Monday, October 27, 2014

If it ain't one thing it's another ...

I feel like I'm loosing the battle of the dollar.  I just paid my vehicle registration on my Jeep - only $86 ... it is for 2 years but next month I have $86 to pay on my GMC, also for 2 years.  Then in July '15 I will have to lay out $118.75 for my truck camper.  It's nice that they're all for two years, but I'd really like for the GMC truck to be during in between years from the Jeep ...

I also have, for the next 2 months a vet payment of $175 for the surgery on my "baby" SueAnn. 

I have one bit of good news for me ... I received confirmation that my property taxes have been deferred until I sell the house, or die (do NOT plan that for a long time).  This will save me $150 a month in Nov, Feb and May. 

Enough of the money stuff .. it just gets more and more depressing ...

I've been getting 'going into winter' chores done a little at a time, but I was told that we are suppose to have SNOW on Saturday, so I need to really get the butt in gear.  I still have to drain an roll up all the hoses and shut off the water to the outdoor spigot.  I need to figure out where to park my truck for the season, and, oh yes, suspend the insurance.

Note to self for tomorrow - "Suspend Insurance"

A good friend just (Saturday) unloaded a truck bed full of bags of cans and bottles!  It's messy and dirty to return cans, but boy can we get a nice bunch of dollars for our effort - I like that part.  It pays for cat food, cat litter and a few other things our Snap card doesn't cover.  Nice help!

I've sent emails to some of our elected officials challenging them to come live in my house for a month on what I make from SS and Snap.  I know there are people worse off than me, an I pray for them, but each month that comes, I feel like I'm sinking.  I know, get over myself and deal with it ... yup, somehow that's just what I'll do.

The weather really feels like late Fall; a lot of rain lately with the promise of snow.  I hope we have a really, really snowy winter.  We haven't had a good snow pack in the mountains for quite a lot of years and need it.  It's also fun to play in when you feel like you could sink to your waist ... LOL.  I'm also one of those people who likes to shovel ... every one says I'm nuts, but I don't care.  It's refreshing and exercise is good for me!

Gee, I didn't mean for this post to sound so down, but hopefully I now have it out of my system.

Have a great rest of October and Happy Halloween ... God Bless

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More stuff, not all of it nice ...

We had good weather out at Deer Camp.  We filled 3 out of 4 tags.  Ron did not get his deer.  The guys are now out at Elk Camp - it ends fri the 24th, so we'll see if any Elk are brought home.

There are several groups of campers that come to our campground every year and we are like one big family out there.  There are jokes played and they can go back and forth between camps during the whole time.  Lots of laughs.  I left camp 5 days before the end of the season - a week is just about what I can take camping ... they say I'm getting old ... What????  Old ... who me?  67 is not old!!!

There were a total of 200+ croppy caught!  After Elk is over we're going to have a really BIG fish fry!!!  Love those croppy!!

The weather has dropped since then and we've had several nights of rain lately.  We still need rain ... and lots of it ... then we need a good hard freeze to prepare us for snow.  Every where I look for weather says that the Pacific Northwest will have above average temperatures this winter.  Just not a good thing!  If the weather goes no lower than 26 deg we could still get a load of snow.  I pray for SNOW!!  Several friends plow during the winter to make a bit of extra money.  I love winter as long as I can stay WARM ... LOL

It seems that I gather orphans.  I have a girlfriend from Boston staying with me since her husband passed away and now very good friends from So. Cal are looking to come up and stay until they can get back on their feet.  I've already scoped out where they can park the camper and get hooked up here.  M will find a job while she's going to (online) school to learn Medical Transcription.  I'm sooo pulling for her.  Her husband (B) is medically retired but is willing to help out with things that need to get done around the property.  Looking forward to seeing them again.  Things are definitely in the works, they would like to be here in 2-3 months.  I can keep the ground clear of snow until they arrive ... I know I'm nuts, but I really like to shovel snow ... really!

I got bad news today ... SueAnn, my 13 yr old dog had a growth removed last week; the biopsy on the lump was cancerous.  There was a small part of the lump left, but in the location the lump was, I can see how a bit could be missed.  For now I will watch her.  She is the love of my life and I will take care of her until she can't any more.  It is just heartbreaking for me ... I'll let this topic drop for now ...

Fall chores are slowly getting done, the hoses being put away, the camper being winterized too.  The garden (LOL, LOL, LOL) needs to be cleaned up.  I have to find a place to put my compost pile before I start cleaning the garden ... but I need a container of some sort ... or build one out of pallets ... no matter what, I needed it last week ... LOL - this too will get done ... or not.  Then a big messy inside winter job - cleaning the wood stove (that should have been done a couple of weeks ago) and the wood box on the front porch ... and loading it up.  By the time I'm done with those chores, I don't need the stove ... LOL.  I've been picking up pine cones to use as fire starters - they work really well.  I should have enough wood for the winter months ... surely hope so!  Next year we will have to get wood for 4-5 cords for next winter.  I do use a lot of wood - I hate being cold!!!  Besides, the stove is so old that it's hard to set the damper, so it usually ends up being warmer in here than I really like, but I crack windows to help.

I'm going to let this post sink in ... I need to get back to my knitting ... LOL.

Blessed Be ya'll !