Friday, January 25, 2013

Just checking in ...

I just can't seem to get this da*n computer to cooperate ... I think I have to save more than pennies now as it moves sooo slow no matter what I do.  I've had the tower for almost 10 years so I really have gotten my money's worth, but, and there's always that 'but', can I even get another tower anymore??  Oh well, not worth crying over - LOL, maybe I can get some other things done around here.

It has been foggy all day so far, and very drippy.  The temp is hovering around 32-34 so we now have slushville out there.  The only outside thing I do when temps are low is bring in wood, except of course take care of the chickens.  They are still on strike, so very, very few eggs.  I want the weather to warm up so I can get out there and CLEAN the coop and yard - phewie, yuck!!

I have plenty of knitting projects going so I could sit, watch TV and get some of the projects done.  I just got a new knitting magazine today - haven't even looked at it yet - so I'm sure I'll be able to find a few more projects I absolutely have to try ... LOL.

I'm off to the TV / knitting ... stay warm everyone!

Oh, if you don't hear from me for a while it's because the computer is either being worked on, or it died!  Hopefully I can still eeke out a post now and again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Computers ... Aargghhhh!!

I need a new computer ... I think this one is on its last leg.  My old monitor died in September ... I replaced it.  Do you know that monitors are few and far between?  There are only a handfull available anymore; I got the 20" HP W2027a.  In December it started having fits - white lines across the whole darn thing!  It kept getting worse and worse to the point that it seems to cross out things.  I have to tell you that I shrunk down the Windows area to a normal size, not stretched all across the screen making everything fat.  Anyway, I called the store where I bought it and they told me to call HP directly and they would replace it.  Yup, they had me run through a few tests and decided that it really was defective - I told them that at the beginning of the phone call, but I understand their side of it.

The new monitor cam yesterday afternoon and I will hook it up today.  I have 3 days in which to send the 'broken' one back ... no problem as they are paying for that too!

Then Mozilla Firefox wouldn't open ... it opened the day before, now it wouldn't.  It told me that the profile was corrupt or missing ... Huh?  I searched on the Firefox help site and did find a reference to my problem ... it had me try this, try that, and try this again.  Everytime it wanted me to open something, it wouldn't!  I finally found a recommended site to go through my computer and, oh boy, it got fixed!!  Until two days ago - one week from being fixed.  I've now reset Internet Explorer as my main browser and can get to all my sites again, but I'm not fond of IE.  I happen to feel safer on Firefox.  I don't know what to do now ... my tower is OLD, and slow.  If I get a new one, if that is even possible anymore, then I have to have all my "stuff" transferred over ... I would really like a tablet, but I really don't have the finances for that ... so I keep struggling for now.

I sure hope you all had a good weekend and did something fun.  We still have snow on the ground, but sunshine.  The temperature is all the way up to the mid 30's, but the nights have been in the single digits.  I hate breaking ice for my chickens, but that is part of the joy of chicken ownership.  It does warm me up hacking away at a frozen pot of water, but I reallly can find other ways to warm up ... LOL.  The girls are on strike - very, very few eggs.  It is just too cold right now.

It has been predicted that we are getting some more snow on Wednesday, but we'll see how much.
Have a good, warm day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frozen pipes anyone?

It was a beautiful clear sunny morning when I rolled out at about 8:20 ... until I tried to turn on the HOT water ... frozen, absolutely frozen solid.  Not sure exactly where the pipes were frozen it is always disheartening when you realize you have to get dressed and go out to take a look.  UGGH!!

I happened to look at the outdoor thermometer before I left the house and it was -6 ... yup -6.  I just about went back to bed and pulled the covers waayyy over my head, but nope, the pipes have to be melted.  I did what I could from the inside - took off the tub faucet handles, the shields and sat there with a heavy duty blow dryer aimed through the holes in the wall at the manifold for hot/cold/shower.  And I sat, and I sat, and I sat some more ... no hot water!  Damn ...  I called my bestest friend at 9:25, told him what I've done and he said keep on keeping on, and call him by 10 if nothing broke loose.

He called me back about 15 minutes later to say that he was frozen too!  Oh brother.  It only took him 30 minutes to thaw his pipes at the water heater ... good, I'm glad.  He then came down and started in on mine since nothing had broken loose ... oh goodie!  He has a torch that he used, and the blow dryer too.  NOTHING!!!  We were out there for 1 1/2 hour before we got more than a tiny, little trickle out of the hot water tap, both bathroom sink and kitchen sink.  He continued, bless his heart, to work on the pipes ... FINALLY!!!  We have hot water!! Yeahhhhh!!  We then knew we had to do some insulating ... that took another 30 minutes, but we got it done.  By this time it was after 1:00 pm.  I keep turning the water on to make sure it's still there ... can you blame me?

We visited for a while, actually we had to thaw out, had a few drinks - well earned - then we had to clear, actually HE cleared the roof on the chicken yard.  There was about 14-16 inches of snow on the seam, in the middle of the chicken yard roof - it had to go.  I have one of those roof rakes that works super, but I'm a little short to get the center of the roof, so my friend did most of that for me.  This man is such a blessing; he steps in to help when I get stuck trying to do anything.

So, how was your Sunday?  I'm POOPED!  I think I will sleep well tonight, but will still try the hot water when I have to get up to go potty - wouldn't you?

Long post for frozen pipes, huh?

Blessings to all of you, and hope your Sunday was a lot better than mine.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A new year, a new day

Good morning everyone! I was up at 7:20 because I couldn't get comfortable in bed for a little bit more sleep ... it just wasn't happening; my hips hurt too bad.

Just sitting here checking up on email, facebook and reading other blogs. It has been snowing lightly since I got up and I love watching it. We got about 3-4 inches overnight and I think it's suppose to snow on and off today. That's OK, I don't have anywhere to go so I can really enjoy it.

But I get to enjoy it by shoveling a bit and cleaning off the roof of the chicken coop! I sure hope it warms up a bit this coming week as I REALLY need to clean the coop and pen - it is gross! I'm sure the chickens think so too. It is a tough job this time of year as all the 'gross' is frozen solid ... UGH!!

My niece's birthday was yesterday - it is hard to believe that she's 16. WOW! She's a lovely young lady, involved with her horse in the local 4-H program; she got her learner's permit and is looking forward to getting her truck home. It's only a 2 wheel drive so since it won't make it up the hill to her house, it is residing at her Grandpa's house. Bet she's in a hurry for Spring to get here ... LOL

Have a great weekend!