Saturday, July 24, 2010

Someone turned on the heat!

Earlier when I looked at the thermometer it said 90 deg. It is a bit above my comfort zone and evidently Joey doesn't doesn't think much of it either!

Now I think this is where I'd like to be right now. Not sure about the cats but I know the dog would love it.

This picture was taken in Crescent City in May 2007 from our motel deck, when the tall ships were there. They had a mock battle which is hard to see, but I'm sure you get the idea. It was a marvelous weekend, nice, warm (like 70 or so) with slight breezes blowing ... aaahhh, I wish. I could sooo enjoy stepping out for a walk on the beach with the dog ... too bad they don't allow dogs at that motel - poor SueAnn.

Have a nice day and don't forget to turn down the heat.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As normal as it gets and other tidbits

Well, I have still been putting stuff away, one little piece at a time. I mean that literally. I find a stray something, and I will walk it to where the other 'somethings' are and put it away. Wow, I have a lot of 'somethings'!!! It is mostly craft stuff that has been scattered about, and now I can really see the Crafters Motto, "If one is good, three is better" in action!! WOW! Even my nice large craft studio is getting cramped. And the super large craft table is covered with stuff!

I did craft a pair of earrings during this clean up time. My friend J asked me for two sets, and these, if you can see them, are what came out of that request. There are three little white beads on the end of all four legs, end of the tail and at the top as eyes. I guess I need a real good contrasting background to have them show up better ... either that or a closer up picture. They are about 1 1/4 inches long, not counting the hook

I also wandered around the front yard taking random pics of the flowers ... these two pictures are of wildflowers just growing where they want ... I don't care if they are weeds, they look pretty!

The next two are of 'real' flowers that I know names of - what a concept for this girl ... LOL My beautiful Purple Iris (don't look at the weeds!)

I don't know the actual name of this rose, but I know it grows wild where it is planted. I don't do much to it but throw a bit of water on it once in a while ...

Right after I took the flower pictures, the camera told me to put new batteries in or I wouldn't get any more pictures ... so, into the house I went, looking for AA batteries and found ONE. The camera takes TWO. I put the camera on the kitchen counter while I searched for another battery, and all of a sudden there was a huge thump, everyone jumped, even me. OK, one of the cats did SOMETHING NOT GOOD ... Yup, after looking around the kitchen, I found my camera in the pet water bowl ... Ooooh, not good...!!!! Maggie had evidently slowly pushed it off the counter, and it happened to be right above where the water bowl sat on the floor. Talk about upset! I pulled it out and drained it over the sink - I didn't know cameras could hold so much water. I was just heartbroken - there was no way I could replace my dear old Kodak ... I dried the outside and as best I could, stuck rag corners and edges into the openings ... all the time wondering what the H*LL I was going to do now ...

I checked the Kodak website to see what they had to say - ummm, nothing about wet cameras ... so I googled wet cameras and fortunately found a couple of sites that told little except to thoroughly dry the camera - DUH!!!! - and use a hair dryer on air only. It took me 4 days to do all this - and the camera now WORKS!!! I'm now very careful where I place the camera, and never again will it be on the kitchen counter.

I guess since it's been a while since I last posted, I had a lot to say!!! I keep trying to not let so much time pass, but I guess the only way to do that is to put reminders up ...

We, friends and I, are now getting ready for another camping trip to the lake, so hopefully I will have a bit to say about that when we get back ... I can only hope ... LOL.

You all have a great summer, now that it's here in force!!