Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hugel Garden ... with pics!

Ok, so now I have this huge hole in my front yard ... people drive by wondering who's being buried there ... LOL ... I wish I had thought to get a picture of Dale digging the hole with his tractor, but no ... I DID take pictures of the hole once I got a few logs and rounds tossed in ...

This is the south end - the hole was dug about 12" deep and 3 feet wide.  I started filling it with logs, rounds and wood that I can handle ... not as strong as I use to be ...
 ... and this view is from the north end.  The dug up dirt is sitting on my painted line so you can't see that side, but the rest you can ... once the hole is filled with lots of wood of all kinds, I will clean the chicken coop for some fertilizer to put on it and then some dirt.  I will add more wood - I'd like for the whole thing to be 4 feet, yes feet, above the surface of the grass.  It's just a matter of wood, fertilizer, dirt several times.  Then I need to add some good mulch, straw probably, and a bunch of dirt to top it off, and probably more straw to keep the birds from visiting.  I will then have to dig out my roll of fencing and do a makeshift fence around the darn thing.  I may have to pick up more fencing ... never ends ...
This was taken from the direction of the house, a bit out in the driveway ...

If all goes well, I will plant tomatoes and potatoes this year at least ... maybe a few other things.  I'm not going gung-ho this year as it is a trial garden - don't ask what I'm going to do with it if it doesn't work - it has no choice, it WILL work ... LOL!!!

I'm following the site Rich Soil at - it is very, very interesting.  There are all sorts of articles dealing with back to basics type of things.  How to clean your cast iron pots and pans ... how to get rid of fleas,  lawn care and Rocket Mass heaters ...

The garden will sit until next week - I now have to get my stuff together for our camp out at the Black Powder Shoot.  I moved the camper today and plugged the old girl in.  I need to load with what I'm taking clothes wise and go shopping on Wednesday, and cook up a big pot of Chicken Noodle Stew ... I can't make soup, mine is just too stuffed with good stuff, so we all laugh and Soup/Stew gets eaten no matter what.  I'm sooo looking forward to this trip - it's been since beginning of October last year that we camped.  Well, since I camped, the guys stay out in the woods for a bit longer and then they also go for Elk season.  By then It's too darn cold for me!

I'm hoping to get one more post before I leave, but next Fri/Sat post won't show up ... I'm camping ... LOL

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is it flea time at your house yet?

I just read an article about flea control.  The article is a bit long, but it gives a LOT of information!  Once you get into it, there are snippets that made me laugh.

It is a down-to-earth site that uses language like the common person does ... a few "not nice" comments, but NEVER vulgar.  I hope you read the article and look around the site - it is full of great back to basic information.  I've been studying the HugelKultur sections.  It is raised bed gardening, but in a way that I don't remember hearing about, but I'm starting to build my bed.

Aside from this, I've become wrapped up in what is going on in the government with terrorists and such - bad, bad, bad!!!  I'm leaving for a Black Powder Shoot next week and will not get near a radio during the 3 day trip.  I need to break this addiction and get on with my life of gardening, crafting, sewing and knitting as I love to do these things.  I feel like I've been walking under a black cloud and my mood hasn't been the best, but at least I know what the problem is, and I'm working to get away from it.

I think that this is the year to replace batteries ... I need a new one for my truck and the Jeep is now looking like it could use one also ... and a possibility of a new altenator ...  Saving my pennies and cashing in cans and bottles.  I do need to do crafts so I can sell some things to help pay for this barrage of vehicle expenses - doesn't seem to end, does it?

I also think I'm loosing my memory!  I can go into a room to get something and can't remember what ... sometimes it can take hours before I remember.  I try to say something and can't for the life of me remember the next word.  When I leave to run some errands I forget the car keys until I'm ready to start the car ... oops and the shopping list ... and on hot days, i forget my water bottle ... small stuff like that happens ALL the time ... maybe a doctor's appointment is order ... Phew, getting old is a bear!!!

Hope you all have a great day, week, month and year ... LOL


Saturday, April 20, 2013

News worthy week

Boy has the news been busy!  I've been wrapped up in the Marathon Bombings since my roommate is from Boston (outside) and knew where all the places were ... Well, the Libs must have been very disappointed that the bombers weren't the White Tea Party culprits that they were hoping for ... shame on them!

The Ricin letters ... the Fertilizer Plant explosion ... the murder of the City prosecutors in Texas ... Wow, not small news stories.  I got to a point during the week that I almost couldn't keep track of them.

