Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

I'm listening to Christmas music on the television and wrapping presents.  It is peaceful, warm and fuzzy and I love it.  There aren't many gifts this year - too many things have happened that cost money - but the people the gifts are for understand; times are tough for them too.

I've tried calling my Mom a bunch of times, but she was either out visiting with friends or enjoying the friendships of the people at her assisted living facility.  There is a 9 hr difference in time, so I can't keep calling throughout the day.  It's 6:30 pm here and 3:30 am in Denmark.  I will call her tomorrow morning and hope to catch her.

I have to be up early tomorrow anyway, so I will call again ...  I need to start my Scalloped Potatoes around 10 am to have them ready for dinner at 1pm.  While the potatoes are baking I'll hop in the shower and get dressed.  Then scoop up the bag with the gifts, grab the potatoes and off I go ...  I'm going to Dale's parents house with all the other misfits ... LOL.  We always have a wonderful time.

I found out that the only gas station in my little community has closed - bummer - the nearest one now is about 9 miles away.  The people there aren't the friendliest and the place is dirty ... so I will have to drive at least 12 miles or so to get gas.  It a real bummer since all the summer campers depends on it, and the hunters in the Fall.  There is still the Keno Store for supplies, but there is NO gas nor propane.  The tractor store got a propane station so that's a relief.  I'm not sure why the they're closing, but someone said it was due to insurance ... as in ObamaScare ... now why doesn't that surprise me?  I'm very, very sorry to see the station - and convenience store - closed.  There was no gas station when I first moved here, but oh boy, were we happy to see it open. 

I sure do wish we would get some more snow - the dirty patches just don't count for a White Christmas, but I'm happy and grateful that I'm alive to growl about it ... LOL
Merry Christmas to all...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I seem to be behinder than usual ... LOL

Things move so slowly here in my life that the same thing day after day is just not worth writing about ... pretty sad huh?  Today I'm playing catch up  for the last exciting (LOL) month ...

Thanksgiving was very nice; good friend and good food is always a "fuzzy warm" experience.  I ate too much as always, but not "too much" to make me sick.  The weather was decent, as in not too cold, but no one knew that a week later it would be 3 degrees overnight.

It is currently 11:16 am and the temp has risen to 10 ... today's high is moving up on 30.  I want it to get to at least 28 and SNOW.  Lots of snow.  The sky is bright blue with not a cloud in sight ... but even though the sun is shining brightly there is no warmth in it.

I need to get back to getting presents ready for family and friends, but as always, money is tight - VERY tight.

Oh, I do have some news ... I've spoken with the Lady at the USDA about the grant to cover expenses for my well issue.  The money has been set aside, but will not be issued until the job is done; and it will be issued to the contractor.  The ground is pretty frozen so the job won't happen until April at the earliest ... bummer.  I guess I'm one of the honest folks out there - I would verify the amount for the ditch digging only and set that aside for John and then put my reserves back in my bank to be used for gifts.  I don't think of taking the money and running ... I need my system to be to code.  Not complying could mean a large fine and I'm not into paying anything that would go to the government, no matter what the amount is - my money is my money .. OK, enough of this!

I lost my cute little Lucy chicken before Thanksgiving to a raccoon.  I've stuffed every entry I can see, but raccoons are smart, but I've also taken to locking the girls up in the coop at night.  They have absolutely no problem with that ... besides it's very cold at night and I have a heat lamp in there that keeps them a lot warmer than having a cold breeze flying through the door.

I've worked on my Hugel garden - yes, last minute me! - but am at a stop because the ground is frozen.  It really is done, but I just wanted to get the last of the dirt on top of the pile ... oh well, Spring will come soon enough and the whole pile needs to 'stew' so it's ready for planting after last frost.

I'm hunkering down today, and probably for the rest of winter.  I'm going to get off the internet and sink into a pile of yarn and do some knitting - the couch is a lot closer to the wood stove than the computer is so that will be a real cozy experience ... Love the wood stove!

I will definite try to post more often, but I don't guarantee anything ... LOL
Hugs to everyone and Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

OK, it's been wayyy too long ...

I'm not quite sure where life was when I posted last ... I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway.  The trip to the campsite and set up was uneventful, but it did start to rain while I was getting gas in the truck ... but it stopped while I was driving out. Thank goodness!  I hate setting up camp in the rain.

There were a couple of days with wild winds, up to 60-80 mpg gusts!!  And the rain ... that was after set-up so it's easier to deal with ... LOL  For the first 2-3 days we lived without the canopy covering the picnic table; it was just way too windy.  When the winds finally stopped their erratic ways, we started to climb in temps ... nice, we hit the lower 70's for several days ... gave everything a chance to dry out!  Woohoo!  It then dropped down to the normal fall weather.

Opening day was on Sat. 28th of Sept.  The hunters were there, but the bucks must have taken a vacation as all anyone saw were does.  A few hunters got lucky, but most didn't.  There a a bunch of empty freezers for the winter ... even Elk Season was sparse.

After I came home on Oct. 2, I spent a couple of days just resting ... it is beginning to wear me out to do a long camping trip (8 days) but I will continue to go until I just can't drag myself out into the woods ... LOL.  That is a long time off, but I can still be worn out when I come home ... LOL

The camper was cleared out, everything dumped that needed to be dumped ... the water lines blown out so nothing freezes.  There are still a few things that need to be put back in the camper, but that's no big deal as the camper is tucked into bed not too far from the house, like 50 feet ... LOL  I even Suspended my insurance while she sits ... now I have to remember to reinstate ins at the end of April ...

I've been doing winter prep chores around here so that there will be no mishaps to deal with when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground!  I've rolled up hoses, put tools away, got the vent in the hall way replaced (no stepping over bowls) and am waiting for the temps to drop a bit more before turning on the heat lamp in the (well) pump house.  I need to lower the bulb so it is close to the lines coming out of the ground by the well shaft - no biggie.  The outside faucet is off, but not wrapped and covered - there really is still time for that!  I also cleaned out the wood stove, the wood box and reloaded it.  It is ready for fires ... I've only lit it once but the darn thing burns so hot that I need windows open so I'm waiting until the temps during the day reach 40-45 and below.

This is what's still going on - helping friends and neighbors winterize until no more can be done ... I've also been following all the ups and downs of DC and about the only thing I can do now is spout my feelings at the TV and shake my head!

I finished the shoulder wrap I've been knitting for my Mom ... I still need to weave in all the loose ends, but then it will be ready to mail ... I'll again try to take a picture and post it ...

Have a great Fall and do your winterizing early!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Here we go again ...

Not water this time ... it's another camping trip, the last of the season - Deer Camp.  I will be out there at least 7 days, maybe 10 - it depends on the weather and more how I feel ... it is fall and getting cold so the arthritis acts up.  The camper is packed with food and definitely warm winter clothes - we also have a warming tent that will get you out of the wind - there is always wind out there - and a heater to help you thaw out if necessary.  OK, I need to pack the boots too!!!  Don't let me forget ... , oh and the ice chests ... I'd better go move the rest into the camper ... LOL

I have the Quad trailer here so all I have to do in the morning is hook up, stop for gas and hit the road.  I'd like it to be early, but I know myself - I have to have a couple of cups of coffee and something to eat before I do anything, but I do want to try to get up by 7. Hahahahahahahaha ... boy do I know myself ... maybe 7:30 ... that just sounds better.

I will see you all when I get back ... a day or two after ...

Have a happy week

Friday, September 13, 2013

More on water ...

