Saturday, November 19, 2016

WOW - Didn't realize it's been THIS long ...

I read other blogs, but then forget about my own ... that age thing again ... LOL  The summer was pretty normal, a week or two of our hot weather (Oregon style)  in the mid to upper 90's.  We only got together for camping 5 times instead of the usual 6-7.  Time conflicts for one member of the group, but the times we did go out, we has a GREAT time as usual.

My friend & I signed up for a craft fair on the second weekend of Oct.  This was the second time we joined the craft fair, but I doubt we will do this one again - just not run or managed well.  We now have one on Dec. 3, and are super looking forward to it even though we've never joined this one before, but have heard really good things about it.  I then received a call yesterday inviting us to join another on Dec. 10 ... one week after our Senior Center Craft Fair ... not sure we have enough products to do another one so close ... I will return the call and say "No, sorry, not this year"  If that group decides to have another Craft Fair next year we may consider it because my friend & I have decided that we need to craft all year long.

There just doesn't seem to be a lot of news on my end as the days are just running together ...

I had intestinal problems for about 4-5 months from March on, and I never really found out what the problem was as all my tests came back either negative (good) or that I'm very, very healthy (Extra Good!!).  I like that kind of news, but would really have liked to know what was causing the problem ... But it's great to know at my age that I'm very healthy!!

I lost my beautiful Hound 3 days after her 15th birthday (9/11)... it still hurts.  I still think I need to walk the dog, or that she can come to the PO to pick up the mail ... It's a very empty feeling when a split second later it again hits you that shes not here anymore.  I probably will get another dog, but not until after the new year.

I'm heading to my 'paint' table to finish some more items for the Craft Fair ... I need a kick in the butt so that I don't neglect my posting ... another sticky note?  A reminder on the calendar?  I'm not sure what will remind me BIG TIME ... Any ideas???

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!