Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've been away ...

... and I'll be away for a bit longer, probably into the new year. I have been helping two ladies with the loss of their husband; one is across the street from me, and the other is a wonderful best friend back in the Boston area. I would so like to be able to go to her, but that won't be possible until April to move her out here to be with me in Oregon. In the mean time we talk on the phone a lot and email almost daily. I hope it helps her to know that I'm here ...

I'm only half way done for Christmas and hopefully will be able to get things done in the next 9 or 10 days. I'm hoping really, really hard!! There are a few decorations up, but I haven't had time to decorate much just the special things..

I will take pictures of the gifts I'm making, but doubt I will be able to post them until the beginning of next year - hopefully you will still be interested. I miss posting, but this year has been very hap-hazard and I hope to keep you all posted of what is going on in my corner of the world.

Hugs to all

Friday, October 14, 2011

Believe it or not, I'm still hanging around ...

... reading blogs and commenting, but have sooo slacked off on my own. I just kept thinking about some of the funny and nonsensical posts others write that I love, but for the life of me couldn't imagine myself writing something funny or having silly things happening ... until yesterday. Not knee slapping funny ... but when you think about it ...

I've been camping a couple of times since my last post, one was a relaxing trip and the latest was for deer camp. After the first trip as I went to "dump" the black tank, the handle came off the slider ... can't open the tank to get the "poop" out ... oh bother!! Dale came to my rescue - we used pliers to grab the missing handle area and pulled - sideways. We are working in a space a little bigger than a breadbox. Dale was able to open it and after a ton of rinses and then some more rinses he took the WD-40 and lubed the handle-less rod that opens the slider and the funny rubber ring that it goes in to. That slippery feeling didn't last very long ... bummer.

Yesterday I was trying to do the same thing and the 2 prong hose connector broke. It was a good thing that I wasn't trying to open the slider as the hose fell off. I just closed up the "breadbox" door, put the tools away, threw the hose down and said a few choice words, and finally moved the truck off the lawn. I think I can now say that this year I've had a few shitty camping trips ...

I will replace the whole unit along with a connector. If I think about it, it probably was long overdue for breaking. The camper is a 1990, and I bet these parts were original. If the new ones last 21 years, it might not be me dealing with it - can I hope?

Thanks for 'listening' to my sad, sad story ... LOL

Sunday, August 21, 2011

broke my promise

I promised it wouldn't take me a month to post pictures ... I messed up and it is 3 days past a month ... so sorry.

I have about 14 dishcloths hanging around for gifts, this only shows about 5, but most of them are a mixture of different colors and random yarns. These are folded in half so you aren't seeing the whole thing...

Then there are the easy wristers ... I have tons of yarns, and wristers are easy to make. These were knit flat and then seamed. I want to do some in the round as I don't like to seam, so I need to dust off my dpn's (double pointed needles.) The instructions are for flat knit, but I'll just have to pay attention to the increases for the longer ones.

These are kitty blankets, or small dogs for that matter. As I said above, I have tons of yarn that needs to be used and these are totally mindless ... I was given a bunch of fuzzy yarn that I did these with, but not enough of any one of them to make the blanket a solid color ... I don't think kitties will care one whit.

Well, I wanted to show you the mug cozies I made, but Blogger won't upload any more pictures today. I'll leave you with these for now and try again in a day or two...

Monday, July 18, 2011

blogging break over!

It was just sort of a break because there wasn't really anything worthy to blog about. I went camping a couple of times; the first over Memorial Day weekend. It was COLD, super windy, and rainy. We endured hoping it would get better the next day. It did, we had better rain, better wind and better cold! We even had 10 minutes of snow flakes. Oh yes, we also had hail. Not the best birthday camp out I've ever been on, but not the worst either.

These grounded pelicans were the only picture I took - I wasn't about to go stand in the rain to get a picture of rain ... LOL!

We do set up a canopy and tarp in all the sides, leaving a loose edge for entry, and have a nice big propane heater inside. We spent most of the 4 days in there. It was even too cold to fish!