I now have all the supplies and Dale will pickup the tank today.  I was also told that to save a bit of money I could buy the red-black-green pump cable separately and using 10 gauge for the red & black, but 12 gauge for the green ... It did save me money!  The pre twisted cable was $1.83/ft but purchasing the wiring separately with the red & black running 49 cents per foot and the green 12 gauge running 29 cents a foot.  That totals $1.27 per foot.  Since the wires will be in conduit it doesn't matter if it's twisted or not.

I also picked up 4 - 90 deg angle pipe for the conduit.  $1.17/ea. 

I'm sure all this technical electrical (LOL) stuff is making your head spin, it's making my head spin too, but it's a big deal to me ... LOL.  Saturday, tomorrow, should be "restoring water day"  Wahoo!!!

I'm also thinking of Deer Camp ... trying to gather my mind on that so I won't be scattered when putting the camper together ... I am sooo looking forward to having water so I can do some laundry!  I still have the dirty stuff from the Labor Day camping trip sitting there staring at me, and having added regular daily dirty stuff since the 2nd (No Water Day) I have quite a pile - and Susan too!

I am sooo looking forward to camp for 10 days to clear my mind of all problems.  Oh yeah!!!

I also ordered the vent lid so my hallway isn't the shower anymore - it should be here any day.

I'm tired just rereading my post, so I will let you go for now.  Have a wonderful day and future.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Grief ... (OMG #2)

Well, no pun intended, it is NOT the pump.  I had a pump company come out and do an analysis on the whole mess ... and we are not getting 220v to the pump ...

There is a dead wire somewhere in the 'run' from the tank to the breaker box.  Right now we will run the new conduit and wire along the fence so we can have water.  Later we will dig down and put the new stuff in the trench. 

Mike, from the pump co., tested the pump by hooking up to his generator and we had water!!!  We flushed the toilet and filled every container we had.  I'm also still hooked up to my neighbors spigot, love my neighbors!! ... and we are still using the camper as our 2nd bathroom.  I can turn it around and dump the black tank whenever I need to sooo ...

I need to run 180-190 FEET of pump cable - the 3 wire stuff - from the pump to the breaker box.  Cable costs $1.83 per foot at Home Depot = $350 appx.  Okayyyy

I need 1" conduit to run the wire - PVC grey stuff - that's about $2.75 per 10 foot length = appx $55

AND I need a new pressure tank.  The old one is over 200 gals, which I don't need - Mike told me I can do with an 81 gal tank. = appx $350.

It really should be buried 18" deep for 180-190 feet.  I need an estimate for this one ... won't be cheep up here on my rocky acres.  I almost don't want to know, but I have to for my grant application.

The work, except the trench, can be done by Dale and I - I'm sure there will be other neighbors getting into the action too.  We'd like to get it done before Deer Camp so I can go ... and so that Susan won't be here alone without real running water!!

I also ordered the 14" x 14" vent lid to replace the one in my hallway.  The one I have is so old and cracked that we can take a shower under it when it rains ... no thanks, I prefer my real shower - with real water from the well ... LOL

I'm having a "good" day, how about you?
(((Hugs))) to all

Sunday, September 8, 2013

O M G ...

I'm not having a good September ...Well, the 1st and 2nd were wonderful after a week of camping!  Wednesday morning we had no water!  I was stupefied ... this happens to other people ... well I've just become other people ... hmmm, nice.

My friend Dale stopped after work and took a look at all the gadgets and gizmo's in the pump house.  There was power to the pump, but the pump wouldn't start.  I checked fuses, Dale checked fuses ... no pump.  Dale brought me a 15-20 gal container of water to use ... my neighbor has let me attach a hose to one of their spigots ... always love your neighbors!

Thursday morning I started to phone around to see if I could get some help from the community or the state ... I live on less than $1000 a month ... I must have made 25 phone calls and no one knew of any help anywhere for a burned out well pump ... funny, but 1/3 to 1/2 of Klamath County is on wells ... what do people do?  I can't be the only "poor" person whose pump has gone belly up ... ?

In my journey of phone calls, I found 211.org ... you can also just dial 211, and whatever your problem is they can lead you to someone who can help ... wonderful.  I just surprised me who it was - the USDA Rural Development Dept.  It was also the only place in the state of Oregon who could help.  They have very low interest loans, or in my super low income state, they have grants.  The lady I spoke with sent out the loan/grant package Thursday night so I am hoping it will be here tomorrow.  I think I have to get 2 estimates to return with other information, but that's ok, I'm already working on that.

In the mean time we are doing what we can to survive ... bathing is the hardest ... sponge baths only do so much, but we have other neighbors who have offered their showers to us ... we WILL take advantage of their generosity - LOL.  Laundry is OK for now, but eventually we will need to wash some things ... if we can get water by the end of the week we're OK, but after that ...

What is sucky about this is that I'm suppose to be getting ready to leave for Deer Camp on the 24th for 10 days.  Not sure I'll make it this year, but we'll see.  I hope the grant doesn't take forever to be processed - that will be the deciding factor as to whether I go or not ... Maybe I can scan and email it to start and then follow up with the filled out paperwork ... I'll ask, all they can say is 'no' and I'm no worse off ...

I'll keep everyone posted about the well situation ... thank God it isn't the middle of winter!!
Hugs to you all

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A few unexpected things ... LOL

The night before last we had a thunderstorms.  Not that unusual for here in August ... BUT this one was something else.  My poor dog spent at least 3 hours in the kennel flipping out.  Poor SueAnn ... It started with some rumbles off in the distance on and off, by this time I was watching the dog and the tail was starting to curl under her body ... time for the kennel ...  The thunder got louder and more frequent, then the rain started - very hard and very fast!  I had to run around the house closing windows as there was a little bit of a breeze, but not really any wind.  About 5 minutes after that the HAIL started and kept going for about 40 minutes ... I was beginning to wonder what was going to be the first thing to break that would wreak havoc with my house, or camper or the chicken coop. 

The chickens had all run inside the coop and not one stuck her head out the door to see what was happening!  The coop has a wooden top, but above that there is metal that slopes from the wood shed down to the edge of the coop.  It had to sound like war in that coop - poor girls!

Last night about 10 - 10:30 Susan heard a horrible ruckus out by the chickens ... we charged out to see what was there ... all we could see at first was 3 of the girls running around flapping their wings, hanging in the chain link surround, but then I saw a small skunk come out of the coop ... OMG, skunks kill chickens!!!  I ran in and got the broom with the long handle ... opened the gate to the pen and tried shooing the damn thing out.  Nope, not working ... now remember during all this time I had one eye on the skunks tail ... as long as the skunk was looking at me, I wasn't that scared, but if the thing had turned and put tail towards me or Susan, we would have run like bats out of hell ... I think I'm painting a picture of a 3-ring circus ... I kept thinking of my rifle and just shooting the damn thing, but I'm half blind and it's pitch dark out there - I just didn't want to add a crazy woman and her rifle to the comedy act!  After opening the gate on the pen trying to scare the skunk out, three of my girls flew out squawking loudly over and over.  They disappeared into the brush & grasses - I was more intent on the skunk at that time ... we got 2 hens in, but the third was no where to be found.  I looked and looked using a small flashlite - no chicken. 

This morning when Susan got up to feed her cats she looked outside and there was our wayward girl pacing outside the pen wondering why she was out and the others were inside ... Susan let her in and we have a happy ending.

