Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm still around ... really!

I always seem to be busy in one way or the other ... but when I look back, I can't see one darn thing that was accomplished!  I'm retired so there's always time to get things done, except it just never seems to get done no matter what.

My procrastinating has got to STOP!!  I don't know how to schedule things that needs to get done so they get done ... I schedule my grocery shopping trips on things I'm running out of, like milk or coffee, but that doesn't help setting up a schedule.  When I do need to shop I gather several places that I need to go, but nothing gets scheduled ...

I have to see the doctor regularly to refill my prescriptions so that scheduling is on the calendar and I have no problem keeping the appointments.  I have Arthritis and terrible pain in hands and basic joints so I HAVE to have the pain meds.  Now why can't cleaning house be like that?  I like a clean house, but it so often looks like I picked up the house and shook it vigorously.  Then I complain about it for a month until I get sick of looking at it and things start to get done, but somehow I run out of steam ... I really run out of pain-free time and it takes several days for me to get the umph to continue.

I sure hope some one can come up with a schedule I can keep ... some way, some how! 

The first weekend of May I went camping with my friends to a Black Powder Shoot.  People in costumes from the mountain man era competing for prizes in a variety of activities representing that time.  A lot of fun!!  There are also raffles for different items and I won one this year!!!  A hand carved fish with lure on line in its mouth in a mountain stream with rocks and weeds.  It is about 10-11" long, 8-9" tall and 5-6" front to back.  ALL hand carved and painted.  It is a wonderful piece of art that the carver donates to a drawing every year.  I gave it to one of my best friends for his birthday ... he's more into fishing than I am, but I can see it anytime I visit him and his wife.  Looks wonderful sitting on top of a gun cabinet!

Another camping trip for my birthday was fun but pretty uneventful ... We just got back last Sunday from another birthday trip.  We spent almost 5 days in the woods.  I spent time reading and knitting; not too much fishing since it was lousy.  The weather was warm to hot during the day, but it did cool down at night so I could sleep.

See, I need to get on a schedule so I post more often ... April 5, 2015 is waayyy too long between posts.

Have a great day!