Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day friends

I forgot to take my camera to the wedding, but it was wonderful. R&L have been together for quite some time, and yesterday they had a small, but VERY beautiful wedding in their living room. Red and white balloons, red and white roses, white wedding bell banners; the bride wore a wonderful light taupe dress and bejeweled jacket, the groom was in a dark suit with blue shirt. WOW, what a gorgeous couple!! There were times during the ceremony where both bride and groom were misty eyed - you knew they loved each other very, very much. Hopefully I can get a few pictures later and I'll post them.

Wonderful little party afterwords.

R&L are friends we all met during a camping trip, through their little rescue dog Scooter! So glad we picked that particular spot that trip!!

We have had more snow, and I need to go take some more pictures.

See you later!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A quick snow picture

Natalie from Chicken Blog asked for some snow pictures - Here you are!

I took 4 pictures of our snow, and only this one came out clear - not enough coffee this morning. It is 20 degrees outside right now, so I'm not running out to take more at the moment, but later on I will.

I noticed that even this one is a little bit fuzzy in the background. Again, the "not enough coffee" excuse . . . LOL

This is looking south. You can see my dog; she is staring at some deer that are out of sight of the camera.

Wishing you fuzzy warm feelings from Oregon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy dance, happy dance . . .

We got SNOW!!! It's only about 6 inches total in the last 3-4 days, but it is sticking around! I love watching the snow fall. It doesn't matter if I'm inside or out. I usually go outside if the wind is NOT blowing, that wind chill just kills me, but sitting in the living room and watching is terrific too. We didn't get as much snow as Ravenhill up in Norway though!

My room mate has not made up his mind, nor has he looked real hard for another vehicle. He has been driving my truck, but that GMC is a gas hog, I was going to say that he can use it until he leaves, but depending on his move date, maybe not. We start camping in mid May and I will camp. He can then drive my Jeep, but with his height, 6'4", it is a tight fit even with the seat all the way back.

D, my room mate, picked up some deals on meat a couple of days ago. Tonight we had a cross rib roast. I had never heard of this kind of cut, but did the Google thing for a recipe. Found tons!!! Looked at half a dozen and just combined them with the ingredients I had on hand - came out yummy, yummy, yummy. Cooked it on the stove top, like a pot roast, but cooked it in beef broth and red cooking wine. OMG!!! The gravy was heavenly. The roast, fried potatoes, and corn. I'll do this again - I have another one in the freezer.

I've been watching the tornado damage in Oklahoma and the wild fires in Australia - WOW, my heart and prayers go out to every one affected. I cannot reasonably understand what would make anyone set fires during a heavy duty wind storm. Makes you wonder what trips these peoples buttons...

I wish for all of you health and happiness.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The next step . . .

My room mate now has to decide what kind of car he wants. Of course he'd like the exact same car - 40 mpg - but I wonder how many are out there? He's also a bit interested in a truck since he will be moving to Texas this June. There are lots of pickups available since they don't get the best mileage, but, things are up in the air.

We have not had any more snow even though for the last couple of weeks, the weatherman has promised a few inches. As long as the snow falls in the higher elevations, I'm not that concerned, but I sure really would like at least one more big storm before Spring.

I need to get myself into the crafting mode - even my shopping bags have fallen by the wayside. I have 6 completed, but there are still 4 more to go.

I have one more month and I can sign up for Social Security. I will find out what kind of income I will get - not enough to live on I'm sure, but I will then have an idea of what to do. Medicare is still 4 years off, but I have good insurance right now. I've known all my working life that I need to save for retirement, but that was hard when you're always in the "low income range". Well, time to get my butt in gear to make up the difference - but only time will tell what I'll do.

I wish everyone a happy weekend, no matter the weather.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wild week . . .

I really haven't felt much like posting, only because it seems like the same stuff over and over . . . BUT this past week has been totally nuts!

My room mate was coming home from a fill in job on Tuesday night around 10:15, and hit some black ice. The doctor says he definitely bruised his right shin, and if it doesn't stop hurting, he wants to do an MRI on the leg as there might be a torn ligament. He limped away from this car after rolling it three times! Thank the gods he wasn't hurt anymore than the leg.

The rear axle is bent, the air bags deployed - it has been declared totaled by the insurance!

When he called that night, I turned around and called Dale. We drove as fast as we dared with the ice - it was about 7 miles from home - and we were both very happy to see him up and walking (limping) around. All he damaged, besides his car, was about 3-4 fence posts and some barbed wire.

This happened Tuesday night and by Friday, every thing had been settled, except finishing the paperwork. There will be a rental car available for 5 days, which is nice - thank goodness I have a 2nd vehicle that he can use, and fit in since he's 6'4" and weighs 280! The truck, not the one in the picture, is a 3/4 ton, 77 GMC Camper Special. He fits!

That was the excitement for my week. Not the kind I ever want to do over, but he is OK, and the car can be replaced.

Hopefully next week I will get back to our regularly scheduled program. Maybe some crafts, or nice weather, or bad weather - anything besides a repeat!

Hugs to you all, and watch that ICE! Stay safe everyone!