Dale stopped by this afternoon and I showed him where I thought the little bugger got in - nope, skunks don't climb ... it got in right where the hinges on the gate are, way down at the bottom ... hmmm, baby skunk, squeeze through a small opening ... OMG there is a Momma around and she probably has more than one baby ... I put a rock on the inside of the pen and some screening in the opening by the hinges.  Hopefully that will work.  I will leave the kitchen window mostly open tonight so I can hear if anything else goes on ... no more crazy women in their fancy sleep ware ... over sized sleep shirt on one and t-shirt bottoms and a camisole on the other, both of us in slippers ... 

I think I'll stop the story and let you all catch your breath from laughing ... (I'm still laughing!)
Many hugs to you all

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh my goodness ...

it's been way too long since I posted. 

It has been HOT here and very uncomfortable.  Hot here is in the 90's, anywhere from 90 to 99 and over is HOT, HOT, HOT!

I've done absolutely nothing on the hugel garden - even in the early mornings it's too warm to start shoveling dirt.  I just look at it and wonder when I'm going to get to finish it ...

We, our group, went camping last weekend and had a blast!!  Ron and I went up on Wed morning, set up and relaxed in the shade ... it was hot.  Dale brought up the 5th wheel later on and Candy and the youngest grandchild, Ben, stayed.  Dale had to work on Thursday so he had to wait a day.  It was his birthday weekend, so we handed out presents.  It was still hot.

Fishing was terrible the whole weekend, so we only had one meal with fish and really nothing to bring home to freeze and enjoy during the winter ... LOL ... if they last that long!

Dale's parents came up on Saturday and spent the afternoon and evening with us.  Mom brought Ice Cream and Cake - we were styling it ... The one grand kid and the great grand kid talked Dad into doing some fishing.  He's in his 70's, not in the best health, but hasn't fished in at least 20 years.  He sat on the dock in a good chair and caught a 13" Catfish!  The biggest all weekend!  We b-b-q'd steaks with pasta salad and cake & ice cream.  We eat better when we are camping ... LOL.  Mom & Dad stayed until just before they closed the gate at the campground - 9 pm.  It was a wonderful day, full of fun and laughter.  Dale cleaned the cat and dropped it at his parents on Monday - a meal for the two of them.

I still haven't dumped the camper - it's too hot!  Everything else is out of it ...

We are trying to figure out when the next camping trip will be ... we only have one more due to money before Deer Camp.  That starts, I think, on Sept 28 and runs for 12 days.  Ron and I will go up the Tuesday before so we can get the sites we want ... two together.  It is getting earlier every year because people are discovering that the campground is open for hunting season.  I go up for maybe a week, but the guys stay for most of it.  If they get a deer early then the rest of the time is "party time".

Any way, back to the next trip - I'm not sure we want to go over Labor Day, but the 24th of Aug is out - a family thing ... LOL.  The weekend before is too close, and the weekend after is Labor Day ... so I think we will go Labor Day no matter what ... time will tell.

I will try to not go so long before the next post - I was doing well for a while, twice a week, but then the weather got HOT and I did nothing ... I sure hope these temperatures drop down to the low 80's soon - that's normal for us!

Hope you all stay cool and safe

ps: I still haven't figured out the camera "error message" to get pictures up loaded ...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another day ...

There is a slight breeze and the temperature is just hitting 80.  I went out about an hour ago to move some more dirt from the dirt pile to the hugel pile (garden) ... I'm about ready to go out again in a few minutes ... before the sun really hits the pile ... LOL.  I can shovel dirt for about 30 minutes and then I need a good rest. 

Susan and I planted potatoes a little over a month ago and the plants are about 6-8" tall now ... we haven't looked to see if there are any baby spuds yet, but I doubt it.  Maybe in a few weeks?

On the 17th we are going on Dale's birthday camp out, just back up to Topsy, but it is sooo nice up there.  Ron and I will leave about 10-11am to get our spots, but the rest of the gang, especially Dale, won't be there until Thursday late afternoon.  So looking forward to it.

All of a sudden there are clouds out there ... so I really should go shovel some more dirt.  If any of you get bored you can always come help ... LOL.

Had a nice 4th of July.  Spent it with friend and little itty bitty fireworks ... had Bratts, baked beans, macaroni salad and there was cake and ice cream for desert ... um ... no room!  I hope everyone had a great day and evening and stayed safe.

Hugs to all!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little more got done ...

I got a bit more done on the Hugel garden this weekend.  Yesterday Dale stopped by with his chain saw and we cut up some more wood (I loaded some, but he did the work) ... woohoo!! ... the pieces are anywhere from 1 1/2  foot to 4 feet. It is just cut to be able to stack nicely and fit into spaces that are open.  We (he) then put some dirt on it, and today I brought 2 wheelbarrows full of chicken pen 'stuff' and covered it.  Two loads is about all my back will handle at one time ... I'm posting here and after resting up a bit will 'reload' the chicken coop with new straw.  Over time they manage to pretty much scratch it all out into the pen ... that's why I have such good 'stuff' ... LOL  I have onions that need to be planted, but have no where to put them just yet.  I need a good sized container ... maybe I'll go help myself at Dale's house ... if he has any left that he will turn loose of.

I've had one of those pounding headaches for at least 24 hrs.  It is slowly going away, but it sure does drain the energy.  Yesterday I was sooo woozy that I had trouble doing anything halfway well, but there are things that need to get done no matter what comes along ... and I do rest in between chores ...

Welllll ... I just took a 3 hour break from writing this post ... LOL   I dragged my trash can to the street; talked to Dale, when he came down with his, about the size of the garden ... we both think it has enough logs, so now it's more trips with chicken 'stuff' and then a heavy layer of dirt!!  We will have to bring in a tractor with a large front bucket so we can dig up more dirt from my south 40 ... LOL  Then I need to find a fence so all the deer can't get to the produce!  If I get this done quickly, I can put the onions in there ... hmmm ... tomorrow is another day!

I also had a huge salad for dinner and now I'm ready to crawl into my warm fuzzies and watch some TV in bed ... and knit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Busy as a bee ...

I've been busy (for me) and have gotten a bunch of things done - that's a nice feeling!  Of course some of the things I did could have been done a year ago ... LOL.

Last week was my daughter's 45th birthday ... phew, that makes me feel old!!  Nine days before that was my birthday, I'm now 6xxxx years old.  Nope, not telling!!

On Friday, the 14th (+15th) , the Klamath County 2013 Stand Down took place at the Fairgrounds.  The DAV had 2 days of military surplus give away to the local Veterans.  I went with a friend, Ron, and he picked up some things he needed.  He was really looking for boots, but anything from 8-10 was gone before we got to the table ... bummer.  There were tables and tables of goods, from socks in large and small - no medium ... LOL.  Shirts, jackets, backpacks, wool blankets, sleeping bags, etc.  In another section there were tables of information for services that the Veterans could apply for and get them either for free or for a reduced price. 

Ron and I were sooo tired from the waiting, sitting, standing and walking around that when we finally got to his car, we dropped into the seats like stones!  It was definitely to bed early for me and I think Ron did the same thing ... we were up at 6 am, so I'm sure he dropped out early too.

Saturday I was absolutely worthless ... I hurt in places that I forgot I even had!!  But on Sunday I got some stuff done here at the house.  I stretched out the hoses to the various places they go and looked around for some connectors - no luck.  I dumped (finally) the camper tanks - it doesn't take long, but I just hate doing it ... ugghhh!  I put it back in it's resting place until the next trip - I'm ready to go any time again.

I had over a dozen canning jars that sat out over winter and all but 6 cracked and broke.  I got my butt together and picked up all the broken ones so I could (finally) get them in the trash for pickup.  These are the ones that have sat for over a year ...

