Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday friend

I interrupt the snow pictures to show and tell about a birthday gift.

Many years ago I went to a craft painters show in Las Vegas with my friend Marci and her husband Rich. Rich would plant himself at a slot machine and Marci and I would wander around the show.

I'm always afraid to buy too much at the beginning, thinking that I would run out of money before I reached the end of the isles. By the time we get to the end, I'm too tired to go back and get what I saw at the beginning. The best part though is that we had three days of the show in our five day trip!! Yay!! I bought stuff, and I bought stuff, and I bought stuff. So did Marci! Any way, I saw this wine bottle stopper and thought it was really cute. I like a few cute things, but not many. Didn't know what to do with it since I didn't know anyone at the time that drank wine ... I got to know someone better and better (NO not that good!) and found out that he drank wine. So here 5 years later, I painted it for his birthday, which is today - Happy 72nd Birthday Don!!! Long tell and short show, huh?

I took it to him yesterday and he really liked it. He told me that he had a bunch of fancy stoppers, but none like this. I didn't think so - only I can do crazy-fun things like this.

Hope everyone has a happy day, no special occasion needed!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More snowy pictures ...

I just love freshly fallen snow. Not all snow is light and fluffy, sometimes it has a high water content and can be very heavy to shovel. I take my time no matter what kind of snow I'm given; no over exertion for me! In my time frame there is no rush either.

I love impressions in the snow and tire tracks makes me wonder what kind of vehicle, where are they going, and why are they going there? Silly, I know, but my curious mind asks none the less.

Then there are footprints. My own this time. One simple footprint shows the tread on your shoe or boot. The little bit of snow at the toe of the boot shows that I was moving forward, but not in a hurry. As a matter of fact, I was on my way to photograph the tire track. I also like to stomp the snow down and have gazillion impressions. It looks like lacework.

This poor old lady is sooo lonely! She would make beautiful tire tracks as her tires are almost new. The tires may have been on her for 3-4 years, but she is used mostly for our summer and fall camping. I always wanted to try winter camping, but this camper is just not made for it. Plus, I really can't see myself sitting in the snow freezing by butt of and calling it fun, and I know that is what would happen!! LOL

So now that I've mentioned camping, I'll sit here and long for late spring. Our first camping trip is usually always the weekend after Memorial Day, the closest weekend to my birthday. It can still be a bit cool, but at least I won't have to be bundled up like 'Nanook of the North'!

I have a few more light hearted picture to show you, then I'll quit boring you with snowy pictures! LOL


Monday, January 25, 2010

A happy post - - - some snow!

Oh do I have a winter theme going on outside and that makes me very happy! It is not the usual amount, but it's great none the less.

I grabbed my camera when I went out to read the meter and feed the chickens. I know that every year everyone takes pictures of snow, but it is so wonderful to see, so I'm going to show you ... LOL.

Here is my wind spinner and a Lilac bush just covered. You can see the neighbor's trees in the background.

What looks like a pink tree in the center of the picture - it's another dead tree in my neighbors yard. This time I'm not worried - it's too far from my camper to hurt it! Oh yes, and a half dog. I didn't know she was there or I would have lined the picture up differently.

Even my clothes lines are frozen. That's OK as I'm not really using them at the moment!

I wish this batch of snow would last longer, but we are due for some warming temperatures and rain. But we did get about 6-8 inches and that is good.

I have some more pictures to show, but you will have to wait a day or two.

Hugs & smiles to you all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

and the snow is where ? ? ?

Not here that's for sure. It looks like early spring outside - bare and wet roads, damp and chilly and rain. I wonder if we are going to get any major snow this winter ... I hope so!

This was taken almost two years ago, January 29, 2008, and we had snow and lots of icicles!

This was taken on December 27, 2008! This is the kind of snow we are suppose to have.

Our nightly temperatures barely go into the lower 20's, and the daytime temps are up in the mid 40's. Yes, we could still get a huge snowstorm before it's all said and done, but the more time that passes ... the less I think so.

I was sooo happy when we finally got snow on December 30, 2009, but this is what is almost gone now - there isn't even enough to make slush anymore.

Yes, I'm griping. I want my snow. ... OK, I'm done - there's nothing I can do but hope and pray. Lots of prayer.

Next post I promise to be in a better mood.