I need to finish a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend for the Black Powder Shoot that takes place on May 3-5 up the mountain about 10 miles.  We will be heading out on the 2nd to set up camp. The use of the land is being donated, but it has to be left as we find it.  I'm not a member of the Mount Mazama Mountain Men, but I go for the 'camping'.  One of these years maybe I'll sew up a costume to wear at the Shoot, but don't hold your breath!  I'm taking responsibility for 2 of the 3 evening meals this time ... The Friday night meal will be Chicken Soup (stew actually) and some of the snacks.  The other meal will be Burritos with all the fixins' - Hopefully at least one evening will be a bit warm ... at least the meat and refried beans will be warm ...

I've outlined the area in my front yard for the Hugelkultur garden with branches so I can get a better picture and perspective for what I want to do ... I'm not sure if I should have Dale dig down about 12" or just leave the whole thing on top of the soil.  I'll figure it out ... The front yard is the sunniest area I have on my property and the garden should have close to 6-8 hours of sunshine.  I'm not sure I have 8, but I know it is more than 6.  It is also too early to plant; our last frost date is around May 15, so after that I'm good to go.  It is recommended that the first year you basically want to plant easy stuff ... potatoes, maybe tomatoes - I have to read up on this some more.  The "real' garden won't be planted until next year ... but I'll keep you informed.  I also need to fence it as the deer will eat it if it grows!

Time to get outside ... talk later.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God Bless Boston

I didn't have anything specific to post today, but the Bombings in Boston at the Marathon made me angry, very, very angry.  What kind of people do this to other people?  Sick and deprave people with a mental problem.  I've seen heroes in action, I've seen the stunned faces of the victims ... I have trouble watching TV anymore.  May God bless and heal the participants in this tragedy, and may he put a foot up the butt of the guilty ... all the way so that the brain oozes out their ears.  Don't chastise me for this; God knows who did this and is not happy.

Bless you all muchly!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I think I'm hitting overload

in my garden venture ... I look at all sorts of sites, take mental notes, hold my heard and say "what am I doing to myself".  I have a habit of doing a lot of search and research instead of just "doing".  I planted tomato seeds, they sprouted and got super leggy.  I read that I need to catch them as they are uncurling from the seed pod and put a grow light on them ... yeah, well I did that and now I have leggier plants with only the two top leaves on them.  Back to square one.  I'm bound and determined to grow those d*mn tomatoes from seed, but I do want tomatoes this year ... I hate buying the hybrids, but maybe I'll just have to and read up on tomatoes during this coming winter ... or keep trying during the summer ...

It is Friday again so I hope everyone has a great weekend ... Our group is getting together, as usual, up at Ron's place and this week we are having enchiladas.  This is a split venture so no one has to pay for all of it - we's poo fokes ... LOL.   It's a bit after 2 and we meet at 5:30-6:00, so it is time I start chopping up the tomatoes :) onions, and a bit of lettuce for the ones that are making giant tacos ... LOL.  I also have a ton of shredded cheese - bought that way, I'm too lazy to stand there and shred it!

We will be discussing our upcoming trip to the Black Powder Camp/Competition and a bit about who brings what food wise.  I've ended up being camp cook for dinners and making sure we have snacks - chips, munchies, candy, cantaloupes and possibly grapes ... good snacks!  I guess I need to check to see what the weather will be like so I can determine if we need all hot foods or if a mix will be good ...

See you next week with, hopefully, a solution to my tomato issue ... LOL

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm reading up a bit on how to ...

do a variety of garden things in a new and different way from what I'm use to seeing and/or doing.  Raised garden beds using hugelkultur - something that really makes sense and the hardest work is the first and maybe the second year.  I have tons of pine trees here, but the site says that there is too much tannin in pines.  I'm looking for 'other' than pines and firs, so on my drives to and from town I keep my eye out for downed stuff that maybe I can bring home.  I really have a great spot in the middle of my front yard that would work - and less lawn to mow ... LOL  Take a look at the site I mentioned earlier in my post.  You may laugh at me if you need to, but I really want to try this method instead of the planks and top soil squares ... so go ahead, laugh!

I also like the idea of growing potatoes in a barrel.  Evidently I have to watch which variety I get in order to grow 100 lbs of potatoes, but I will look around at that too!  Now I'm beginning to look at various containers I have around here, or raid my friends' yards ... LOL  The site I'm looking at for this is  - I know there will be more sites, like both the above, that I find and maybe list in a post for you.

Last Wednesday I took SueAnn, my dog, into a vaccination clinic for a couple of her shots.  I sort of guessed which ones she needed, I guessed right, but I forgot to order her thyroid pills.  I have them ordered now for pick up tomorrow.  I also forgot to stop and get her "stress" pills.  I had to give her only one pill per day for the last three days, and boy could I see that she HAS to have 2.  I went to town yesterday to get them ... I need to get my act together so I don't have to go to town so often - it is about 30 miles round trip and at 18 miles to the gallon in my Jeep that adds up fast!