I asked Dale to bring my mower back when he brought down his trashcan ... I mowed the side yard today and have had the sprinkler going for about 4 hours, moving it from place to place.  The poor grass won't know what to do with WATER ... this is the first water, except a bit of rain, that has been put on the grass.  Oops - bad me!

I'm going to town tomorrow to pick up some things from the market.  I hate going to town; I always end up spending at least $100!  It's just inevitable. 

I'm going to go back to the couch and watch the evening news ... and maybe knit while I do.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now that I'm older ...

I celebrated my birthday by going camping - it's an annual event.  Both the birthday, LOL, and the camping trip.  Our little group have certain events that always included a camping trip, and we love it.  We can't afford a nice dinner out for all our birthdays, but we can afford camping!  The sad part is that only 2 out of 5 have summer birthdays the rest are one in January, one February and the last one in November and those are not good for camping.

In order to get the two campsites we really like, two of us left on Wednesday am, but still didn't get our sites ... The campground is a small one and there are only 13 available sites.  People are learning about our favorite place and it's getting tough to get our spots.  We at least need 2 sites together as we camp as one big happy family.

I've had lots of birthday wishes on my FB page and I appreciate all the people that posted.  I love my friends & family.

After getting home from camping the next day's activity always includes a trip to the market.  As usual there is a prescription to fill, and also to replace some of the things taken to camp.  We also found a potato pot for $5 and proceeded to plant them this morning.  We also stopped at the local nursery and bought some tomato plants and a little pot with 2 Cantaloupe plants in it.  Our planting season here in Southern Oregon is short, but we make do.  The Hugel garden is still only half way done, so it won't be useful until the end of the season, so next year will be it for that garden!!

The temp outside in the carport is 78 right now at 1 pm.  The temps are going to keep climbing until this weekend where it is suppose to reach the very upper 80's and lower 90's.  This is about 10-15 degrees above normal for us ... it has definitely hit Summer Mode.  I need my mower back from Dale so I can cut the 12" high weeds before I disappear in it when walking across the yard ... LOL

I got my Camper Renewal in the mail yesterday ... Ugghh! $114.75 ... it is for two years, but still, it's hard to come up with all at once when on a fixed income ... no more whining ... !

I'll leave you now with all the wisdom of my 66 years ... LOL

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

... and I'm off!

I've been packing the truck camper for a few days now and all but the last-minute-stuff is on board.  I have a list and it works very well for me.  Of course during the loading I always seem to find other stuff that I absolutely have to take ... just in case ... LOL.  Oops, I also need to load the canopy frame.  See, it's not easy for me to get my butt moving in several different directions!

It's just about 10 and all I need to do here at the house is let the chickens out and take a shower - oh yes and water the plants, and of course fill the camper with water ... then on the way out of town I need to stop for gasoline, ice and to top off the propane tank.

Hopefully by the time I get to the campground I will have everything I need.  If it's really important, I can call Dale and he will get it from my house and bring it out, but I doubt I'll need to do that ... I think ... LOL

See you all next week - I'll be home on Sunday ...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

and time marches on ... slowly

It seems like my life is moving in slow motion ... nothing happens on a daily basis, well feeding the animals moves at regular speed, but the rest - Nahhh.

The weather has turned cool again and yes we had a skiff of snow the other night and it has been COLD!  The day after the snow the temperature didn't get above 42 for the whole day.  It is warming up and I hope it gets back to normal as we are going camping in a week.

I drove up to the campground earlier because I had a bag of children's goodies to give to the camp hosts to hand out.  I told them to look through the bag and put aside any that they didn't think were appropriate.  They have a week to go through the stuff and I will take the rest and get rid of it.  The camp hosts have been so good to our group over the many years that we've been going there, that they deserve donations.  I have a friend that picks up coloring books and crayons for the hosts.

Of course I took my dog with me for the drive and sure enough, while I was talking to the host, she laid a landmine ... I grabbed a bag to pick it up and the host told me "Thank You" ... I would never leave a pile like that in their yard, or anyone else's for that matter!  But I know how a lot of people are - not very courteous but they will be the first to scream if some dog left a pile in their yard ...

I got a trailer load of dirt last weekend, and then we had rain and snow so it's still piled where it was placed.  I sure can tell the difference between that dirt and my own ... one is gray the other a nice chocolate brown.  I'm also putting chicken manure in the garden hole so that should help a lot. I've brought 2 wheelbarrow loads to the 'garden' and you really can't tell by looking at the coop that I've removed any thing at all. I need to get some calcium for the girls as their eggs are beginning to have very thin shells.  I stuck my finger through one egg yesterday ... I've been keeping my 'used' eggshells to feed back to the girls, but if there isn't enough calcium for them to make strong shells, how much calcium can there be in the shells I'm giving back to them ... I need to get some calcium!

As mentioned above, we are going camping next weekend for my birthday.  The weather is too cold to enjoy going over Memorial Day.  It seems like its been that way for the last 4-5 years.  Global warming my butt!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!  Teach the children what it's all about.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a potpourri of 'stuff' ...

I haven't worked on the Hugel garden for a while because I need some real 'manpower' for help - or tractor power as the case may be.  The only thing that I can do right now is get some chicken manure with old straw and put a bit into the hole to fill some spots ... after that I need more logs - hence the manpower thing.  I'm not looking at a real garden this year, but maybe some potatoes.

Even though I do not like making the Pioneer Bonnets the sewing itself was an eye opener again.  I've been knitting for well over a year with not much else being crafted, but that Bonnet set my sewing juices in gear again.  I don't have the ideal set up in my craft room now that it's also my bedroom, but I can make do.  The next thing on my sewing agenda is a bunch of neck 'coolers' for our warmer months.  The kind you fill with water storing crystals ... they tie around your neck after having dipped them in cool water, and help keep you cool.  I even BOUGHT some fabric to make some although I have half a fabric store boxed up ... you just can't have too much fabric!  or yarn!  or ideas!  We are going camping again the first weekend of June and I'd like to have at least 4-5 done.  The pattern I have is very easy to do so that should not be a problem.

I took my tiny tomato sprouts and planted them outside last weekend.  I sowed a bunch of seeds from 2 different varieties but now have absolutely no idea of which ones survived ... I think it's the Beefsteak, but I have been known to be wrong once or twice ... LOL.  At this stage I really don't care, but it would be nice to have a decent memory ...  I have them in tires with lots of potting soil, and covered at night with clear plastic bottles since our night time temperature can still plunge into the low to mid 30's.  They have been out there for 3 days/nights and so far so good.

I paid the last installment of my taxes yesterday - WooHoo!!!  Now I have 6 months until I start over ... I also spent several hours grazing around our Joann's store where I got the fabric mentioned above, got a new bobbin box that closes and stays closed!  The old one had a cover that just sat on the bottom section and there have been many times when I went to get the box that the bottom, literally, fell off and I had to hunt bobbins - has bothered me for many, many years, but I finally broke down and got a latching box.

Picked up some allergy pills so that I can spend my days doing other things besides sniffling, sneezing and clearing my throat!  It sure feels good to be able to breathe regularly.  I guess I've had these allergies for a while, but they have finally gotten so bad that I need help now.  Just another pill added to my arsenal for feeling better ... Ugh!!

Even though I'm in a sewing mode, I need to knit a nice cover for my tablet so it doesn't get scratches ... I'll have to use worsted weight yarn, but lots smaller needles to make the fabric tight.  I think I have enough leftover yarn to make the pattern I like.  I'll show pictures of everything as soon as I get that camera thing figured out!

