Saturday, October 26, 2013

OK, it's been wayyy too long ...

I'm not quite sure where life was when I posted last ... I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway.  The trip to the campsite and set up was uneventful, but it did start to rain while I was getting gas in the truck ... but it stopped while I was driving out. Thank goodness!  I hate setting up camp in the rain.

There were a couple of days with wild winds, up to 60-80 mpg gusts!!  And the rain ... that was after set-up so it's easier to deal with ... LOL  For the first 2-3 days we lived without the canopy covering the picnic table; it was just way too windy.  When the winds finally stopped their erratic ways, we started to climb in temps ... nice, we hit the lower 70's for several days ... gave everything a chance to dry out!  Woohoo!  It then dropped down to the normal fall weather.

Opening day was on Sat. 28th of Sept.  The hunters were there, but the bucks must have taken a vacation as all anyone saw were does.  A few hunters got lucky, but most didn't.  There a a bunch of empty freezers for the winter ... even Elk Season was sparse.

After I came home on Oct. 2, I spent a couple of days just resting ... it is beginning to wear me out to do a long camping trip (8 days) but I will continue to go until I just can't drag myself out into the woods ... LOL.  That is a long time off, but I can still be worn out when I come home ... LOL

The camper was cleared out, everything dumped that needed to be dumped ... the water lines blown out so nothing freezes.  There are still a few things that need to be put back in the camper, but that's no big deal as the camper is tucked into bed not too far from the house, like 50 feet ... LOL  I even Suspended my insurance while she sits ... now I have to remember to reinstate ins at the end of April ...

I've been doing winter prep chores around here so that there will be no mishaps to deal with when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground!  I've rolled up hoses, put tools away, got the vent in the hall way replaced (no stepping over bowls) and am waiting for the temps to drop a bit more before turning on the heat lamp in the (well) pump house.  I need to lower the bulb so it is close to the lines coming out of the ground by the well shaft - no biggie.  The outside faucet is off, but not wrapped and covered - there really is still time for that!  I also cleaned out the wood stove, the wood box and reloaded it.  It is ready for fires ... I've only lit it once but the darn thing burns so hot that I need windows open so I'm waiting until the temps during the day reach 40-45 and below.

This is what's still going on - helping friends and neighbors winterize until no more can be done ... I've also been following all the ups and downs of DC and about the only thing I can do now is spout my feelings at the TV and shake my head!

I finished the shoulder wrap I've been knitting for my Mom ... I still need to weave in all the loose ends, but then it will be ready to mail ... I'll again try to take a picture and post it ...

Have a great Fall and do your winterizing early!