Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi everybody ... I'm over here ... hello ???

Hi everybody, if you are still paying attention to me - I didn't mean to stay away for so long. Slowly but steadily I have been working on the craft room, pictures soon. I got 2 bookcases moved, have dusted and wiped books, separated them to keep painting, quilting, crochet & knit, general crafts, etc. in their respective areas. Sometimes it's not easy as some of them cross over into various other categories, such as Christmas, Easter, etc. I look at the book and use the category that comes to mind first. I do my best ... LOL

I have a prolific killer living with me. He skulks around corners, rocks and bushes, both here at home and at the neighbors. He will bring home his prize. This picture shows him out back hanging on to his prey, and if you could hear it, there was a lot of growling / clucking going on over this poor little feller. The chicken, Cinnamon, really, really wanted it, but Joey was not about to turn loose. I beat him to the back door before he tried to bring it in ... Well, since this picture he did bring in, unbeknown to me, another victim! I know that has happened when I hear crunching and smacking from anywhere besides the food bowl ... and even that doesn't elicit that kind of excitement.

I trotted out into the back yard one day, and not 15 feet away was this awesome buck! 3 x 3! He was snacking on some bread I had laid out to dry for the chickens. He hopped the fence and just stood there looking at me. I took a ton of pictures, but they are way too dark to publish - I need to work on them to see how light I can get them. Here he is leaving my property on the right, at a very easy gait. Not scared, but not trusting either! If you click on the picture you can get a better view of him.

Last week I was sooo sick, I wasn't sure I was even alive! The county fair was going on and I had promised my friends to feed the rabbits and chickens for them while they were camped at the fair grounds with their goats. I did not make the morning feed last Friday, but did get up there that evening - by the skin of my teeth!!! I'm not sure what I had, but I don't ever want it again. No appetite, no thirst, slept on the couch, slept in bed. Woohoo, life of the party! I'm a whole lot more like myself, but still not 100%. The only thing good to come out of this - I stopped smoking! I've gone a week now without a cigarette! Not that there hasn't been trying moments, but I haven't broken down. I have hard candy for when it gets real bad, and I've had quite a bit, but I'm persevering.

I need to get to the post office, so I'll leave you all with this:
Why am I the only person with a fork in a world full of soup?