I'll leave you now so I can start the tablet cover ... have a wonderful day!  (((Hugs)))  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Settling down to do it again ...

I survived the first camping trip of the season.  It was cool, but nice - sort of.  I arrived Thursday around 1:00 or so and got my spot.  Not too bad trying to level the darn thing, but the people trying to help are always a good thing.  After lighting the 'fridge and it going out several times, I had to re-level a bit and then Voila! things were fine.  Most of our group, me excepted, spent Friday walking the various trails for their points and I enjoyed watching the dog, Shasta, and knitting.  Shasta and I did go for a long walk around the makeshift campground - it was a good walk and we both enjoyed it.  Like I said about the weather "sort of" - we ended up having tornado style winds Sat. night and a crumpled canopy ... it was the first time it had ever been set up ... what a mess.  A real bummer as we then spend Sunday in the bright (and hot) sun.  The guys are going to see if they can reinforce some legs and struts and we will try that ...

I've been walking around in a fog and don't know why ... probably my allergies.  I am now among the Allergy People ... what a pain in the butt!

I called my Mom just a little while ago to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and she was, and always is happy to hear from me.  Gives me the warm fuzzies too!  Since she lives in Denmark the time is about 9 hours ahead of my time here in Oregon, so I always call her the day before a holiday so she can think about the call all day and hopefully give her the warm fuzzies too ... LOL.

I took some pictures of our group's ladies and need to figure how to get it off the phone ... I know this is an ongoing thing with me, but I sure hope I'm smarter than the average cell phone ... I'm going to try.

Now my brain in on the next camping trip - May 30 to June 2, just a three day weekend, but always enjoyed anyway.  We decided not to go on Memorial Day weekend - kids, boats and noise.  It is my birthday the following Monday and I want to enjoy some peace and quiet ... Black Powder Shoots are not conducive to quiet with rifles and pistols going off all day.

OK now I'm going to try the picture thing ... if they show up in the next post you'll know I figured it out - if not, well . . . .

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Well, I just can't figure it out ... !!!  The next time I go to town, I'm bringing all the stuff and will stop by US Cellular and have them explain it to me ... 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hugel Garden ... with pics!

Ok, so now I have this huge hole in my front yard ... people drive by wondering who's being buried there ... LOL ... I wish I had thought to get a picture of Dale digging the hole with his tractor, but no ... I DID take pictures of the hole once I got a few logs and rounds tossed in ...

This is the south end - the hole was dug about 12" deep and 3 feet wide.  I started filling it with logs, rounds and wood that I can handle ... not as strong as I use to be ...
 ... and this view is from the north end.  The dug up dirt is sitting on my painted line so you can't see that side, but the rest you can ... once the hole is filled with lots of wood of all kinds, I will clean the chicken coop for some fertilizer to put on it and then some dirt.  I will add more wood - I'd like for the whole thing to be 4 feet, yes feet, above the surface of the grass.  It's just a matter of wood, fertilizer, dirt several times.  Then I need to add some good mulch, straw probably, and a bunch of dirt to top it off, and probably more straw to keep the birds from visiting.  I will then have to dig out my roll of fencing and do a makeshift fence around the darn thing.  I may have to pick up more fencing ... never ends ...
This was taken from the direction of the house, a bit out in the driveway ...

If all goes well, I will plant tomatoes and potatoes this year at least ... maybe a few other things.  I'm not going gung-ho this year as it is a trial garden - don't ask what I'm going to do with it if it doesn't work - it has no choice, it WILL work ... LOL!!!

I'm following the site Rich Soil at  www.richsoil.com - it is very, very interesting.  There are all sorts of articles dealing with back to basics type of things.  How to clean your cast iron pots and pans ... how to get rid of fleas,  lawn care and Rocket Mass heaters ...

The garden will sit until next week - I now have to get my stuff together for our camp out at the Black Powder Shoot.  I moved the camper today and plugged the old girl in.  I need to load with what I'm taking clothes wise and go shopping on Wednesday, and cook up a big pot of Chicken Noodle Stew ... I can't make soup, mine is just too stuffed with good stuff, so we all laugh and Soup/Stew gets eaten no matter what.  I'm sooo looking forward to this trip - it's been since beginning of October last year that we camped.  Well, since I camped, the guys stay out in the woods for a bit longer and then they also go for Elk season.  By then It's too darn cold for me!

I'm hoping to get one more post before I leave, but next Fri/Sat post won't show up ... I'm camping ... LOL

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is it flea time at your house yet?

I just read an article about flea control.  The article is a bit long, but it gives a LOT of information!  Once you get into it, there are snippets that made me laugh.


It is a down-to-earth site that uses language like the common person does ... a few "not nice" comments, but NEVER vulgar.  I hope you read the article and look around the site - it is full of great back to basic information.  I've been studying the HugelKultur sections.  It is raised bed gardening, but in a way that I don't remember hearing about, but I'm starting to build my bed.

Aside from this, I've become wrapped up in what is going on in the government with terrorists and such - bad, bad, bad!!!  I'm leaving for a Black Powder Shoot next week and will not get near a radio during the 3 day trip.  I need to break this addiction and get on with my life of gardening, crafting, sewing and knitting as I love to do these things.  I feel like I've been walking under a black cloud and my mood hasn't been the best, but at least I know what the problem is, and I'm working to get away from it.

I think that this is the year to replace batteries ... I need a new one for my truck and the Jeep is now looking like it could use one also ... and a possibility of a new altenator ...  Saving my pennies and cashing in cans and bottles.  I do need to do crafts so I can sell some things to help pay for this barrage of vehicle expenses - doesn't seem to end, does it?

I also think I'm loosing my memory!  I can go into a room to get something and can't remember what ... sometimes it can take hours before I remember.  I try to say something and can't for the life of me remember the next word.  When I leave to run some errands I forget the car keys until I'm ready to start the car ... oops and the shopping list ... and on hot days, i forget my water bottle ... small stuff like that happens ALL the time ... maybe a doctor's appointment is order ... Phew, getting old is a bear!!!

Hope you all have a great day, week, month and year ... LOL


Saturday, April 20, 2013

News worthy week

Boy has the news been busy!  I've been wrapped up in the Marathon Bombings since my roommate is from Boston (outside) and knew where all the places were ... Well, the Libs must have been very disappointed that the bombers weren't the White Tea Party culprits that they were hoping for ... shame on them!

The Ricin letters ... the Fertilizer Plant explosion ... the murder of the City prosecutors in Texas ... Wow, not small news stories.  I got to a point during the week that I almost couldn't keep track of them.

I need to finish a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend for the Black Powder Shoot that takes place on May 3-5 up the mountain about 10 miles.  We will be heading out on the 2nd to set up camp. The use of the land is being donated, but it has to be left as we find it.  I'm not a member of the Mount Mazama Mountain Men, but I go for the 'camping'.  One of these years maybe I'll sew up a costume to wear at the Shoot, but don't hold your breath!  I'm taking responsibility for 2 of the 3 evening meals this time ... The Friday night meal will be Chicken Soup (stew actually) and some of the snacks.  The other meal will be Burritos with all the fixins' - Hopefully at least one evening will be a bit warm ... at least the meat and refried beans will be warm ...

