Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hmmm ...

I had a post all ready, but blogger is having fits. I will get it posted as soon as I can.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got a new toy ... whoo hoo!

About three weeks ago I was talking to a good friend on the phone, you know just the jabbering type of visit. Somewhere in that conversation I mentioned that I love making bread, but the kneading just kills my hands and that come spring I'm going to look for a used one at some of the yard sales in my neighborhood. The conversation went on and all of a sudden my friend says that I really should find a new one so I don't have to worry about the used one taking a crap.

I hemmed and hawed because I know I can't afford a new one ... WELL . . . This. Friend. Of. Mine. says "you find what you want and I'll buy it for you" I just about dropped out of my chair - I was speechless ... all I could do was stammer "Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, thank you" in an emotionally charged voice, I almost cried. People just don't do those kind of things for me ... no, they don't!

Here is the little beauty. West Bend 41300, 2 blender blades, delayed timer - in other words, lots of bells & whistles for me. No, it does not get up and dance! It is a basic, simple bread maker - but I still can't believe it!!!

I know a lot of you are familiar with bread machines, but this is the inside. he, he. It makes 1, 1.5, 2 & 2.5 lb. loaves. All I've made so far is the 2 lb. loaf.

And, oh my goodness, here is a view of the second loaf ingredients being gathered. he, he. I'm not real excited or anything like that.

The first loaf I made had the top fall in. Oops, I forgot to take into account my altitude. I never really worried about that before, but I needed to now - these things are sensitive!! I removed 1 tsp out and the bread didn't drop. The first load was a garlic loaf, but the next time I will put in 2 tsp. garlic powder. It had a hint of garlic, but I want a little more ...

The second one I made was pure Whole Wheat. Came out delish, and didn't cave in. I will go with removing 1 tsp. of water from here out. I could bake almost everyday, I love it so much, but there is a limit as to how much bread I can eat, or freeze.

There is a little problem with it though - - - The only cupboard space big enough for it is the linen closet. Now I need to clean that out!!! None of my kitchen cupboards are tall enough to get it into them. No problem - the linen closet it is. LOL

Forever blessings for my friend. Thank You!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I loved this snow...

...but it is almost gone now ... I guess we are not going to have any thing worth wile to remember for the winter of 2010.

I was lucky to catch pictures of what did come down.

My infamous chicken coop/house. A dog kennel complete with dog house, is what the chickens are using for a home. It is probably a good thing that we are having a light winter. When the snow starts to melt, the drips on the right side, inside, starting from the left side of the door over, is like taking a shower, except, you're dancing around trying NOT to get wet.

The door is that light patch you can see. The left side of the coop/house is dry. That's a good thing as that's where they roost and lay.

Now for a short story:
I inherited an old, old dog house when I moved in to this house. I looked for pictures, but didn't find any. It was just a rectangular cube type shape with a flat roof that lifted off, and a door in a lower corner. U.G.L.Y. It was constructed with double walls filled with sheet insulation, therefore, super heavy. In trying to get it moved towards the burn pit, it was rolled around and around the back yard until it landed upside down with the open top on the bottom on the rocks. The little doorway was now in an upper corner. Follow along now ...

The other day I was wondering why my chickens weren't laying so many eggs at the moment. I asked my friend Dale, and he said that happens sometimes. OK. Now keep following me ... I went out to let them out of their house and fed them. I forgot to bring fresh water, so went to get some, the phone rang, and it was at least 1/2 hour before I got back out there. Again only 2 eggs ... and all I could find was 4 chickens ... the 5th was not in sight. I always worry since we live in the woods, so I did the "Here chick, chick, chick" thing - 4 chickens showed up. Hmmm... I started looking at the snow for some kind of tracks. Ok, yes, there were some chicken tracks that looked fresh. I slowly followed them around the yard along the fence ... hmmm, I came to that old U.G.L.Y. dog house, peeked inside and YUP, you guessed it - a chicken in the middle of laying. I was wondering how many eggs I had missed out on. When Lacey finally hopped out I went to look ... NINE eggs! There was no way I could either move the old dog house, or fit in through the doggie sized opening. I float tested the eggs and they were all fine.

I had to call my friend to come help me to roll over the dog house! When I told him what I needed, he thought it was funnier than hell! Well, it was, but that still didn't get the eggs out. He came down the hill, rolled that thing over and down a bit further in the yard, so that they wouldn't lay in there again.

When ever I go let the chickens out or put them in for the night, my dog, SueAnn has to go too. She has taken a real fancy to these chickens. She is sickening - she eats the chicken sh*t, and cleans their butts ... can you say "Bad Breath" Whoowee...!!! She also likes the chicken feed. Go figure. I can toss out old stale bread, crackers, cereal, etc., and that dog is right in there with the chickens! She won't eat it in the house, just when she is sharing with the chickens.

Here is another shot. Darn dog - I just love her!

I hope you all don't think I've gone over the deep end, but I'm easily entertained and love these kind of happenings as long as my animals don't get hurt.