Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Have a Happy Easter Bunny Day ... and more seriously, have a Wonderful Easter Sunday.  I wish I could be in Texas with my family to celebrate this High Holy Day.  I miss them, but they are all in my heart.

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but since my last post in January, nothing in the world has changed ... it is still burning, the Christians and Jews are still being persecuted, the terrorists are still killing anyone who is not Muslim ... I have strong opinions on the above mentioned items, but for today I will Pray for Everyone!  It can't hurt ...

It's snowing outside and the temp sits at 32 ... nothing is sticking of course, but it is COLD.  Thankfully there is only a slight, slight breeze, but it is still cold air moving around.  Brrrrr!!

I'm starting my list of items that will be needed for our Black Powder Shoot camping trip.  It is hard to foresee what kind of clothes to bring this time of year.  It could be sunny, but still cold or it could be raining or snowing ... LOL   Food will mostly be the basics ... milk, bread, etc., etc.  and WARM food, he, he, he.

I sure hope it warms up by then ... we will be leaving home on April 29 and back home on May 3.  This might be our last year to have the Shoot where it's been for many, many years.  The company that bought the property is extremely worried about fires and people drinking where there are guns.  There has never been an issue before with the drinking and guns ... we really are adults even if we dress up in period costume ... I sure hope the Mt. Mazama Mountain Men can find a place that is just as nice or better.  There will be observers from the company to see if we are good boys and girls ...  

I'm also doing some knitting, beading and crocheting for a Craft Faire in October.  I know it sounds like a long way off, but when every thing is hand made it takes time.  My friend and I have knit/crochet 2 Yoda Baby Buntings ... beaded little Angel earrings and wrist Rosaries.  I have patterns for Ornament covers; I'd like to have between 6-10 done in different designs and colors.  My friend will make soap and I have wash/dish clothes that we will sell together.  I am very excited, and should be busier than I am right now.  There is time, but it has a habit of moving very, very quickly.  I WILL GET IT ALL DONE!!!! LOL

I leave you for now with Prayers for Easter.  God Bless.