I've outlined the area in my front yard for the Hugelkultur garden with branches so I can get a better picture and perspective for what I want to do ... I'm not sure if I should have Dale dig down about 12" or just leave the whole thing on top of the soil.  I'll figure it out ... The front yard is the sunniest area I have on my property and the garden should have close to 6-8 hours of sunshine.  I'm not sure I have 8, but I know it is more than 6.  It is also too early to plant; our last frost date is around May 15, so after that I'm good to go.  It is recommended that the first year you basically want to plant easy stuff ... potatoes, maybe tomatoes - I have to read up on this some more.  The "real' garden won't be planted until next year ... but I'll keep you informed.  I also need to fence it as the deer will eat it if it grows!

Time to get outside ... talk later.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God Bless Boston

I didn't have anything specific to post today, but the Bombings in Boston at the Marathon made me angry, very, very angry.  What kind of people do this to other people?  Sick and deprave people with a mental problem.  I've seen heroes in action, I've seen the stunned faces of the victims ... I have trouble watching TV anymore.  May God bless and heal the participants in this tragedy, and may he put a foot up the butt of the guilty ... all the way so that the brain oozes out their ears.  Don't chastise me for this; God knows who did this and is not happy.

Bless you all muchly!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I think I'm hitting overload

in my garden venture ... I look at all sorts of sites, take mental notes, hold my heard and say "what am I doing to myself".  I have a habit of doing a lot of search and research instead of just "doing".  I planted tomato seeds, they sprouted and got super leggy.  I read that I need to catch them as they are uncurling from the seed pod and put a grow light on them ... yeah, well I did that and now I have leggier plants with only the two top leaves on them.  Back to square one.  I'm bound and determined to grow those d*mn tomatoes from seed, but I do want tomatoes this year ... I hate buying the hybrids, but maybe I'll just have to and read up on tomatoes during this coming winter ... or keep trying during the summer ...

It is Friday again so I hope everyone has a great weekend ... Our group is getting together, as usual, up at Ron's place and this week we are having enchiladas.  This is a split venture so no one has to pay for all of it - we's poo fokes ... LOL.   It's a bit after 2 and we meet at 5:30-6:00, so it is time I start chopping up the tomatoes :) onions, and a bit of lettuce for the ones that are making giant tacos ... LOL.  I also have a ton of shredded cheese - bought that way, I'm too lazy to stand there and shred it!

We will be discussing our upcoming trip to the Black Powder Camp/Competition and a bit about who brings what food wise.  I've ended up being camp cook for dinners and making sure we have snacks - chips, munchies, candy, cantaloupes and possibly grapes ... good snacks!  I guess I need to check to see what the weather will be like so I can determine if we need all hot foods or if a mix will be good ...

See you next week with, hopefully, a solution to my tomato issue ... LOL

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm reading up a bit on how to ...

do a variety of garden things in a new and different way from what I'm use to seeing and/or doing.  Raised garden beds using hugelkultur http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/ - something that really makes sense and the hardest work is the first and maybe the second year.  I have tons of pine trees here, but the site says that there is too much tannin in pines.  I'm looking for 'other' than pines and firs, so on my drives to and from town I keep my eye out for downed stuff that maybe I can bring home.  I really have a great spot in the middle of my front yard that would work - and less lawn to mow ... LOL  Take a look at the site I mentioned earlier in my post.  You may laugh at me if you need to, but I really want to try this method instead of the planks and top soil squares ... so go ahead, laugh!

I also like the idea of growing potatoes in a barrel.  Evidently I have to watch which variety I get in order to grow 100 lbs of potatoes, but I will look around at that too!  Now I'm beginning to look at various containers I have around here, or raid my friends' yards ... LOL  The site I'm looking at for this is  http://greenupgrader.com/11708/4-simple-steps-to-grow-a-hundred-pounds-of-potatoes-in-a-barrel/#.TvxFLgXIzvg.facebook  - I know there will be more sites, like both the above, that I find and maybe list in a post for you.

Last Wednesday I took SueAnn, my dog, into a vaccination clinic for a couple of her shots.  I sort of guessed which ones she needed, I guessed right, but I forgot to order her thyroid pills.  I have them ordered now for pick up tomorrow.  I also forgot to stop and get her "stress" pills.  I had to give her only one pill per day for the last three days, and boy could I see that she HAS to have 2.  I went to town yesterday to get them ... I need to get my act together so I don't have to go to town so often - it is about 30 miles round trip and at 18 miles to the gallon in my Jeep that adds up fast!

I fill follow up on the "garden" things as I run across more interesting stuff.  Have a great day.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April really is here ...

because April showers bring May flowers.  We have had lots of showers, I'm trying to start tomato seeds indoors, but the light isn't that good even right in front of the window.  Well, while trying to get the seed to germinate they need heat not light, but as soon as those little suckers show their heads I will need bright light . . . I might have to break down and buy one of those 'grow lights' unless someone can help me figure out how to make one cheaply ... any takers?  I planted Beefsteaks and Romas, both are heirloom seeds, so I can harvest seeds for next year - if the darn things do what they are suppose to do ... LOL.  When it's time for them to move outside in about 5 weeks they will go in to a tire planter.  I have another tire that I'm not sure what to plant.  No Zucchini!!!!  It will take over my small garden enclosure in nothing flat, but I have friends that plant zucchini, so I know I'll get some.  I mostly grate and freeze the Zucchini and use it as filler in soups and stews.  What do you do with your zucchini?

Last Wednesday my Vet had an "Immunization Day" at the local pet store and I took SueAnn.  I still had to pay for the shots, but saved the money charged for an office visit - saving money is a good thing!  My daughter lost her dog, Sunny, the other day ... a few months after having to put Honey to sleep.  It is hard loosing a pet, but two in such a short span of time is doubly hard.  My heart goes out to her and the whole family ... wish I could personally hug them all, but they live sooo far away from me - Texas!

I did replace the straw in the chicken coop on Wednesday, and about 1/3 of it is now outside in the pen ... go figure ... Pretty soon they will have 80% outside - Thank goodness that the weather is warming up a bit.  When it's COLD and WINDY they roost inside with the warming lamp, but now they have taken up roosting outside during the night.

Today it is a bit windy and we are promised rain showers on and off for a couple of days ... Yes, the pine needle piles are still sitting there waiting to be moved to the burn pile ... it would soak me, if I tried to move them now.

I should have posted yesterday, but I went to town for groceries and then up the hill to Ron's house for the weekly Friday get together, so time was limited.  I'm using the reminder feature of my email program to keep me posting, but I know I'll miss a day here and there, but that's better than missing a couple of months ... LOL

Have a great weekend no matter what the weather is in your area.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm posting again so soon ... LOL

Boy has blogger changed since I use to post a lot more frequently ... oh well, progress.

I finished the little bunny and put it inside the mug I gave my niece for Easter, and she loved them both!  We have had rain the last 2 days so the raking of the pine needles is still waiting for me ... today is sunny, but it's after 2pm and I have a few other things that need to get done.

Over the weekend, or was it Friday ... no matter, I put the trickle charger on the truck, and today I went out and got it started with a little help from my Jeep.  Now I need to either get the truck down to the gas station or get a 5 gal gas can so I don't completely run dry ... It's easier to take the truck, but I'm not sure how far the fumes will get me.  It's 2 miles to the station ... Now I need to put the camper battery on the trickle charge.  We go for the first camping trip on May 4-5-6, so I do have some time, but it seems to, all of a sudden, be time to leave with not much done.  I try to start early.  The poor camper really needs to be cleaned after it's long winter nap, and that can be done anytime before leaving. 

I called my local computer place and found out that I need an inverter to be able to charge the tablet.  That's good to know before I go and blow it up!!  The computer guy said to go to a trailer place and that they should have what I need ... later this month.

