Tuesday, May 13, 2008

we're having a heat wave...... la, la, la, la

Hi all, and welcome to my ramblings, he, he.

We are gearing for a heatwave... nice! I've been freezing for the last 8 months... yeah, I'm a sissy! Don't get me wrong, I like cold weather, but I really, really hate being cold. And with the wind - oooooh, I really don't like it at all. So back to our heatwave, suppose to start tomorrow - in the 70's, then the 80's but no 90's yet. It's probably a good thing - I can just see all of us getting sick - we are not use to the hot weather yet.

I sometimes think that by the time I get really warm, it will be fall again... and I can start digging out my winter stuff again. No rest for the wicked!!! LOL

I'll keep you posted to how big of a heatwave I think it is.

Have a good week.

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