Sunday, February 13, 2011

Babies and socks

I've been gone a while; it's hard to post when one day is pretty much like the next, but I've got news ...

My friends' goat had babies on the 30 of Jan. Twins, a boy and girl. The Mama has produced healthy babies for about 4 years now, and we all think she is getting tired. The first two years there were twins, last year she had triplets and this year twins again. She has always been a good Mama, but last year she kicked one baby away and this year both. The little ones are being bottle fed in the house ... dog kennels work wonders. I only got a picture of the little girl with Mama, but it shows how little and cute they are.  The baby is looking for the boob between Mama's front legs ... she finally learned ...

The red glow is from the heat lamp, and Dale is trying to get the baby in the right place to eat. This one was pushed away a day or two later and is now in the house with her brother. They are doing very, very well.

I've also been working on knitting some socks from the toe up. My first socks!!! Only the first one is done, but I think I need to redo the cast off, it is a bit loose. I used a pattern for short socks, so I knit all the way up for knee socks and then realized that it was too tight on the calf ... rip out about 8-9 inches, figure out how to increase gradually and then bind off. Phew! Now I need to fix the bind off.

This was before it was completely finished, but even though I can see mistakes I need to fix on future socks, but I'm very happy with it overall.

Here is the first sock finished and the second one started. Can you see how the first sock is ruffled at the top - that is what I still need to fix.

I've been reading all about knitting socks from the toe up for about 2 months on and off. I finally found a combination of patterns and made up stuff that suited me. I wanted the easiest cast on possible - I used the figure 8. Then I went with the short row tow and heel. Boy was it a challenge to find the right instructions that made sense to me. Those wraps really gave me fits for about 3-4 tries - I have to look at the instructions each step of the way, but i made it through. The plain knitting for the foot went very smoothly. Once I started the heel and got several rows into it, I realized I have, to me, giant holes where the instep stitches were put on a holder. You know, I had ripped so much on this sock, I left the holes. These socks will be worn, and then put away as a first sock project that I can refer to so I can see how much I've progressed with additional socks!! LOL ...

If anyone has any suggestions for the holes, I'd love to hear about it.