I'm not hearing very good stuff about the economy - Obama is devaluing the dollar.  For the last 40-50 years the US Dollar has been the currency used for global transactions, but now some of the countries around the world is starting to make contracts with China to use the Yuan ... once that happens world wide, the US can no longer print money and we, as a country, will go down hill FAST.  OK, enough of that!

For the first camping trip, I need to make a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend of mine and I also want to make some of those neck coolers, that you dip in water and they stay cool all day long.  I have some instructions and they are just straight forward.  I think I need to make up at least 10!  And then some more to sell ... I was thinking of asking $15 for the ones for sale - the rest are free to friends ... LOL.  Does that sound like a reasonable price?  I always have a habit of selling myself short with prices.

I do need to go out and put some more straw in the chicken coop - every time I do that, those darn girls scratch it all outside.  They are down to bare wood in the coop and the nesting boxes. 

Have a good 'rest of the afternoon' and evening - oh h*ll, have a great life ... LOL

Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm still playing with my tablet ... LOL

I've been on and off the tablet looking around at the settings and 'stuff' that is available ... I can't believe how some things are so hard to find ... and that you have to go online to get a manual.  It took a while to find the manual, but it has it all - it is bookmarked!!!  I've found places for settings for various things - don't know how I did it, but I've changed a few settings and feel like I've solved some mysteries ... LOL 

Went to town yesterday and LO and Behold there was that dreaded "Check Engine" light!  That makes me nervous, a whole lot of nervous!  As soon as I got home, I called my friend who can figure out most things wrong with cars ... he said to check fluids - which I will do when the temp gets above 45 degrees! - also said to try moving the key to Accessories and back to the place right before turning the engine on - do that 3 times and see if the light doesn't go out -- IT DID, IT DID, IT DID!!!!!!!!  I know it tells you to literally check the engine, but sometimes I think it is also an Idiot light just like the need gas light ... I use to work on my own car, but that was before I got old (LOL!!!) and before these new fangled computer run cars.  Now mine is a 1996 Jeep Cherokee and doesn't have the huge computer, but it's still a pain to figure out what's wrong ... thank goodness for knowledgeable friends!

I will continue to play on the tablet ... not so much the games - why tons of games? - but in making things easier for me to access the things I use all the time.  Does anyone know if I can charge the battery on the tablet in my camper?  It runs on a 12v battery - I'll have to find out ...

It's Friday and a bunch of us gather in the garage of one of us ... He smokes chicken or makes up a batch of something to eat ... tonight is Ham Hocks & Beans!  We take turns fixing our "Eats" and have a fun evening ... we also imbibe in our favorite beverages ... LOL.  We stay for 2-3 hours and talk, and talk, and talk some more.  Some of the others play darts, but my d*mn arthritis won't let me play unless I want to take two days to recover ... no thanks!

Easter is on Sunday and I need to finish making a little bunny for my Niece.  She's 16, but loves little gifts that are "cute".  I indulge her!  Love that kid!!!  Happy Easter to all.  (((Hugs)))

Monday, March 25, 2013

Why can't I keep my posting consistant?

I was on such a nice roll in posting and then fell off the wagon, so to speak ... what is it about posting that comes and goes ... I need to set up a schedule of when to post (approximately) and keep to it!  Maybe a reminder on the computer to let me know it's time.  I know that sometimes I really have to scrounge for something to write about as I'm pretty much living "Same stuff, different day" but there are things that happen once in a while.  Maybe I should become a bit more philosophical or look a bit closer at ordinary things?  I don't know which way to turn - maybe a bit of both.  I also need to get my camera into action again as posts without pictures seem boring ... unless you are a writer of excellence!  And I know I'm not ... LOL, so I know pictures have to enter the scene on this blog.

I'm sitting here on the computer - of course - waiting for UPS to arrive around 1:00 pm to deliver a wonderful, wonderful gift from my Daughter.  I had mentioned I really wanted a tablet and gave an idea of what I wanted ... my Daughter and her husband started looking for what they thought would be good for me.  The first thing that I had to clear up was that I needed the 10" screen as those tiny 7" screens just wouldn't do - old eyes - and my daughter agreed.  Now they searched some more and I suggested some names and I got feedback about my suggestions ... I finally had to give them what I wanted in a tablet and step back.  My son-in-law is a computer expert and my daughter not far behind, so they definitely know a LOT more than I do.  They came up with one and now I'm awaiting the delivery.  My daughter, thinking again, also bought a keyboard to go with the tablet - Bless her!

I'm also waiting for Spring to spring!  It get up into the 40's & 50's during the day, but at night it gets down into the sub-freezing, as in 18 - 22 degrees.  The temp is bouncing around in the lower to mid 20's ... Brrrrrrr.  I'm waiting for the daytime temps to get a bit higher so I can get the truck & camper moved closer to the house - we have a camping trip coming up the first weekend in May ... I like to work on the camper in a leisurely fashion - that way I don't forget things that need to be done.

My chicken girls are getting better at laying, but they really can lay more if the weather would warm up!!  They love to scratch around in the 'wild' section of my yard, and boy do they ever.  They dig a hole to take a dust bath in and sometimes the hole is deep enough that I can't see them except for the clouds of dirt and dust that flies up ... LOL

I WILL let everyone know about the tablet after I've played around on it a bit ... I'm sooo excited.  See you all soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm back!!  Now that didn't hurt too much ... 2 1/2 days without the computer wasn't as bad as I anticipated ... LOL.

I got some knitting done that I've been working on for a while - that was nice!  I read some more during the day as I usually read before tucking myself in for the night.  Last night it was 1:30 before I slid down into sleeping mode, but I had to finish the story!  I love my Kindle.  All the books I have saved on there were free from Amazon ... now I'm perusing the $.99 books, but that could get expensive fast - I haven't bought one yet ... but maybe ... LOL

We had a bit more snow last night, nothing to write home about in comparison to what's going on in the eastern part of the country.  We use to get 10-12" storms, but they have really slowed down for now and the most we've gotten lately, is 4-6 inches, which if it happens often enough could build up to 1-3 feet, but nooo, no such thing.  I been saying "Next year" for the last 6, so sooner or later I will be right!

Well, off to get my next cup of coffee - have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Computer shutdown ...

Just a short note to let everyone know that after I finish this post the computer will be disconnected.  It is going to the computer hospital for a revamp.  It is pretty broken.  I will miss you all until Friday sometime, but will get to see what life was like before I bought this monster ... LOL
See you soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Troubles still ahead ...

I thought I'd sneak in here and let you know that I'm still trying to save the computer!  It gets slower every day and at the moment there is nothing I can do about it ... blahhh!  I need a new tower, but with the money I just laid out for my 2nd installment of property taxes it will have to wait.  I hope the darn computer will play nice with me until then.

The weather has been pretty nice during the day, although it is still cold.  I don't think 40-something is warm and I have a habit to hunker down inside when it's like that outside.  We are forecast to have snow on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I don't know how nuch but hope just a little.  My Chicken Girls come out of the pen everyd ay now and are laying bunches of eggs!  We had about a month where they went on strike, but there is no longer a dry spell.  I know it's because they can get out and scrounge about. 

I sooo need to get the chicken coop and pen cleaned out - there are only 8 chickens, but it stinks like a humoungous barn.  I can smell it while I'm walking up to it - Ugghh!  It is one of those things that needs a total cleaning; no half done chore - it is all or nothing.  The "Ugghh" freezes at night so I would need to really work on it layer by layer and that is just not happening.  It is about 6 inches deep.  The ground in front of the "human" door is also frozen and I play slip and slide trying to reach the far corners of the coop - not fun, and besides it hurts the back to lean into the coop. 

