Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm still playing with my tablet ... LOL

I've been on and off the tablet looking around at the settings and 'stuff' that is available ... I can't believe how some things are so hard to find ... and that you have to go online to get a manual.  It took a while to find the manual, but it has it all - it is bookmarked!!!  I've found places for settings for various things - don't know how I did it, but I've changed a few settings and feel like I've solved some mysteries ... LOL 

Went to town yesterday and LO and Behold there was that dreaded "Check Engine" light!  That makes me nervous, a whole lot of nervous!  As soon as I got home, I called my friend who can figure out most things wrong with cars ... he said to check fluids - which I will do when the temp gets above 45 degrees! - also said to try moving the key to Accessories and back to the place right before turning the engine on - do that 3 times and see if the light doesn't go out -- IT DID, IT DID, IT DID!!!!!!!!  I know it tells you to literally check the engine, but sometimes I think it is also an Idiot light just like the need gas light ... I use to work on my own car, but that was before I got old (LOL!!!) and before these new fangled computer run cars.  Now mine is a 1996 Jeep Cherokee and doesn't have the huge computer, but it's still a pain to figure out what's wrong ... thank goodness for knowledgeable friends!

I will continue to play on the tablet ... not so much the games - why tons of games? - but in making things easier for me to access the things I use all the time.  Does anyone know if I can charge the battery on the tablet in my camper?  It runs on a 12v battery - I'll have to find out ...

It's Friday and a bunch of us gather in the garage of one of us ... He smokes chicken or makes up a batch of something to eat ... tonight is Ham Hocks & Beans!  We take turns fixing our "Eats" and have a fun evening ... we also imbibe in our favorite beverages ... LOL.  We stay for 2-3 hours and talk, and talk, and talk some more.  Some of the others play darts, but my d*mn arthritis won't let me play unless I want to take two days to recover ... no thanks!

Easter is on Sunday and I need to finish making a little bunny for my Niece.  She's 16, but loves little gifts that are "cute".  I indulge her!  Love that kid!!!  Happy Easter to all.  (((Hugs)))

Monday, March 25, 2013

Why can't I keep my posting consistant?

I was on such a nice roll in posting and then fell off the wagon, so to speak ... what is it about posting that comes and goes ... I need to set up a schedule of when to post (approximately) and keep to it!  Maybe a reminder on the computer to let me know it's time.  I know that sometimes I really have to scrounge for something to write about as I'm pretty much living "Same stuff, different day" but there are things that happen once in a while.  Maybe I should become a bit more philosophical or look a bit closer at ordinary things?  I don't know which way to turn - maybe a bit of both.  I also need to get my camera into action again as posts without pictures seem boring ... unless you are a writer of excellence!  And I know I'm not ... LOL, so I know pictures have to enter the scene on this blog.

I'm sitting here on the computer - of course - waiting for UPS to arrive around 1:00 pm to deliver a wonderful, wonderful gift from my Daughter.  I had mentioned I really wanted a tablet and gave an idea of what I wanted ... my Daughter and her husband started looking for what they thought would be good for me.  The first thing that I had to clear up was that I needed the 10" screen as those tiny 7" screens just wouldn't do - old eyes - and my daughter agreed.  Now they searched some more and I suggested some names and I got feedback about my suggestions ... I finally had to give them what I wanted in a tablet and step back.  My son-in-law is a computer expert and my daughter not far behind, so they definitely know a LOT more than I do.  They came up with one and now I'm awaiting the delivery.  My daughter, thinking again, also bought a keyboard to go with the tablet - Bless her!

I'm also waiting for Spring to spring!  It get up into the 40's & 50's during the day, but at night it gets down into the sub-freezing, as in 18 - 22 degrees.  The temp is bouncing around in the lower to mid 20's ... Brrrrrrr.  I'm waiting for the daytime temps to get a bit higher so I can get the truck & camper moved closer to the house - we have a camping trip coming up the first weekend in May ... I like to work on the camper in a leisurely fashion - that way I don't forget things that need to be done.

My chicken girls are getting better at laying, but they really can lay more if the weather would warm up!!  They love to scratch around in the 'wild' section of my yard, and boy do they ever.  They dig a hole to take a dust bath in and sometimes the hole is deep enough that I can't see them except for the clouds of dirt and dust that flies up ... LOL

I WILL let everyone know about the tablet after I've played around on it a bit ... I'm sooo excited.  See you all soon.