Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh my goodness ...

it's been way too long since I posted. 

It has been HOT here and very uncomfortable.  Hot here is in the 90's, anywhere from 90 to 99 and over is HOT, HOT, HOT!

I've done absolutely nothing on the hugel garden - even in the early mornings it's too warm to start shoveling dirt.  I just look at it and wonder when I'm going to get to finish it ...

We, our group, went camping last weekend and had a blast!!  Ron and I went up on Wed morning, set up and relaxed in the shade ... it was hot.  Dale brought up the 5th wheel later on and Candy and the youngest grandchild, Ben, stayed.  Dale had to work on Thursday so he had to wait a day.  It was his birthday weekend, so we handed out presents.  It was still hot.

Fishing was terrible the whole weekend, so we only had one meal with fish and really nothing to bring home to freeze and enjoy during the winter ... LOL ... if they last that long!

Dale's parents came up on Saturday and spent the afternoon and evening with us.  Mom brought Ice Cream and Cake - we were styling it ... The one grand kid and the great grand kid talked Dad into doing some fishing.  He's in his 70's, not in the best health, but hasn't fished in at least 20 years.  He sat on the dock in a good chair and caught a 13" Catfish!  The biggest all weekend!  We b-b-q'd steaks with pasta salad and cake & ice cream.  We eat better when we are camping ... LOL.  Mom & Dad stayed until just before they closed the gate at the campground - 9 pm.  It was a wonderful day, full of fun and laughter.  Dale cleaned the cat and dropped it at his parents on Monday - a meal for the two of them.

I still haven't dumped the camper - it's too hot!  Everything else is out of it ...

We are trying to figure out when the next camping trip will be ... we only have one more due to money before Deer Camp.  That starts, I think, on Sept 28 and runs for 12 days.  Ron and I will go up the Tuesday before so we can get the sites we want ... two together.  It is getting earlier every year because people are discovering that the campground is open for hunting season.  I go up for maybe a week, but the guys stay for most of it.  If they get a deer early then the rest of the time is "party time".

Any way, back to the next trip - I'm not sure we want to go over Labor Day, but the 24th of Aug is out - a family thing ... LOL.  The weekend before is too close, and the weekend after is Labor Day ... so I think we will go Labor Day no matter what ... time will tell.

I will try to not go so long before the next post - I was doing well for a while, twice a week, but then the weather got HOT and I did nothing ... I sure hope these temperatures drop down to the low 80's soon - that's normal for us!

Hope you all stay cool and safe

ps: I still haven't figured out the camera "error message" to get pictures up loaded ...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another day ...

There is a slight breeze and the temperature is just hitting 80.  I went out about an hour ago to move some more dirt from the dirt pile to the hugel pile (garden) ... I'm about ready to go out again in a few minutes ... before the sun really hits the pile ... LOL.  I can shovel dirt for about 30 minutes and then I need a good rest. 

Susan and I planted potatoes a little over a month ago and the plants are about 6-8" tall now ... we haven't looked to see if there are any baby spuds yet, but I doubt it.  Maybe in a few weeks?

On the 17th we are going on Dale's birthday camp out, just back up to Topsy, but it is sooo nice up there.  Ron and I will leave about 10-11am to get our spots, but the rest of the gang, especially Dale, won't be there until Thursday late afternoon.  So looking forward to it.

All of a sudden there are clouds out there ... so I really should go shovel some more dirt.  If any of you get bored you can always come help ... LOL.

Had a nice 4th of July.  Spent it with friend and little itty bitty fireworks ... had Bratts, baked beans, macaroni salad and there was cake and ice cream for desert ... um ... no room!  I hope everyone had a great day and evening and stayed safe.

Hugs to all!