I have a spot of ground outside the front door that has a layer of 2-3" of ice.  That spot doesn't get any sun in the winter time, so even with the 40-something degrees during the day it is a sheet of ice - the warmer days will melt the top layer and the 20-something at night will freeze it again making it much smoother the next day.  I have used lots of ice melt on it, but not much happening ... the other day I had a brain flash ... I scraped the gravel from the non-iced driveway over the ice.  Just that simple!  I now have traction ... now why didn't I think of that sooner?

I'm doing fun stuff today - like laundry and stripping the bed.  The best fun is being able to post today.  This 'puter' is cooperating right now so I thought I'd give you all an earfull ... LOL!  It seems to slow down the further we get into the day, and by evening it can take 20 minutes to open a window.  I do need to go look, at least, at a new tower to figure out what I want and what I can afford.  I have a very good friend who will, I hope, transfer the data for me.  Please Patti, please?

I will go for now, but hopefully get back to posting soon, and post some pictures.
Hugs to you all 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just checking in ...

I just can't seem to get this da*n computer to cooperate ... I think I have to save more than pennies now as it moves sooo slow no matter what I do.  I've had the tower for almost 10 years so I really have gotten my money's worth, but, and there's always that 'but', can I even get another tower anymore??  Oh well, not worth crying over - LOL, maybe I can get some other things done around here.

It has been foggy all day so far, and very drippy.  The temp is hovering around 32-34 so we now have slushville out there.  The only outside thing I do when temps are low is bring in wood, except of course take care of the chickens.  They are still on strike, so very, very few eggs.  I want the weather to warm up so I can get out there and CLEAN the coop and yard - phewie, yuck!!

I have plenty of knitting projects going so I could sit, watch TV and get some of the projects done.  I just got a new knitting magazine today - haven't even looked at it yet - so I'm sure I'll be able to find a few more projects I absolutely have to try ... LOL.

I'm off to the TV / knitting ... stay warm everyone!

Oh, if you don't hear from me for a while it's because the computer is either being worked on, or it died!  Hopefully I can still eeke out a post now and again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Computers ... Aargghhhh!!

I need a new computer ... I think this one is on its last leg.  My old monitor died in September ... I replaced it.  Do you know that monitors are few and far between?  There are only a handfull available anymore; I got the 20" HP W2027a.  In December it started having fits - white lines across the whole darn thing!  It kept getting worse and worse to the point that it seems to cross out things.  I have to tell you that I shrunk down the Windows area to a normal size, not stretched all across the screen making everything fat.  Anyway, I called the store where I bought it and they told me to call HP directly and they would replace it.  Yup, they had me run through a few tests and decided that it really was defective - I told them that at the beginning of the phone call, but I understand their side of it.

The new monitor cam yesterday afternoon and I will hook it up today.  I have 3 days in which to send the 'broken' one back ... no problem as they are paying for that too!

Then Mozilla Firefox wouldn't open ... it opened the day before, now it wouldn't.  It told me that the profile was corrupt or missing ... Huh?  I searched on the Firefox help site and did find a reference to my problem ... it had me try this, try that, and try this again.  Everytime it wanted me to open something, it wouldn't!  I finally found a recommended site to go through my computer and, oh boy, it got fixed!!  Until two days ago - one week from being fixed.  I've now reset Internet Explorer as my main browser and can get to all my sites again, but I'm not fond of IE.  I happen to feel safer on Firefox.  I don't know what to do now ... my tower is OLD, and slow.  If I get a new one, if that is even possible anymore, then I have to have all my "stuff" transferred over ... I would really like a tablet, but I really don't have the finances for that ... so I keep struggling for now.

I sure hope you all had a good weekend and did something fun.  We still have snow on the ground, but sunshine.  The temperature is all the way up to the mid 30's, but the nights have been in the single digits.  I hate breaking ice for my chickens, but that is part of the joy of chicken ownership.  It does warm me up hacking away at a frozen pot of water, but I reallly can find other ways to warm up ... LOL.  The girls are on strike - very, very few eggs.  It is just too cold right now.

It has been predicted that we are getting some more snow on Wednesday, but we'll see how much.
Have a good, warm day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frozen pipes anyone?

It was a beautiful clear sunny morning when I rolled out at about 8:20 ... until I tried to turn on the HOT water ... frozen, absolutely frozen solid.  Not sure exactly where the pipes were frozen it is always disheartening when you realize you have to get dressed and go out to take a look.  UGGH!!

I happened to look at the outdoor thermometer before I left the house and it was -6 ... yup -6.  I just about went back to bed and pulled the covers waayyy over my head, but nope, the pipes have to be melted.  I did what I could from the inside - took off the tub faucet handles, the shields and sat there with a heavy duty blow dryer aimed through the holes in the wall at the manifold for hot/cold/shower.  And I sat, and I sat, and I sat some more ... no hot water!  Damn ...  I called my bestest friend at 9:25, told him what I've done and he said keep on keeping on, and call him by 10 if nothing broke loose.

He called me back about 15 minutes later to say that he was frozen too!  Oh brother.  It only took him 30 minutes to thaw his pipes at the water heater ... good, I'm glad.  He then came down and started in on mine since nothing had broken loose ... oh goodie!  He has a torch that he used, and the blow dryer too.  NOTHING!!!  We were out there for 1 1/2 hour before we got more than a tiny, little trickle out of the hot water tap, both bathroom sink and kitchen sink.  He continued, bless his heart, to work on the pipes ... FINALLY!!!  We have hot water!! Yeahhhhh!!  We then knew we had to do some insulating ... that took another 30 minutes, but we got it done.  By this time it was after 1:00 pm.  I keep turning the water on to make sure it's still there ... can you blame me?

We visited for a while, actually we had to thaw out, had a few drinks - well earned - then we had to clear, actually HE cleared the roof on the chicken yard.  There was about 14-16 inches of snow on the seam, in the middle of the chicken yard roof - it had to go.  I have one of those roof rakes that works super, but I'm a little short to get the center of the roof, so my friend did most of that for me.  This man is such a blessing; he steps in to help when I get stuck trying to do anything.

So, how was your Sunday?  I'm POOPED!  I think I will sleep well tonight, but will still try the hot water when I have to get up to go potty - wouldn't you?

Long post for frozen pipes, huh?

Blessings to all of you, and hope your Sunday was a lot better than mine.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A new year, a new day

Good morning everyone! I was up at 7:20 because I couldn't get comfortable in bed for a little bit more sleep ... it just wasn't happening; my hips hurt too bad.

Just sitting here checking up on email, facebook and reading other blogs. It has been snowing lightly since I got up and I love watching it. We got about 3-4 inches overnight and I think it's suppose to snow on and off today. That's OK, I don't have anywhere to go so I can really enjoy it.

But I get to enjoy it by shoveling a bit and cleaning off the roof of the chicken coop! I sure hope it warms up a bit this coming week as I REALLY need to clean the coop and pen - it is gross! I'm sure the chickens think so too. It is a tough job this time of year as all the 'gross' is frozen solid ... UGH!!

My niece's birthday was yesterday - it is hard to believe that she's 16. WOW! She's a lovely young lady, involved with her horse in the local 4-H program; she got her learner's permit and is looking forward to getting her truck home. It's only a 2 wheel drive so since it won't make it up the hill to her house, it is residing at her Grandpa's house. Bet she's in a hurry for Spring to get here ... LOL

Have a great weekend!