The second trip was this past weekend for Dale's 50th birthday! The weather was nice, just the usual wind around 1pm and then again at 4pm. It lasts about 30-45 minutes, and then drops to a nice breeze. The fishing was good - ever have fresh croppie fillets for breakfast? Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! Sometimes I think we eat better when camping than we do at home! Yesterday was actually Dale's birthday and the camp host came to out site and sang a little ditty for Dale. It was so nice, and we all had a good laugh over that.

I've been knitting a lot of dishcloths to keep around for gifts, I finished some wristlets, I started an ear flap hat(for me). Just to keep my hands busy when I relax in the evening I've been practicing a few stitches and what not - most of it eventually gets ripped, but I do keep the good practice pieces. I also do the practice stitches on little gift bags that will hold my beaded ornaments - just to fancy them up instead of wrapping them in tissue paper.

I will get pictures of my projects and add them in the next post - which WON'T be months from now, I promise!

Hugs everyone ...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not again ...

I'm tired of it, I'm sick of it, but there is nothing I can do about it. It was snowing a lot more than it looks like, but who cares - snow is snow.

Then the next morning I woke up to this. The rock driveway is too warm for the snow to stick, but those little clumps of snow are on top of the pine cones. We got about an inch and it was all gone by the afternoon. A lot of people remember that it has snowed on the 4th of July, but that was before my time here.

My poor daffodils have been laid low three times by snow. I don't think they can take much more as some of them are starting to wilt. I planted some starter Sweet Peas close to them, but they seem to be doing ok.

The pines received a nice little dusting too.

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring sunshine, I can hardly wait until we get some ... LOL!! I hope it is soon as we all leave for camping next Wednesday for a 5 day Memorial Day trip.
Hugs to all.

Friday, April 29, 2011

This is almost May, isn't it??

I started getting this post together yesterday morning, but my girlfriend called and wanted me to ride to town with her - so a day late ...

It started out seeming to be a very nice day ... my border daffodils along the driveway/fence are looking very nice and bright yellow

Some are in beautiful clumps ...

... and some are a bit lonesome ...

I think come September and/or October I will put in more bulbs. I will try to get some of the multi-colored ones, so I have a nicer variety to show you next year.

This is what my beautiful daffodils look like this morning after an inch and a half of snow. If you look at the first picture, you can compare. They have been known to bounce back so I'm hoping they can accomplish this feat once again - and I hope the unopened buds will bloom!

I've also been remiss in showing you my new grown baby chickies. Remember these tiny little fuzz balls?

Well, now they look like this ...

There were 2 chicken girls retired to the freezer because they would lay their eggs, then immediately turn around and peck the egg and eat them!! Can't have that. Egg suckers cannot be rehabilitated, so are not welcome because the girls need to earn their keep!!! The new little babies were introduced to the coop on the 10th of April and seem to like it - except that the remaining chicken that lays keeps attacking them. I sure hope they grow bigger and turn on Chocolate to teach her to leave them alone. Aside from that they do get along with the two OLD ladies who are no longer laying those beautiful green eggs, but are friendly. They too, will have an appointment with the freezer, but not just yet.

The snow is starting to melt ever so slowly now, but it is still only about 25-26 outside.  Thankfully there is no wind (shhhh), but the sky is again overcast.  Not sure what to expect for today weather wise, but I guess I'll take what I get.

Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A pair, a pair, a pair ...

... of socks!! I finally finished my first pair of socks. They are not perfect, but I consider them my sampler socks. They are a little bit too loose - OK. There are three different types of increases - OK. There are holes at the heel - OK. I don't think I'll go on with more little things I've found, but I sure have learned a lot! Never mind the hiked up sweats... it was just to show you that they were knee socks.

Two of them! I didn't really have the "Second Sock Syndrome", but I did knit a couple of smaller things while knitting the second sock. The looseness at the top is because I totally forgot about the 1x1 or 2x2 rib to help them stay up. I think I could go back and re-do that part, but then again, maybe not. LOL

Here is a scarf in garter stitch with a bit of a fringe that I knitted during the second sock. Very simple, just CO 20 and knit to your hearts content until you come close to running out of yarn. I took the tail end and cut as many fringes as I thought I would need and then knit until the yarn ran out. I think the yarn was Vanna's Choice Tweed, and the needles a 7 or 8.

