Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm still running on absent ...

I just can't get it together to post regularly ... I'm learning how Windows 10 works and it's not the easiest thing I've ever done!  There are things I want to do, things I had in Windows 7 but don't exist in W10.  I need to have reminders pop up on my screen, and make a sound, from my calendar ... I can't find instructions for it.  Now I'll agree that "I" might be the problem in either not being able to find instructions or not understanding them ... and it's not easy finding the right place to post a question or getting an answer that "I" understand ... I'm a total end user on the computer.

I have MS Edge and it doesn't seem to be compatible with my Apache Open Office program.  I need a free, simple word processing program that will work with W10. 

Ahhh, always computer issues here ...

I spent Nov dehydrating different things and trying them out.  Rehydrating and eating them.  Some are good, others not so much.  I dehydrated some canned fruit, but I think fresh would be better.  I'll try the next go round.  I dried potato flakes, but with the amount of work, I wonder if it's worth it.  If I have an abundance of potatoes, I'll probably do it, but not to save money and time.  My canned beets dried nicely and rehydrated nicely, but they lost a lot of flavor, maybe I used too much water to rehydrate ... who knows?  I also used HOT tap water where maybe I should have used boiling water and less of it.  I'll try again with canned and also fresh when I can find them.

Susan just bought me "The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook" by Tammy Gangloff - I LOVE IT!!  It tells you exactly how to dry, what temp and how long until done.  My Presto 6300 Dehydrator is permanently set at around 140 deg and has to be unplugged to stop.  I ordered the Presto 6301 earlier this week - it has 6 trays, timer and temp regulators.  I bought the 6300 for about $35 to see if dehydrating was something I wanted to pursue ... YES, YES, and YES!!  The 6301 will be here somewhere between Jan 5-11 ... I can hardly wait!!

We have had very low temps here for the last week or two ... like 0F overnight and right now it's 12:20 pm and 10F ... I've had a cold too, and going out in this hurts my breathing.  I have to watch the chickens heat lamp and give them fresh HOT water to thaw their waterer!  They must be good with the heat lamp as they're still laying ... go figure.  The girls are good, but even the inside water is freezing ... I just keep putting HOT water on it. 

I think in the last 2 weeks we've had a good 3-4 feet of snow with the temp staying mainly below freezing.  I have to shovel it away from the door, front and back, watch for ice and spread salt crystals so we don't end up on our butts!!

First day of the new year and it is just like any other day, except I now have a 365 blank page book to write in.  I'd better make it good ... LOL.  Oops it's a 366 blank page book - Leap Year!

Well, I'll try to keep up better ... LOL!!!