Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall is in the air

It's hard to believe that it's September 1st already. We have had several frost warnings but they are now changing to freeze warnings. I'm just not ready - and the temps are due to go up again.

Last night I forgot to cover my zucchini plant and some of the leaves were frost bitten this morning. I cut off the one zucchini that had been allowed to grow to eatable size, about 8-9 inches, and am saving it for fried zucchini with onions and mushrooms - yum, yum. The rest that started growing either withered and died, or were eaten by rodents.... not sure what, but there were little teeth marks on one that was about 3 inches long. I think I've gotten what I'm going to get from the plant. This year was just an experiment - next year I'd like to get a raised bed put together and have some tomatoes & pepper too. I also have some cantaloupe seeds saved and would like to try them too.

I got out my knitting needles and some light blue heather yarn to knit some fingerless gloves. I usually do dishes to warm up my hands & fingers, but there are times that they stay sooo cold that I run out of dishes. I have neighbors and friends telling me that they will be happy to let me do their dishes, but I'm not quite that desperate. I finished one last night and am working on the other one (after I get off the computer!) - I should finish it tonight before bed. I hate having cold hands and I'm hoping that gloves will help. I can already see where I'll knit more; these just cover a bit of the wrist, which is nice, but I'd like them a little longer up the arm - I'll wait until I finish some Christmas presents since these will work.

I told you about the package to my Mom for her birthday - she loved everything she got! She told me that until she asks for more stuff - DON'T send anymore! She says she has plenty for now. I had sent her 3 pairs of decorative edging scissors and a small heart shaped punch - she was sooo funny when she realized that she could decorate lots of her card stuff with those..... just amazed at the possibilities. It is fun sharing crafting ideas with my Mom; she's 81, but very young in some things. It is wonderful.

This weekend just past, we put in enough wood to last through the winter with what was leftover from last year. That's a great feeling - now I'll be warm twice from the wood...... I didn't split or stack, but I will be bringing it in daily to the wood box and those trips warm me up, then again when it burns. My room mate can run me out of the house sometimes with all the wood he puts into the stove - I've looked at the inside thermometer and he has it up to 90 degrees! WOW - time to open some windows so I can breathe! I left both Southern California and Nebraska because of the hot, hot, hot summers - I surely don't need HOT winters here.

I need to get my 'stuff' together and start all my Christmas gifts. I really need to figure out what I'm giving to who. There are 3 lady friends who always get beaded Christmas balls, so that's a given, but there are more folks than those three. I guess a list with names and gifts listed by year so I don't duplicate.

I need to go get into my warm fuzzies, curl up on the couch and finish my other glove so I can wear them in the morning when it will be sooo cold.

Wishing you warm (not hot) sunshine days.

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance."

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