I, of course, had to knit a bunny with Easter coming up. The pattern was "Bunny Nuggets" from Danger Crafts, and it came out sooo cute. Only about 4 inches to the top of the ear, and a big fuzzy tail.  The ears are not quite the same length, but that makes him cuter!!  Simple I-cord.  The eyes are light blue beads, and the nose is embroidered pink yarn.

I'm working on a shoulder wrap for my Mom, but I'm not far enough along to bother taking a picture as it looks like lots of stitches (233 at the moment) on a circular needle. I want to finish it by her birthday at the end of August, so she will have it going into winter. My Mom will be 84 and has trouble staying warm during the Danish winters, so I though I'd knit her something useful.

I will probably cast on for another pair of socks in the same type of yarn, but I will try a different toe that is more rounded. I am still experimenting with different methods of doing things, but I figure socks are a good way to practice some of these methods. Only I will know...

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oooh, I'm healthy!!!

Last Wednesday, I had my 'clean out' day ... no food, only clear liquids and some of that cleaning stuff that keeps you close to the bathroom ... the colonoscopy went so well, and I was sooo clean that the doctor wanted to do the surgery the next day (Friday) so I didn't have to go through this again. Thank you doc!!!

They did a laproscopic appendectomy - try saying that three times fast!! - on Friday. It seems the troubles I've had over the last 18-24 months was really my appendix acting up, but not enough to put me in danger of having it burst. I think the doctor was saying that the growth I had came about to protect the appendix from further damage, but it did HURT BAD about 4-5 times during that period. Everything that was to be removed came out without a hitch. It was all sent in for a biopsy, but the doctor doesn't expect any surprises at all - he told me so.

I got home yesterday around 2-2:30 pm, and of course as I was taking it easy, I over did it. Every heard of something so silly?? ... me neither ... I slept until 10:30 am (after changing the clocks) and feel like most of my day has disappeared!

There are so many things I need do get done, but will only do the vital ones. Like baking bread, cleaning the dreaded cat box for tomorrows garbage day, and baking dog treats ... that one may just have to wait until tomorrow even if we are out! I will knit, I will knit, I will knit, or so I keep telling myself ...

I also need to do some laundry ... but I do have enough clothes to last for another week, but my favorite things are dirty (whine, whine & whine some more!)... I will wait, I will wait, I will wait!!

Thank you for all your well wishes over the past month, I really appreciate it a lot! I am fine and on the mend. Thank goodness this is all over, except paying the bills ...

Many hugs to you all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babies that Baa and Cheep!

The pictures were taken at Dale's (goats) and baby chicks at my house. The goats are growing like crazy - these pictures were taken, maybe a week after the "infant" goat pics. It is hard to get a picture - they never hold still!! LOL.   By now they are 5-6 weeks old and have been put outside in their own pen, but they are still bottle fed - 3 bottles each; I don't know how many times during the day.  Thank goodness it isn't my milk bill!!!

I wish I could have gotten both their little faces, but all I got was one face and a butt!!!

Then there was the sale at our local Grange Co-op, buy one fifty pound bag of chick starter and get 3 chicks for free.  How do I pass that up when I know several (3) of my older girls have slowed wayyyy down on the egg production.  The two Ameraucana's lay green eggs and I haven't seen one in about three weeks now.  I do realize that the cold weather cuts down on the production, but these girls seem to have been on strike.  The oldest, Cinnamon, a RI Red, is about 7 years old and I think she has has enough of this laying thing.   The Ameraucana's, Cloud and Frazzle are also up there in age and I think it's their time now too.   Now I have my own new little babies, which I never thought I'd do - I wanted pullets that were ready to lay so I didn't have to go through this.  They are living in my craft studio for now - got to keep the cats and dog away from them.  Now to the mystery box - -

Here are my three little baby Barred Rock chicks in their new home.  I have a regular 60w light bulb hanging in there to keep them warm.  The associate that helped me said that they like it around 90 deg., and we are right on the mark.  It stays that warm because of the towel.  They bundle up to sleep, but they are also very active.  That tells me the temp is right on!  In about a week I can lower the temp to about 85, and slowly go down as their permanent feathers grow in.  The already have som wing feathers starting ... I love this ...

Now I just hope that all of them are girls ... no roosters allowed here!  I've cleaned the water dish after the mess they made (see above pic), I've also checked their little butts to make sure there isn't any dried "stuff" - I don't want them to plug up ...