I fill follow up on the "garden" things as I run across more interesting stuff.  Have a great day.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April really is here ...

because April showers bring May flowers.  We have had lots of showers, I'm trying to start tomato seeds indoors, but the light isn't that good even right in front of the window.  Well, while trying to get the seed to germinate they need heat not light, but as soon as those little suckers show their heads I will need bright light . . . I might have to break down and buy one of those 'grow lights' unless someone can help me figure out how to make one cheaply ... any takers?  I planted Beefsteaks and Romas, both are heirloom seeds, so I can harvest seeds for next year - if the darn things do what they are suppose to do ... LOL.  When it's time for them to move outside in about 5 weeks they will go in to a tire planter.  I have another tire that I'm not sure what to plant.  No Zucchini!!!!  It will take over my small garden enclosure in nothing flat, but I have friends that plant zucchini, so I know I'll get some.  I mostly grate and freeze the Zucchini and use it as filler in soups and stews.  What do you do with your zucchini?

Last Wednesday my Vet had an "Immunization Day" at the local pet store and I took SueAnn.  I still had to pay for the shots, but saved the money charged for an office visit - saving money is a good thing!  My daughter lost her dog, Sunny, the other day ... a few months after having to put Honey to sleep.  It is hard loosing a pet, but two in such a short span of time is doubly hard.  My heart goes out to her and the whole family ... wish I could personally hug them all, but they live sooo far away from me - Texas!

I did replace the straw in the chicken coop on Wednesday, and about 1/3 of it is now outside in the pen ... go figure ... Pretty soon they will have 80% outside - Thank goodness that the weather is warming up a bit.  When it's COLD and WINDY they roost inside with the warming lamp, but now they have taken up roosting outside during the night.

Today it is a bit windy and we are promised rain showers on and off for a couple of days ... Yes, the pine needle piles are still sitting there waiting to be moved to the burn pile ... it would soak me, if I tried to move them now.

I should have posted yesterday, but I went to town for groceries and then up the hill to Ron's house for the weekly Friday get together, so time was limited.  I'm using the reminder feature of my email program to keep me posting, but I know I'll miss a day here and there, but that's better than missing a couple of months ... LOL

Have a great weekend no matter what the weather is in your area.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm posting again so soon ... LOL

Boy has blogger changed since I use to post a lot more frequently ... oh well, progress.

I finished the little bunny and put it inside the mug I gave my niece for Easter, and she loved them both!  We have had rain the last 2 days so the raking of the pine needles is still waiting for me ... today is sunny, but it's after 2pm and I have a few other things that need to get done.

Over the weekend, or was it Friday ... no matter, I put the trickle charger on the truck, and today I went out and got it started with a little help from my Jeep.  Now I need to either get the truck down to the gas station or get a 5 gal gas can so I don't completely run dry ... It's easier to take the truck, but I'm not sure how far the fumes will get me.  It's 2 miles to the station ... Now I need to put the camper battery on the trickle charge.  We go for the first camping trip on May 4-5-6, so I do have some time, but it seems to, all of a sudden, be time to leave with not much done.  I try to start early.  The poor camper really needs to be cleaned after it's long winter nap, and that can be done anytime before leaving. 

I called my local computer place and found out that I need an inverter to be able to charge the tablet.  That's good to know before I go and blow it up!!  The computer guy said to go to a trailer place and that they should have what I need ... later this month.

I'm not hearing very good stuff about the economy - Obama is devaluing the dollar.  For the last 40-50 years the US Dollar has been the currency used for global transactions, but now some of the countries around the world is starting to make contracts with China to use the Yuan ... once that happens world wide, the US can no longer print money and we, as a country, will go down hill FAST.  OK, enough of that!

For the first camping trip, I need to make a Pioneer Bonnet for a friend of mine and I also want to make some of those neck coolers, that you dip in water and they stay cool all day long.  I have some instructions and they are just straight forward.  I think I need to make up at least 10!  And then some more to sell ... I was thinking of asking $15 for the ones for sale - the rest are free to friends ... LOL.  Does that sound like a reasonable price?  I always have a habit of selling myself short with prices.

I do need to go out and put some more straw in the chicken coop - every time I do that, those darn girls scratch it all outside.  They are down to bare wood in the coop and the nesting boxes. 

Have a good 'rest of the afternoon' and evening - oh h*ll, have a great life ... LOL