Saturday, June 14, 2014

I think I can breathe now ...

It's not that I've been holding my breath, but there sure have been a lot of times where I wanted to.  My friend Ron, has had quite a few problems with his '72 Bronco ... it's still a Ford ... LOL.  New parts needed, parts not in stock, wrong parts, broken new parts - I think that covers it for now, and hope he can get it put back together without any more issues ... fingers crossed and prayers said.  I've been running back and forth to town with him (he's paid for gas) to get parts, exchange parts, to pick up out of stock parts.

 ... and yesterday we went to the local "Stand Down".  That's when the military hands out new and used military issue socks, thermals, shirts, jackets, back packs and pretty much what you can think of.  The doors open at 8, but in order to now having to wait all day you want to get there early ... We were there by 6:30 am ... I had to get up at 5, but missed it by about 30 min, so only had 30 min to get ready.  That's not easy when you're still asleep ... LOL.  So we had 1 1/2 hr to wait in the morning cold and in the shade no less.  You get a number and they call that so you can register.  The you get to walk around all the booths set up for Lion Club vision, VA homeless help, The Klamath Tribes, the Library and a ton more services offered here in the Klamath Basin.  The give out can coolers, pens & pencils, pens & pencils, books to read and books of benefits, did mentions that there was a lot of pens & pencils ... after you had your registration form signed by all these groups, you get in line to pick out the surplus items that you'd like.  After that ... you can go home.  You do get help from the Boy Scouts and active duty personnel - thank goodness because neither Ron nor I could carry the bundles we had accumulated ...

Once we got back home I have to get rid of some old things so I had room for the new stuff.  For some reason I ended up with a Parka, trench coat, and 3 other jackets - where the dicksons I'm putting them is still a mystery.

My other friends, Dale & Candy went camping with the Moose Lodge's Camping Club this weekend.  They are only about 6 or 7 miles from home - we stay close because the gas price is getting worse and worse, up to anywhere from $3.79 to $4.10 in our area.

I'm trying to recuperate from all the running to and from town, the waiting and the carrying of stuff yesterday, and the screwed up computer.  The place that sold me the new computer and not even half ass reloaded things really SCREWED things up bad.  I will not go back to them - EVER!!!  I think that I'll let my Son-in-law's company fix it long distance from now on.  I couldn't get my old computer fixed because it was close or over 9 yrs old.  After I bought a new revamped computer was when a shit load of problems started ... they did not load my firewall or anti-virus programs so guess what happened within 2 days ... yup, major mess.  I went and picked up my old tower because it still has all my information on it and I really don't trust those guys after all the problems I've had.

I've been on several camping trips so far and they are always nice.  I've slowed down on my knitting because I haven't had time to enjoy it and am just too tired at night to work on any of my projects ... I'm now going to get back into it again - I really, really enjoy it and it helps slow down my brain - as if it goes too fast anyways ... LOL!!

Enough for now, but I did want to tell a bit of what's been going on.  I didn't want every one to think I fell off the edge ...

The weather was sooo nice and warm last week but today and for the next few days it is suppose to be cool.  We had frost / freeze warnings the last 2 nights ... run out and cover all the new shoots that have come up.  I'm not getting the sprouting that I was expecting, but maybe I just need to hold my horses and wait a while longer ... LOL.  I'm hoping it warms up again so the little shoots can grow and the ones still not showing will appear.

Hope every one has a nice day, week, month ... life!!

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