Sunday, September 23, 2018

New start ...

I've had a lot of stuff happen in the last year, therefore I took a break from blogging.  I think I'm now ready to start again, possibly only on a limited basis, but I'm still around ... 😊 ... and will try to keep up.

I've recently adopted 2 little dogs who's owner had died.  As best I can figure they are a Maltese-Poodle mix (Rudy) and a Yorkie- Wire haired terrier mix (Rascal).  Both cute as the dickens but so different. Rudy is pretty happy go lucky but Rascal has to know where I am at all times.  I had a larger dog 2 years ago, SueAnn, but am learning to be a Dog Mom all over again and loving it!! 

I am also trying to craft as much as possible, knit, paint, sew, etc., as I am doing a large Craft Fair in November.  My girlfriend and I were vendors there last year and enjoyed it sooo much, that we definitely wanted to do it again this year.  We sold quite a bit and definitely made our money back plus a lot more.  A couple of months ago we pulled out everything we had made that wasn't sold and realized that we really needed to get busy for this year!  I've painted rocks, tin buckets and signs.  I'm also knitting more dish cloths as they sold very well. This year I'm adding a free scrubby for every 2 dish cloths sold and hopefully they go over well so I can make bunches more and sell them next year as a stand alone item, maybe in 3's for whatever I decide on.

I raise chickens for fun and eggs, but a, or some critters have decimated my flock so that I only have 2 left out of 7.  One of the survivors had been loose for 4 days and did not want to be caught, but I think hunger and thirst finally got her to go into the pen and as I was out there, I got the gate closed before she could escape again ... Phew!!  Have you ever tried catching a chicken that didn't want to be caught ... not a game or exercise program I would recommend ... LOL ... for a few days I was very sore from trying to chase her down.  The two ladies are now confined to the pen which is a 6 x 12' old dog kennel attached to a coop.  I feel so bad about this as all 7 were free range in my back yard, but if I turn them loose now they will both disappear.  They are very scared of the dogs as they are probably the same size as our night critter, that the girls go into the coop. They went through a terrible trauma as 5 of their kind were slaughtered in 4 days ... I feel for them.

I need to finish a couple of crafts today, and hopefully I can figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to this blog ... anyone know an easy way?? ... LOL ...

See you all later ... 😘😘😘

Friday, August 25, 2017

L O N G T I M E ... !!!

I don't know what happens that there is sooo much time between posts, maybe there just isn't enough exciting things happening around here ... I don't know ...

At the end of April we had our annual Mount Mazama Mountain Men camp out.  It is always fun watching every one in Mountain Men clothing and the shooting competitions with the old Black Powder rifles and pistols .. In a way it is like the Mountain Men Rondevous of old ... games, shooting, vendors and just plain old camaraderie.

On June 21st we had another 5 day camp out scheduled and had a wonderful time ... except that my Truck camper refrigerator decided to start going belly up!  I'm not sure what the problem is, as it works on house power - both freezer and fridge works great, gets down to right temps and stays cool ... the freezer works on propane, but the fridge itself will not cool.  I had it looked at at our local RV place and all they could find was the thermocouple was burned out.  They replaced that and we tried again.  Nope didn't work any better at all.  It's a 1990 fridge and we all think it has just grown tired, but is still sputtering along once in a while.  In July we had another trip and I tried again, but the weather was absolutely hot and unbearable.  We don't usually get weeks in the 90's, but this time we did.  And the fridge wanted to stay at 60+ degrees so I used tons of ice in my old coolers, but we still had to make a trip to town for more ice ...

Two weeks after that, another trip, yes we are camping enthusiasts, and I had bought a Coleman Extreme 5 to help keep groceries and drinks cold ... it ended up with hot weather the first 2 days and then cooled down to comfortable level - Yeah!!!!  My new cooler held ice for 6 days - not much left at the end, but there was still ice!!!  No I don't work for Coleman, but I've always loved their products.

Deer season is coming up on the 30th of Sept, so we are off again.  I was going to see if I could get a new fridge before this trip, but with the cost being sooo high, I thought I'd wait until Spring to see if products go on sale and then worry about it.  I can't see spending upwards of $1,000 for the fridge for one more trip this year.  We will all go out to get our camp sites around the 21st of Sept.  The camp hosts have a special Pot Luck for all the hunters that can make it on the 23rd, so I have to think of something to bring ... I will only be there for 7 days at the most so I will miss opening day, but I only go for the camping - I'm not a hunter, but will visit during the next 2 weeks.  Our site is only about 10 miles from home, so it's not hard to drive out there.  I'm still looking forward to the camping part!!

