Thursday, May 23, 2013

and time marches on ... slowly

It seems like my life is moving in slow motion ... nothing happens on a daily basis, well feeding the animals moves at regular speed, but the rest - Nahhh.

The weather has turned cool again and yes we had a skiff of snow the other night and it has been COLD!  The day after the snow the temperature didn't get above 42 for the whole day.  It is warming up and I hope it gets back to normal as we are going camping in a week.

I drove up to the campground earlier because I had a bag of children's goodies to give to the camp hosts to hand out.  I told them to look through the bag and put aside any that they didn't think were appropriate.  They have a week to go through the stuff and I will take the rest and get rid of it.  The camp hosts have been so good to our group over the many years that we've been going there, that they deserve donations.  I have a friend that picks up coloring books and crayons for the hosts.

Of course I took my dog with me for the drive and sure enough, while I was talking to the host, she laid a landmine ... I grabbed a bag to pick it up and the host told me "Thank You" ... I would never leave a pile like that in their yard, or anyone else's for that matter!  But I know how a lot of people are - not very courteous but they will be the first to scream if some dog left a pile in their yard ...

I got a trailer load of dirt last weekend, and then we had rain and snow so it's still piled where it was placed.  I sure can tell the difference between that dirt and my own ... one is gray the other a nice chocolate brown.  I'm also putting chicken manure in the garden hole so that should help a lot. I've brought 2 wheelbarrow loads to the 'garden' and you really can't tell by looking at the coop that I've removed any thing at all. I need to get some calcium for the girls as their eggs are beginning to have very thin shells.  I stuck my finger through one egg yesterday ... I've been keeping my 'used' eggshells to feed back to the girls, but if there isn't enough calcium for them to make strong shells, how much calcium can there be in the shells I'm giving back to them ... I need to get some calcium!

As mentioned above, we are going camping next weekend for my birthday.  The weather is too cold to enjoy going over Memorial Day.  It seems like its been that way for the last 4-5 years.  Global warming my butt!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!  Teach the children what it's all about.

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