Thursday, January 24, 2019

I'm not trustworthy ... LOL

All the times I've said I am ready to post on a regular basis I've fallen by the wayside almost immediately ... not on purpose but I just get wrapped up in something else and I forget about blogging.  If I put a note on my calendar to blog, I just say "Ya, ya, ya ... tomorrow"  and we all knows what happens then - I forget.  The last post I made was in September 2018 and I guarantee that lots of stuff has happened since then.

I'm again going to try to remember to post and not about everything in the same post ... one or two happenings per post - do you think I can do that on a steady basis, maybe once a week to start?  I hope so, so don't write me off yet ... LOL ...

I hope my followers are still around and that includes family ... and maybe if I can post interesting enough things I can get a few more ... I'm hoping for that ... so I'll see you next week ... I hope!