I've been preparing for 2 craft fairs in November and still have lots to get done, and yes, a lot to get started on too!!  I love crafting and my girlfriend and I have come up with some items for the men.  There never seems to be manly gifts offered at craft fairs, so we're hoping we can catch the "Men's gift Market" with some good items and some fun ones too.  After the Fairs we take a month and a half off, and then get right back into crafting for the following year ... we love it!

I've marked my calendar so I will post more often and not have to write a book to keep you updated ... let's see if that works ... LOL

Bless you all ...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Getting old isn't for sissies!!!

Four days ago I crawled up on my roof to clear part of it ... the part over the dining area ... the ceiling was sagging and I hit Panic Mode!  Now in order for me to get up on the roof, I have a regular 6' ladder, I had to crawl up to the 4th tread, brush the snow off the wood shed ... crawl up there and make my way through 2 feet of snow to the edge of the carport.  The carport has about 14-16" of corrugated metal overhand until the first support beam - it bends when you crawl up - I got up there fine.

Now I have to work my way through another 2 feet of snow to the edge of the house.  There is about 10-12 inches of overhang that I could stand on before hitting the saggy part - scary part! - I started to remove snow, and remove snow and remove more snow ... being afraid of stepping on that "sag" I'm stretching out in front of me with my shovel getting maybe 4-5 inches of snow at a time until I hit the roof surface.  I have a plastic shovel and a rubber roof, so even if the corners of the shovel are a little bit rounded ... like a dime rounded ... I have to be careful to not dig and put a hole in the rubber ... Well, I worked my way around the roof edge to get to the part where I knew there was a wall under me and continued to shovel layers of snow and ice at the edge over the edge ... a friend came to help, but I was 85% done, but he really did help with that last center part of snow over the "sag" - he could reach farther than I could and we finished sooner.  I had to crawl on all fours across the roof by the edge as rubber boots and rubber roof makes for a treacherous crossing on only 2 feet, but I made it!  Then a hop over to the carport roof and a slide down the wood shed roof.  I had to turn and go off the edge to the ladder backwards ... my girlfriend guided my feet to the top rung and I made my way down the latter - I don't think I've ever been so grateful for terra firma as I was then.  I will NEVER get back up on the roof.

A couple of days after my "adventure" I started hurting in my leg ... I had thoroughly aggravated my sciatic nerve!  I'm still not doing well, but I will get through this again.

The last time I did a job on the sciatic was the week after Thanksgiving ... I was pissed of about something I can't even remember and grabbed a 50 lb bag of chicken feed and tossed it around getting it into the house, stepped wrong and that evening couldn't move without pain ... I think I may just have learned that I'm not 30 anymore, or even 40 or 50 ... I'm just so use to having to do things for and by myself that I don't stop and think.  

I'm using ice to get the sciatic nerve to stop twitching and twisting ... It does work and Icy Hot helps too.  I'm too stubborn to be kept down, but if I'm not careful it just might happen ... some day ... soon ...

Learn a lesson from me ... don't be that stubborn old lady or old man ...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weather Service ...

The weather Service said we'd get 8 - 12" overnight ... Hmmm, I think I have 18" new snow on top of 6-8" from the previous storm a few days ago ... makes about 2 feet and some 3 foot drifts.  I've been shoveling since about 8:30 this morning and came in at noon ... Phew!!  Thank goodness I have my wood stove and the wood box (on enclosed porch) is full ... the vent for the exhaust of the furnace is covered with snow ... I need to get up there to clear vents ... no ladder tall enough ...

My cat, Joey, is use to going out right after breakfast ... I opened the door and he was ready to run down the steps except they had disappeared ... LOL   He was a bit put out, turned around, went to the window to look out at this "stuff" that was preventing him from his normal routine ... After the front stoop and a trail to the carport was cleared, he was happy to go out for about 10 minutes.

Not sure I'll be able to do any more shoveling ... my back is giving me a few fits now and again.

Just thought I'd keep you posted ... not sure how to load a picture from my cell phone ... Happy New Year to everyone!!!  (((HUGS)))

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Baby, It's cold outside!!!

I am ready for a bit of above 30 temps.  When I got up this morning (at 6 am) it was 9 deg outside the window!  We are on a heatwave today, it is now 17 ... today's high of 30 will be the low in a couple of days ...

