Saturday, July 19, 2008


Last Thursday was a good friend of mines birthday - 47! (I can still remember that far back, but prefer not to . . . the future is much more interesting.) He, DB, came home from work around 3 pm, went to help a neighbor move a steer (didn't happen that day) and when he pulled into the drive way, his wife, CB, and I has set up the shade canopy and chairs . . . he just looked sideways at us and we just smiled.

Then other people started showing up . . . "What's my wife been up to?" . . . no one answered, just smiled. 12 people and 3 kids later, DB finally figured out his wife had been up to the ol' Surprise Birthday Party trick . . . we had a wonderful time, and he really was surprised since it was a Thursday night!

We are again getting ready to go camping. Next Friday a little before noon . . . can hardly wait! To the local campground, (will need 4 spaces) and a boat - gonna do some night catfishing!

Today is just one of those lazy contemplative days. I need to gather supplies for the variety of crafts I'm going to do for the annual Christmas bazaar. I know, I know, a little early to be thinking of Christmas, but when you are making bunches of things, you really have to start this time of year. I will do some beading, some knitting, definitely some sewing and then there are a bunch of general crafts . . . I will take pics as I get stuff done so you can see what my mind conjures up.

Just a little view of my south 40. This picture was taken in mid June so everything looks green. Now, a month later, there is a lot more brown stuff down there.

Wishing you clear skies and lots of sunshine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boy, does time fly . . .

I had a doctors appointment last Monday (7/14) because I hurt. I just hurt, every bone, every knuckle, every joint! The doctor ran me through a bunch of questions, hmmm . . . then he sent me to the lab where they proceeded to take a gallon and a half of blood . . . He says every thing is acting like I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. The lab work will confirm this, or I will be sent to a doctor over the hill since our town does not have a Rheumatologist. Ahhh, life in a small town.

I had a Veterinarian appointment this morning because my dog is afraid of EVERYTHING. Scared of thunderstorms and gunfire is understandable, but she is afraid if I look like I'm leaving her by her self, scared of bug zappers, scared of cars backfiring, just scared of every sound the world makes . . . I can't take it any more. She wants to hide, yup, ummm . . . inside the computer desk, on the printer, under my bed . . . she is a 60 pound Lab!

I have left a message for a Behaviorist to call me back - I never thought I'd be calling a "Dog Whisperer", but I need help - big time!

There are so many fires in Northern California that we can almost taste the smoke! Sunrises and sunsets are orange, and the whole day has a light orange glow. I've lived in So. California and seen more than one wildfire that I wasn't sure we should run from or not . . . it is a horrible situation to be in, my heart goes out to all the folks affected by the fires.

Wishing you clear skies

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I think summer is here

I might be really nice in the mornings between 6:30 and 8:00, but after that the temperature starts to rise significantly in a short period of time. I love cool mornings. Yup, I do! It is now 6:25 pm and the temperature is 82 right outside my dining room window. Hmmm . . . and it will get hotter as the calendar progresses . . .

I never did report on the mildew - just some spots that came off with one of those bleach wipes . . . love those things . . .

I finished D's curtains - wow do they ever block the light . . . they are a nice denim and they take care of the 5:30 am sunshine. I'm beginning to look at my room - facing southwest, but there are lots and lots of trees blocking the sun, so I'm not sure I need the curtains that dark. Come winter, I might look for something in the fleece family to keep the warmth in, but until then, I have NO PLACE to set up my machine . . . oooh, pity party me . . .

I planted some zucchini and the two of three plants that survived the last freeze are really going to town. Now I need to find all sorts of recipes for zucchini . . . including freezing them.

We again have a camping trip planned - July 25, 26 & 27, at Topsy . . . more catfishing . . . There will be more of us going with kids, which is always more fun, but I might just find a corner of the campground to set up the TC. I like kids, but there really is a limit . . . like maybe 4 hours in a day. I'm not grumpy about kids, but at my age (61) I've earned some quiet time even while camping.

Late yesterday afternoon a lot of the dogs in the neighborhood were barking up a storm . . . all I could do was holler at them to "shut up" . . . my dog is not much for barking, but she sure was running back and forth from the back yard to the front porch window - - - well, the neighbor call about 6:00 to tell us that a 300 lb. black bear was traversing our south 40! We never saw it, but our neighbor did . . . hmmm - we do live in the mountains.

No sign today, which I like, but we are leaving early in the a.m. for Portland and won't be back until late Tuesday evening...... hope no more bears!

Wish you comfortable days and cool drinks!