Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy, happy Thanksgiving

We have a white Thanksgiving!  The pictures were taken on November 23rd, the day of the storm, but aside from snow having been plowed and shoveled, it is basically the same amount as it has been way below freezing since.

I love this view out the front door, it never disappoints me.

You just have to have a view or three out the back door too. The south 40 (1 acre)...

... my poor barbecue under 12" of snow...

... a frozen wind spinner ...

... and the new chicken coop showing how the blowing snow stuck to the fence! I went out and hit the fence and it all came down in one fell swoop!

Silly I know, but I've been giving the chickens cooked rice that's still warm to hold them overnight when temps have been dropping into the minus and teens' range. I will freeze my chickens on my schedule, not Mother Nature's!

The sun is shining this morning, but the temperature will only go to 34 today. I hope everyone has a safe and satiating Thanksgiving. I am going to two houses for dinner ... I'm wearing pants with elastic in the waist!! ... and I'm bringing containers to bring home some leftovers too ... LOL


Friday, November 19, 2010

More chicken stuff ...

Remember this old pathetic dog kennel that my chicken girls use to live in?

It was turned into something that looks like a chicken coop! Yeah! I forgot to get pictures of Dale and I measuring, cutting the pieces, building each wall and the base. I also didn't get any of the painting (priming) process. It's hard to take pictures of myself painting, and I really didn't want my camera out in a 40 degree shed with the dog and me moving around! But this is where we are putting it together after moving the pieces out to the back yard.  Dale is standing inside the coop putting the roof trusses on.

Here you can see that the coop was backed up against the wood shed and you can also see the nesting box addition.  The inside of the coop is a smidgen larger than 4'x4', so the boxes needed to be out side.  Besides it is sooo nice to NOT have to crawl into a dog house to collect eggs!  This woman is sooo over that!!!!   The plywood that is standing against the coop is the roof - ceiling actually - as we put felt paper dowm before putting the tin on.

Here it is all put together with the 6'x12' kennel moved so the girls will have some outside fenced area to roam.  The are not that happy about staying in, they would rather come out of there to roam the whole back yard.  I've kept them in since last week so they could get use to the new house and the ladder.   You can also see the blue tarp cover on one end of the area - this is so they have a dry spot when it is snowing or raining.  Dale says my girls are spoiled ... SO?  Yeah, they will be real spoiled when at least two of them go into the soup pot!!   The two rocks holding the nest box lid down are because the plywood warped a little bit and I haven't made it out to move the single center hook to the end and add another one at the other end.  I will not be moving rocks forever - this was to make it easy for me to get the eggs!

Then we have the roomy accommodations for the girls.  There are four nest boxes for five chickens - plenty of room for laying.  There is a roosting bar that will hold all five if they so choose.   On the other side of the door is their food dish, which needs to be upgraded too, since I found an egg in it this morning.  Right out of sight on the bottom left is their water bowl, which will also be replaced.  I have both straw and wood shavings on the floor to keep their little feetsies warm.

Here is a view from the (wo)man door across to the chicken door and you can see three of the girls looking in to see what I'm doing in there ... LOL.

I know this post is getting really long, but you had to see the whole thing.  The last view is of the "former" chicken kennel area.  This will all be cleaned up, but not while there is snow so it might have to wait until Spring.   Right behind the up-ended dog house is my straw bundles; those will have to be moved soon - maybe tomorrow - since I don't want to be digging around under snow to refresh the girls new house.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining - what happened to the HUGE storm we were suppose to get?  More about that the next time ...

Hugs to you all