I must not have any blood as I've been cold to one degree or another in the past 2 weeks.  The shower helps, but it doesn't take long for me to feel chilled again.  I HAVE to go outside at least twice a day to feed and water my chickens.  I have 3 bowls for water; the one inside the coop, the one out in the pen and the last one for when they're outside the coop.  OK you say ... they are all FROZEN solid.  I bring the one inside the coop in to thaw, so they will have something to drink.

A few days ago we had 6" of snow, which was nice since we are way below normal, but it rained the next day and most of it is gone ... there are some frozen patches here and there, but not worth much.

My friend S and I have been crafting a lot for the 2 craft fairs we did this year.  One of them we will do again in 2017 and hopefully a new fair to us will call and say "You're in!"  Won't know until summer, but I'm still going to craft all year 'cause it's the big one here in my town!!  We need a lot more products and repeats of what's been sold and what seems to draw attention.  I have a list of items that I'd like to do, but we'll see when it comes right down to it.  I can only knit, sew or paint for so long until I need to get up and do something else for a while ... and in the summer it will be hard to do some of it, but I can knit outside and while camping, so those projects won't fall behind.  The painting and sewing (and beading) aren't so easy to take anywhere ... there is also too much dirt and dust ...

I just changed my furnace filter ... should have been done a few months ago ... My house wouldn't warm up, so I looked at it through the slats in the vent OMG ... changed now.

If I don't get back on here before Christmas, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyful New Year.  Hugs all around ...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

WOW - Didn't realize it's been THIS long ...

I read other blogs, but then forget about my own ... that age thing again ... LOL  The summer was pretty normal, a week or two of our hot weather (Oregon style)  in the mid to upper 90's.  We only got together for camping 5 times instead of the usual 6-7.  Time conflicts for one member of the group, but the times we did go out, we has a GREAT time as usual.

My friend & I signed up for a craft fair on the second weekend of Oct.  This was the second time we joined the craft fair, but I doubt we will do this one again - just not run or managed well.  We now have one on Dec. 3, and are super looking forward to it even though we've never joined this one before, but have heard really good things about it.  I then received a call yesterday inviting us to join another on Dec. 10 ... one week after our Senior Center Craft Fair ... not sure we have enough products to do another one so close ... I will return the call and say "No, sorry, not this year"  If that group decides to have another Craft Fair next year we may consider it because my friend & I have decided that we need to craft all year long.

There just doesn't seem to be a lot of news on my end as the days are just running together ...

I had intestinal problems for about 4-5 months from March on, and I never really found out what the problem was as all my tests came back either negative (good) or that I'm very, very healthy (Extra Good!!).  I like that kind of news, but would really have liked to know what was causing the problem ... But it's great to know at my age that I'm very healthy!!

I lost my beautiful Hound 3 days after her 15th birthday (9/11)... it still hurts.  I still think I need to walk the dog, or that she can come to the PO to pick up the mail ... It's a very empty feeling when a split second later it again hits you that shes not here anymore.  I probably will get another dog, but not until after the new year.

I'm heading to my 'paint' table to finish some more items for the Craft Fair ... I need a kick in the butt so that I don't neglect my posting ... another sticky note?  A reminder on the calendar?  I'm not sure what will remind me BIG TIME ... Any ideas???

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Time flies ...

Time sure flies when you're having fun ... NOT!  I've hit the "bored beyond comprehension" state.  I'm beginning to hate the computer!  I upgraded to Windows 10 and changed my browser to Chrome.  Boy do I miss Windows XP!!  It was easy to use, and things were called what they were ...  I needed to clear all the cookies I'd been accumulating for a while and couldn't find anything that said "cookies" ... anywhere!  I had to do a search to find out it was under a tab called "content settings"  - what a moronic name ... there are many, many more things I'm really beginning to hate!!  I'll go into them as they pop up on me, besides when they do, I really need to vent, so stay tuned ... I know they're coming ... LOL!

I also think cabin fever has set in ... we've had a bit of snow the last couple of days, not enough to get excited about.  The snow rarely lasts more than a day ... little skiff that is more annoying than useful.  It has been cold and windy though.  It's hard to sometimes even go out to feed the chickens and let them out.  They also take a while to come out of the coop.  They eat and if they can find some sunshine they run for it or if it's overcast they scoot back into the coop - I have a heat lamp in there ...

The roller coaster ride that is the election is one of the most frightening things I've seen ever since I sort-of started paying attentions to elections ... I'm a Ted Cruz supporter.  Trump scares the hell out of me and Rubio is wishy washy.  He does something and then denies it ... sorry Marco, you are not much better than Trump.  Trump is out for himself ... if he didn't think he could get something out of being President he wouldn't be running ...

