Sunday, September 23, 2018

New start ...

I've had a lot of stuff happen in the last year, therefore I took a break from blogging.  I think I'm now ready to start again, possibly only on a limited basis, but I'm still around ... 😊 ... and will try to keep up.

I've recently adopted 2 little dogs who's owner had died.  As best I can figure they are a Maltese-Poodle mix (Rudy) and a Yorkie- Wire haired terrier mix (Rascal).  Both cute as the dickens but so different. Rudy is pretty happy go lucky but Rascal has to know where I am at all times.  I had a larger dog 2 years ago, SueAnn, but am learning to be a Dog Mom all over again and loving it!! 

I am also trying to craft as much as possible, knit, paint, sew, etc., as I am doing a large Craft Fair in November.  My girlfriend and I were vendors there last year and enjoyed it sooo much, that we definitely wanted to do it again this year.  We sold quite a bit and definitely made our money back plus a lot more.  A couple of months ago we pulled out everything we had made that wasn't sold and realized that we really needed to get busy for this year!  I've painted rocks, tin buckets and signs.  I'm also knitting more dish cloths as they sold very well. This year I'm adding a free scrubby for every 2 dish cloths sold and hopefully they go over well so I can make bunches more and sell them next year as a stand alone item, maybe in 3's for whatever I decide on.

I raise chickens for fun and eggs, but a, or some critters have decimated my flock so that I only have 2 left out of 7.  One of the survivors had been loose for 4 days and did not want to be caught, but I think hunger and thirst finally got her to go into the pen and as I was out there, I got the gate closed before she could escape again ... Phew!!  Have you ever tried catching a chicken that didn't want to be caught ... not a game or exercise program I would recommend ... LOL ... for a few days I was very sore from trying to chase her down.  The two ladies are now confined to the pen which is a 6 x 12' old dog kennel attached to a coop.  I feel so bad about this as all 7 were free range in my back yard, but if I turn them loose now they will both disappear.  They are very scared of the dogs as they are probably the same size as our night critter, that the girls go into the coop. They went through a terrible trauma as 5 of their kind were slaughtered in 4 days ... I feel for them.

I need to finish a couple of crafts today, and hopefully I can figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to this blog ... anyone know an easy way?? ... LOL ...

See you all later ... 😘😘😘