How'd I do? - I might even like this Taking care of Baby thing ... hmmm??  I'll see if I'm willing to try it again next year.  Hope you all like the baby pictures.

Have a great day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Babies and socks

I've been gone a while; it's hard to post when one day is pretty much like the next, but I've got news ...

My friends' goat had babies on the 30 of Jan. Twins, a boy and girl. The Mama has produced healthy babies for about 4 years now, and we all think she is getting tired. The first two years there were twins, last year she had triplets and this year twins again. She has always been a good Mama, but last year she kicked one baby away and this year both. The little ones are being bottle fed in the house ... dog kennels work wonders. I only got a picture of the little girl with Mama, but it shows how little and cute they are.  The baby is looking for the boob between Mama's front legs ... she finally learned ...

The red glow is from the heat lamp, and Dale is trying to get the baby in the right place to eat. This one was pushed away a day or two later and is now in the house with her brother. They are doing very, very well.

I've also been working on knitting some socks from the toe up. My first socks!!! Only the first one is done, but I think I need to redo the cast off, it is a bit loose. I used a pattern for short socks, so I knit all the way up for knee socks and then realized that it was too tight on the calf ... rip out about 8-9 inches, figure out how to increase gradually and then bind off. Phew! Now I need to fix the bind off.

This was before it was completely finished, but even though I can see mistakes I need to fix on future socks, but I'm very happy with it overall.

Here is the first sock finished and the second one started. Can you see how the first sock is ruffled at the top - that is what I still need to fix.

I've been reading all about knitting socks from the toe up for about 2 months on and off. I finally found a combination of patterns and made up stuff that suited me. I wanted the easiest cast on possible - I used the figure 8. Then I went with the short row tow and heel. Boy was it a challenge to find the right instructions that made sense to me. Those wraps really gave me fits for about 3-4 tries - I have to look at the instructions each step of the way, but i made it through. The plain knitting for the foot went very smoothly. Once I started the heel and got several rows into it, I realized I have, to me, giant holes where the instep stitches were put on a holder. You know, I had ripped so much on this sock, I left the holes. These socks will be worn, and then put away as a first sock project that I can refer to so I can see how much I've progressed with additional socks!! LOL ...

If anyone has any suggestions for the holes, I'd love to hear about it.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long time no post

It's been too long since I posted - one whole month!! I was caught up in the Christmas present making, but I was also caught up in a medical problem. I'll go back to right after Christmas when we got a wonderful snow storm ... this shot was right out the front door. It was coming down hard.

This shot was to the right of the one above.

I've finally (almost) finished the gifts that were promised. Thank goodness for friends who understand "not feeling good" and "I hurt"! I will shortly make my rounds to deliver the gifts. I had two more ornament covers to finish, and I love the way they came out.

I used silver and medium green beads on a silver ball, with green mottled glass beads at the bottom. I need to make all my future covers this length or LONGER. I just love when they hang way down ... sorry about the flash, but it was so dark in the room when I took the picture.

The red and gold seed beads stand out really well on this sort of pinkish/peach ball.

Last year I knit a cowl in Camo yarn for one of my best friends. This year the gentleman that received the hat last year is also getting a cowl, but in the same blue as his hat. I still need to line it, but that will be completed this weekend.
The pattern can be found on This Boy Knits and it's a fantastically easy pattern.

I'm near the end of another cowl for another friends birthday in February.  This one is in brown.

I really enjoy knitting these, but I might find another pattern to try, or make up my own and maybe sell them to the hunters in my area ... could be ...

The medical problem is a mass the size of a plumb, attached a little bit to the appendix. I see a surgeon on the 27th of Jan. and will find out when I go to have it removed. The only other thing that came up in all the tests I had was high LDL (bad) cholesterol level. At first I looked at all the food labels, but it only on occasion mentions cholesterol, and I'm thinking that means both good and bad. I've added a lot of fruit to my diet and we'll see when the blood test is redone in June. Aside from these two things, which can be fixed, I'm basically very, very healthy.

Hope you didn't get too bored with this huge post ... I will post more often, yeah, like I've promised that before!! I promise that I really, really will try to get on here more often.
Have a good day and a great weekend.