There was a surprise in my mail box today ... the March/April 2016 issue of Grit magazine!  I'm going to go through it as soon as I crawl into my bed in my warm fuzzies (pj's)  I usually watch TV while playing games on my tablet, but tonight after all the votes are counted, Grit will be gone through with a fine tuned comb.  I even read the ads ... LOL  I also go to some of the web sites just to see what they're all about.

Sure wish I had more open, sunlit ground on my property, but it's covered with trees ... not a bad thing, but I'd like to rearrange the trees a bit ... that way I can have a flat garden area and a greenhouse that both get sun!  The only place for a greenhouse is in the front of the house ... and that spot is used for the snow piles in winter ... I want a permanent greenhouse ... I've been trying to get seeds to grow for many years, but I've resigned myself to getting seedlings for whatever I want to grow ... I just don't have that darn green thumb for seeds.  I try to start them indoors, but my house is really dark and the way the house is laid out I don't have good window placement for seeds ...

I had a nice vacation last year to see my daughter, son-in-law and grandson.  We met in Seattle - the grandson is in the Navy and son-in-law had a big meeting with Microsoft, so my daughter went and talked me into going ... I loved every minute of it.  And my bestest friend and her daughter met us for an afternoon of lunch and some shopping.  Bestest friend and daughter live on Widbey Island, so it was a bit of a trip, but we all agreed it was worth it.  I need another trip away from the house!!!

There are quite a few dozens of eggs in the fridge so tomorrow I'll dehydrate some more raw eggs.  I also have celery that needs to be dried too.  That'll keep me busy for a couple of days ... then what?

I'm running out of things to 'talk' about besides being more pissy, so I'll let you all go for now.  Hope things are working out well for everyone.

Ta ta

Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm still running on absent ...

I just can't get it together to post regularly ... I'm learning how Windows 10 works and it's not the easiest thing I've ever done!  There are things I want to do, things I had in Windows 7 but don't exist in W10.  I need to have reminders pop up on my screen, and make a sound, from my calendar ... I can't find instructions for it.  Now I'll agree that "I" might be the problem in either not being able to find instructions or not understanding them ... and it's not easy finding the right place to post a question or getting an answer that "I" understand ... I'm a total end user on the computer.

I have MS Edge and it doesn't seem to be compatible with my Apache Open Office program.  I need a free, simple word processing program that will work with W10. 

Ahhh, always computer issues here ...

I spent Nov dehydrating different things and trying them out.  Rehydrating and eating them.  Some are good, others not so much.  I dehydrated some canned fruit, but I think fresh would be better.  I'll try the next go round.  I dried potato flakes, but with the amount of work, I wonder if it's worth it.  If I have an abundance of potatoes, I'll probably do it, but not to save money and time.  My canned beets dried nicely and rehydrated nicely, but they lost a lot of flavor, maybe I used too much water to rehydrate ... who knows?  I also used HOT tap water where maybe I should have used boiling water and less of it.  I'll try again with canned and also fresh when I can find them.

Susan just bought me "The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook" by Tammy Gangloff - I LOVE IT!!  It tells you exactly how to dry, what temp and how long until done.  My Presto 6300 Dehydrator is permanently set at around 140 deg and has to be unplugged to stop.  I ordered the Presto 6301 earlier this week - it has 6 trays, timer and temp regulators.  I bought the 6300 for about $35 to see if dehydrating was something I wanted to pursue ... YES, YES, and YES!!  The 6301 will be here somewhere between Jan 5-11 ... I can hardly wait!!

We have had very low temps here for the last week or two ... like 0F overnight and right now it's 12:20 pm and 10F ... I've had a cold too, and going out in this hurts my breathing.  I have to watch the chickens heat lamp and give them fresh HOT water to thaw their waterer!  They must be good with the heat lamp as they're still laying ... go figure.  The girls are good, but even the inside water is freezing ... I just keep putting HOT water on it. 

I think in the last 2 weeks we've had a good 3-4 feet of snow with the temp staying mainly below freezing.  I have to shovel it away from the door, front and back, watch for ice and spread salt crystals so we don't end up on our butts!!

First day of the new year and it is just like any other day, except I now have a 365 blank page book to write in.  I'd better make it good ... LOL.  Oops it's a 366 blank page book - Leap Year!

Well, I'll try to keep up better ... LOL!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Boy oh boy have I been absent ...

It seems to go in spurts - nothing to say for a long time, even though things do happen, it just doesn't seem blog worthy.  I wish I could hit a consistent pace ... like once a week, or twice maybe, but sometimes I don't think you want to hear on a daily basis that I'm dehydrating onions ... I've been doing that almost daily for 1 1/2 weeks.  I dehydrate because I can't eat them fast enough, so dried they last forever and nothing goes to waste.

