Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm still around ...

Things have been very blah and so so since my last post.  The weather has been real cold with a day or two of 'nice'.  No snow to speak of which makes me sad.  I've been following the things going on in the world, but I really have nothing to say since I think the govt is as crooked as a winding mountain road!  The attacks in Paris makes me worry about when it will come to the US ...

My animals are healthy and a lot of fun to watch - crazy chickens.  Of course the dog and cat are equally fun, but the chicks are the best!  The cat, Joey, will hang on the living room screen when he wants in, and will keep it up until you open the door.  PIA, but at least I know what he wants.  If I don't pay attention to his antics they will get worse and worse when he wants out - he'll terrorize the other cats or knock things down just to be let out.

My Social Security was increased by 1.7% this year ... that gives me $16 more a month.  I promise I won't spend it all in one place ... LOL  It's wonderful to get a raise, but when every thing else, car ins., cable, phone bill goes up more than the raise ... I want to say  "what good is it", but it is an increase even if it doesn't cover the bills.  I DO appreciate it, but to call it great is a really bad joke.  I now make $5.79 an hour using the formula of annual pay divided by 2080 (the number of hours we normally work during a year) and I just can't make it stretch ...

Tim, my grandson, enlisted in the Navy at the end of last year - I'm sooo proud!!  I'm also a bit scared.

The two granddaughters are doing fine, I just can't believe how grown they've become; K will be 27 at the beginning of March and A will be 25 at the end of March ... WOW, makes me feel OLD!!

I've been knitting quite a bit this last 6 months or so, now I just need to finish those projects ... LOL.  I have to finish binding off a cowl for myself, but the yarn is hard to work with - homegrown (not me) alpaca with quite a bit of fuzz and size 5 needles. I can only do so many stitches at a time since the yarn splits really bad.  I will get it done this week sometime which means I will start something new.  Never mind that I already have a half dozen other projects to finish.  I love my knitting!!

Even though it's only January, I'm starting to think gardening and what I'll plant this year.  I need to plant a ton more of each veggie and learn how to can for long term storage ... I got tons of bell peppers last year, but instead of puting it by, I ate them almost faster than they ripened!   I hope I can get this down before harvest this year ... I also need better soil; that would help too!!  LOL

I think I've run out of nonsense to talk about, but this is pretty much how it is on a daily basis here on my little patch of earth.  I have to post more often - 3 months is NOT acceptable to me!!

Bless you all, and Happy New Year!