Monday, July 18, 2011

blogging break over!

It was just sort of a break because there wasn't really anything worthy to blog about. I went camping a couple of times; the first over Memorial Day weekend. It was COLD, super windy, and rainy. We endured hoping it would get better the next day. It did, we had better rain, better wind and better cold! We even had 10 minutes of snow flakes. Oh yes, we also had hail. Not the best birthday camp out I've ever been on, but not the worst either.

These grounded pelicans were the only picture I took - I wasn't about to go stand in the rain to get a picture of rain ... LOL!

We do set up a canopy and tarp in all the sides, leaving a loose edge for entry, and have a nice big propane heater inside. We spent most of the 4 days in there. It was even too cold to fish!

The second trip was this past weekend for Dale's 50th birthday! The weather was nice, just the usual wind around 1pm and then again at 4pm. It lasts about 30-45 minutes, and then drops to a nice breeze. The fishing was good - ever have fresh croppie fillets for breakfast? Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! Sometimes I think we eat better when camping than we do at home! Yesterday was actually Dale's birthday and the camp host came to out site and sang a little ditty for Dale. It was so nice, and we all had a good laugh over that.

I've been knitting a lot of dishcloths to keep around for gifts, I finished some wristlets, I started an ear flap hat(for me). Just to keep my hands busy when I relax in the evening I've been practicing a few stitches and what not - most of it eventually gets ripped, but I do keep the good practice pieces. I also do the practice stitches on little gift bags that will hold my beaded ornaments - just to fancy them up instead of wrapping them in tissue paper.

I will get pictures of my projects and add them in the next post - which WON'T be months from now, I promise!

Hugs everyone ...