Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

I'm listening to Christmas music on the television and wrapping presents.  It is peaceful, warm and fuzzy and I love it.  There aren't many gifts this year - too many things have happened that cost money - but the people the gifts are for understand; times are tough for them too.

I've tried calling my Mom a bunch of times, but she was either out visiting with friends or enjoying the friendships of the people at her assisted living facility.  There is a 9 hr difference in time, so I can't keep calling throughout the day.  It's 6:30 pm here and 3:30 am in Denmark.  I will call her tomorrow morning and hope to catch her.

I have to be up early tomorrow anyway, so I will call again ...  I need to start my Scalloped Potatoes around 10 am to have them ready for dinner at 1pm.  While the potatoes are baking I'll hop in the shower and get dressed.  Then scoop up the bag with the gifts, grab the potatoes and off I go ...  I'm going to Dale's parents house with all the other misfits ... LOL.  We always have a wonderful time.

I found out that the only gas station in my little community has closed - bummer - the nearest one now is about 9 miles away.  The people there aren't the friendliest and the place is dirty ... so I will have to drive at least 12 miles or so to get gas.  It a real bummer since all the summer campers depends on it, and the hunters in the Fall.  There is still the Keno Store for supplies, but there is NO gas nor propane.  The tractor store got a propane station so that's a relief.  I'm not sure why the they're closing, but someone said it was due to insurance ... as in ObamaScare ... now why doesn't that surprise me?  I'm very, very sorry to see the station - and convenience store - closed.  There was no gas station when I first moved here, but oh boy, were we happy to see it open. 

I sure do wish we would get some more snow - the dirty patches just don't count for a White Christmas, but I'm happy and grateful that I'm alive to growl about it ... LOL
Merry Christmas to all...

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