Thursday, October 23, 2008

is there someting in my water?

Things are stumbling along pretty much the same as the last post. I've tried working on my website today but there seems to be 'something' going on over at the builder. It is moving sooo slow that I almost forgot what I wanted to do to some of the pages. You hit the 'save' button for the page and I could literally go to the bathroom while it was saving! Talk about frustrated! I. gave. up.

I'm also trying to take pictures of my crafts for posting on my Etsy store (not open yet). This house is sooo dark that the only place I found that was light enough was, again, the bathroom! I have tried different rooms, different set ups, different lamps and lights - NOTHING worked. The bathroom works . . . go figure! At least after a week of taking bad pictures, I've finally figured it out, but the bathroom?

I have at least a half dozen items to post and I've had trouble getting my thoughts together to make anything else since I was having such a hard time getting pictures of them. Now I should be able to get going. My problem now (I know me) will be what to make next! There are tons of ideas rumbling around my head, and tons of supplies just waiting to be made into something - this will be interesting.

I've also been trying to clean up the front porch/entry so I can get to the wood box. It is a nice big box with a nice big flat lid on it, so it gets piled with stuff during the summer. Yeah, now where to put all the stuff. I've been going through it slowly to make sure that the things I want to keep aren't thrown out. Then there is the stuff I sort of want to keep, but really will never use - I hate throwing out things that can be used, but I need to just get rid of the stuff! Maybe I'll save the best stuff and give it to my girlfriend Candy! Just what she needs - my old cast off stuff! LOL I should probably get rid of a lot more than I am, but I NEEEEED that stuff . . . .

I have a box on the porch for Dale full of old broken metal stuff. He is into welding lawn ornaments. During the summer whenever we go yard/garage sale-ing we look for broken tools, rakes, shovels, etc. Dale makes these into animals, birds or whatever strikes his fancy. I have a bird that he made last year, and I just love it! Each item he makes is one-of-a-kind. This year he will be able to work a bit more since he put a wood stove in his shop, last year every thing had to be made before it got too cold!

Tomorrow will be a busy day - I have a lunch date with a friend, I need to return the stove pipe from the last post, and I have to go grocery shopping (I hate grocery shopping). By the time I get home I will be thoroughly exhausted, but I haven't been into town for over a week, so we need a lot of basics like milk and bread.

Since the bathroom has played a big role in my day, I will leave you with this:

Use empty toilet paper rolls to store appliance cords. It keeps them neat and you can write on the roll what appliance it belongs to.

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