and perspective for what I want to do ... I'm not sure if I should have Dale dig down about 12" or just leave the whole thing on top of the soil.  I'll figure it out ... The front yard is the sunniest area I have on my property and the garden should have close to 6-8 hours of sunshine.  I'm not sure I have 8, but I know it is more than 6.  It is also too early to plant; our last frost date is around May 15, so after that I'm good to go.  It is recommended that the first year you basically want to plant easy stuff ... potatoes, maybe tomatoes - I have to read up on this some more.  The "real' garden won't be planted until next year ... but I'll keep you informed.  I also need to fence it as the deer will eat it if it grows!

Time to get outside ... talk later.

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