Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back home . . .

Oh it is sooo good to be home again! We got home early Friday afternoon and I've been trying to catch up on unloading the camper, putting the food away, laundry but general cleanup of the camper will have to wait a few days until it warms up.

We did end up setting up camp in a light drizzle, but got the canopy up real fast since we could see a storm coming our way! Boy am I glad we hustled - it was a long steady COLD rain. Yup, it lasted 3 days . . . There were times when it seemed like it was just a sheet of rain running off the canopy, but at least we had a dry space outside. I don't think the temperature during our trip got above 45 degrees. Then on Thursday we had some freezing rain, turned to a bit of hail and by nightfall it was snowing! We woke up on Friday to 2 inches of snow on the ground and 22 degrees at 8 am.

I always thought I'd like to do some winter camping, but this was enough for me. Also, the camper is not a 4 season camper! The heater is the forced air style and runs a battery down in 24-36 hours, so I had the stove top on with an 8" clay pot upside down on top of that and it kept it comfy - not warm, mind you, but comfy compared to outside. The heat was from the counter top up and I slept warmly since the bed is in the cabover section. It was a pain though to get into and out of my coat - it's not like there is room inside to swing things around, but you slowly slide into jackets and coats. . . slowly so not to catch anything on the counter or the table.

Don't get me wrong, I always love to camp, but this year was a bit cold. All the deer had left for lower altitudes, but we had a lot of fun.

The scenery was gorgeous! Tall pines and firs, small open meadows and sun spots on the ground that we all ran for when we spotted them. Even though the temperature was low, the sun felt warm on our hands and faces - the rest was covered up!

I'm also still trying to catch up with all my blog reading, checking & answering emails (489!) and posting, so if I haven't answered you yet, hang in there! I appreciate all comments and emails, so please don't despair, I will be there soon.

I leave you with this:
My "to do" list is so long, I will never die!


Natalie said...

Brrrrrrr... you brought me right along with you. I can envision all the natural beauty and I can very well imagine those temperatures. Welcome home... a warm welcome!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Sorry your trip was cut short. But I sure wish I could enjoy a weeks worth of snow!