I've also been experimenting with other things like zucchini, pineapple and bananas.  Now I need to experiment with re-hydrating them.  Most of what I've read says to use HOT water for hours or even a day or two.  I'll find out.  I guess it also depends where you live and the humidity in the area at the time.  I love the dried pineapple - the process concentrates the flavor and even though they are a bit chewy, they are GOOD!!

I have some banana chips I did in July 2014, and they are still crisp and flavorful.  I've also dehydrated celery ... it comes out wonderful too!  My dehydrator is a Dehydro by Presto.  It has one temperature and the on/off switch is unplugging the machine.  The temp is set at 140 deg, but it seems to work fine even though some of the instructions say 115 to 155 degrees.  I just watch the time and check the food after every 90 minutes.  I may eventually move up to a bigger and better machine, but I have to save my nickles and dimes for that! 

My friend, Susan, and I were vendors in a craft show on Oct 10.  It was a so-so show.  I sold enough to cover my expense for the table, but Susan did not.  I think there were 15 vendors and I doubt many of them enjoyed the fair.  There weren't many people coming through, and those that did were elderly.  I'm elderly so no offense meant, but the items Susan and I had were for all ages and the holidays.  There were a couple of families, but nooo, not the best show I've ever done ... We will do it again next year - it could just have been a fluke this time.  It was only the 2nd Annual fair, so we'll give it another chance.  We will also express our ideas to the group putting on the fair about other things they need to do to attract attention and draw people in.  She asked for our opinion and for help, so we're not stepping on toes ... LOL  Susan and I have both organized craft fairs, so we do have some ideas ...

The weather is turning and getting colder, rain in the forecast, but the snow is a whole week off.  By the time we hit Sun 11-8, I'm sure the snow will disappear from the forecast.  We need SNOW desperately as the last 5 years have been very dry, but I'm beginning to despair of ever seeing 3-4-5 foot snowfalls again.

The two new chickens I got in March or April haven't laid one darn egg!  No they are not males, but if they're laying in the yard, I haven't found anything even though I walk the yard 1-2 times a week.  The older girls need to go in the stew pot, but I'm not ready for that yet.  Next spring when the new 'crop' of chicks come out I'll probably butcher them for the freezer - at this age they're only good for soup & stock, but they will be enjoyed none-the-less.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm still around ... really!

I always seem to be busy in one way or the other ... but when I look back, I can't see one darn thing that was accomplished!  I'm retired so there's always time to get things done, except it just never seems to get done no matter what.

My procrastinating has got to STOP!!  I don't know how to schedule things that needs to get done so they get done ... I schedule my grocery shopping trips on things I'm running out of, like milk or coffee, but that doesn't help setting up a schedule.  When I do need to shop I gather several places that I need to go, but nothing gets scheduled ...

I have to see the doctor regularly to refill my prescriptions so that scheduling is on the calendar and I have no problem keeping the appointments.  I have Arthritis and terrible pain in hands and basic joints so I HAVE to have the pain meds.  Now why can't cleaning house be like that?  I like a clean house, but it so often looks like I picked up the house and shook it vigorously.  Then I complain about it for a month until I get sick of looking at it and things start to get done, but somehow I run out of steam ... I really run out of pain-free time and it takes several days for me to get the umph to continue.

I sure hope some one can come up with a schedule I can keep ... some way, some how! 

The first weekend of May I went camping with my friends to a Black Powder Shoot.  People in costumes from the mountain man era competing for prizes in a variety of activities representing that time.  A lot of fun!!  There are also raffles for different items and I won one this year!!!  A hand carved fish with lure on line in its mouth in a mountain stream with rocks and weeds.  It is about 10-11" long, 8-9" tall and 5-6" front to back.  ALL hand carved and painted.  It is a wonderful piece of art that the carver donates to a drawing every year.  I gave it to one of my best friends for his birthday ... he's more into fishing than I am, but I can see it anytime I visit him and his wife.  Looks wonderful sitting on top of a gun cabinet!

Another camping trip for my birthday was fun but pretty uneventful ... We just got back last Sunday from another birthday trip.  We spent almost 5 days in the woods.  I spent time reading and knitting; not too much fishing since it was lousy.  The weather was warm to hot during the day, but it did cool down at night so I could sleep.

See, I need to get on a schedule so I post more often ... April 5, 2015 is waayyy too long between posts.

Have a great day!