Friday, June 20, 2008

. . . and again we're off . . .

Camping again, I love camping! We aren't going far(gas prices), but when you live in the mountains you don't have to. We can enjoy nature at its finest just 3-4 miles from the house. We do go further since that makes you think you are camping in your back yard. We like at least 10 miles.... LOL It's still easy to run home if you forget something....

Even though I don't much care for campgrounds, this time we are going to the small local one so we can catfish after dark..... the campground only has 10 or 11 sites, so you have to get there early, and I will be taking off from the house in about 2-2 1/2 hrs. Last minute packing - like food..... and drinks..... in the ice chest.

Will let you know how many fish we catch...

Wishing you sunny days

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ohh . . . . and it's Fridaty the 13th . . .!

Hmmm, maybe I should just sit tight and not do anything at all today...... no matter what I do, I could get hurt..... ahh, I just remembered - I usually get some sort of money on Friday the 13th! I will check the PO Box, and I will look on the street, but since I'm not going far to do either, it probably won't be a huge amount....... now if Publishers Clearing House would stop by, then I don't have to go any where!

I do not believe in a particular day being bad luck..... each day is what you make it.

I am making my day beautiful!

This is my South 40 . . . and when the sun shines through the pines, it is just spectacular!! The yellow spot you see near the center of the picture is a bird house. When it is 80 deg in the sun, it is sooo cool in the shade. It is time for me to bring out the gliders, hmmm, and put up the hammock too!

I need to get the camper (Picture in a previous post) ready to go again... we are leaving next Friday for a 2-day trip. This time we are going to a small campground and will do some catfishing!! It is about 10 miles from home - we can't afford to go far. Thankfully in our area we have plenty of public lands and forests that we can find a wide spot in the road and park it.

I also need to finish the curtains for D's room..... as I feel like it. While I'm working on the curtains, I keep thinking of other things I can make - uh, like duh - this is D's room I have things set up in, and he will be coming home by the end of the month! I have to put all the sewing stuff away!!! and no where else to set it up....

Go enjoy this Friday the 13th . . . it's Friday, what can be so wrong with that?

Wishing you short trips of the happy kind!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Jennie!

My daughter is 40 today! I sent her a huge bouquet of yellow roses and lilies. She has loved yellow roses since she was in school. The first bouquet I gave her was when she graduated from High School with Honors. I also got her some electronic thing, a VCR if I faintly recall. You have to realize that her graduation was 22 years ago, and that I've aged accordingly....... shhh, don't tell anyone!

Yellow roses have played a role in her life, even if she had no clue that it would. She lives in TX. She had a story published in an anthology, Love Texas Style, by Wild Rose Press which has a yellow rose on the cover. Her story is the 5th in the book , The Rancher's Wife. I'm very proud of her as you can tell.

Oh, and we are having road work done here in our "dirt road" subdivision on the main entry, and it seems to me that every one coming and going up here, has passed by my house to the secondary entry road.

The sun is shining, it's nice, the windows are open and the DUST is just pouring into my house. I put a traveling sprinkler close to the road to help keep the dust down, and it is slowing people down. I know it's hard to keep dust at bay when you choose to live on a dirt road, but why do some folks have to drive at warp speed? This road work will hopefully be done soon. I really enjoy my peace and quiet here, with few vehicles going by....... WOW, I forgot what traffic was like.

Wishing you lovely days

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding my sewing stuff . . .

I have a sewing project that I need to get done while D is away. D is my room mate and bestest friend. He has had pretty pink ruffly curtains in his room since we moved into this house in 2001. Pretty sad, huh? His room is on the SE side of the house and here during the summer, he gets the sun at around 5:30 a.m. and is not very thrilled about it. We found some denim that will darken the room in the summer and help keep the heat in during the winter. I think it's about time to get this done. Having said that, we will win the lottery and get a new house...LOL...LOL, now that's funny!

So, while he is visiting his sister, I'm sewing curtains.... well, trying to anyway... I haven't used my sewing machine in 4-5 years, but I knew where it was! I had to dig out my 2' x 4' camping table to cut and sew on - I don't have a decent table that isn't covered with crafts. Then I had to search the house for my rotary rulers.... took at least 45 minutes and a call to my girlfriend C to see if she could remember where she saw it last.... hmmm ? ? ? I finally had the bulb go off = in the top drawer of the built-in dresser.

Thank goodness all the measurements on both windows are the same! This old house is about as caddy wompus as they come, so I never know what happens when I start measuring. Any way, I got one panel out of four done. I figure if I do one every day, or maybe two, I will definitely have them done in no time, and if I'm lucky, I might even be able to sew a few other things..... who knows ? ? ?

Wishing you blue skies, no wind and sunny days.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First camping trip of the year!

Wow, I've been remiss on posting . . . We left for camp at noon on the 29th of May with a slight drizzle coming down. It was a short trip, 9 miles on pavement and 2 on dirt roads - (95% of the time we boondock - no neighbors and no noise). We found a beautiful meadow and set up around a small group of trees. (when I get the photo posting down I'll get some pics up-as you can see, I got it!!!) There were 2 truck campers and 1 travel trailer, 6 people all together - 2 being kids. Boy do we haul the 'stuff' to camp!

We had 3 pop-up canopies plus the trees, so plenty of shelter. We did get rain on and off the whole trip, but it really was wonderful to get away from home and chores. Some of them do follow us, but it seems to be more fun doing them while camping.

We really do eat better when we camp than when we are at home! First night out we had Chicken Noodle soup - homemade by moi the day before leaving! Cooking the first night after setting up and dragging out all the 'stuff' just isn't fun OR easy. Breakfasts consist of either whatever you can grab that you brought or Hunters Hash - ground sausage, hash browns and eggs all mixed together - yum, yum!

The only meal we really think about is dinner - second night we had grilled pork steaks with macaroni salad & a cottage cheese, green olive and green onion salad. The whole meal is easy to fix and that's probably why we eat it out camping. Third night was Taco Salad and the last night out was grilled hamburgers & chips.

There was plenty of mud surrounding our camp, and the kids took advantage of it BIG time! Too bad we didn't have a hose and spigot handy - they surely would have literally been hosed off!

We saw some deer navigating the meadow, but not too many. But then there were the Cranes! They were around us even though we couldn't see most of them, they sure were making a racket in the mornings, and when they lifted off they looked like huge pterodactyls! Wing spans had to be 6-7 feet! And the cranes were a tan and brown color - absolutely beautiful. We also had a couple of Bald Eagles - which to me are just awesome.

After breakfast on Monday, June 2, we started packing things up for the trip home. I hate last mornings, but then again, getting into a nice shower with (almost) endless hot water is absolutely marvelous!

It usually takes a couple of days, besides the perishables, to unload the camper, but it isn't going anywhere nor will someone do it for me. I'm real slow this time since I have to pull the bedding off already. I guess the condensation was too much and my bed by the front window was very damp. Now I need to see if there is any mildew or whatever to contend with.

I'll keep you posted.

Wishing you sunny days.