Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and other tidbits . . .

I wish all women a Happy Mother's Day whether you have 2 or 4 legged kids. In fact I wish every woman a great day whether you have any children or not!

My daughter, in Texas, sent me flowers. They are a wonderful mix of colors and types. I'm just tickled pink. I called my Mom, in Denmark to wish her a great day. I called yesterday at 10 a.m. here my time which makes it 7 p.m. her time. She will now think about the call all day instead of waiting until evening today to get my call. The distance is 9 hours and I don't know exactly how many miles, so I have to gauge my calls accordingly.

Well, my room mate left Oregon yesterday for his trip down to Texas. I missed him as soon as he was out of sight! We've been room mates for a bit over 15 years! Can you believe that?!?!? We have had our ups and downs like anyone living in the same house, but he has been, and still is, my best friend

I started cleaning up his room yesterday, nothing major, just vacuuming dog and cat fur and spider webs that tend to grow no matter how much you clean, and washing the windows so I can see out a bit better. It now looks like there is no glass in the frames, but the room faces southeast and I want all the sun I can get in that room.

It will be slowly converted to a craft room, and I'm now getting anxious for that to happen, but will go slowly and not over do it since my arthritis and back problems will flare up putting me on the couch for a couple of days.

There are dark denim curtains in there as D wanted the sun to be kept at bay until at least 7 or 8. In the summer it comes up over the hills at around 5:30! I will change them out with some light green leaf print curtains. I might even be able to do that before I start the rest of the work . . . ripping out carpet, laying plywood over the press board sub floor that has gotten wet in the corner and is spongy even when dry. I will paint the floor and lay a large rug in there - I will paint the walls a light gray color - I'm in an old mobile so there is fake paneling and I hate it!!!

It will take some time to get all that done, but as I get it done, I will post pictures. The above pictures is the way it looks today. I will post them again with an after picture when that part is done.

As much as I want to tear into it all right NOW, I need to go slow!!!!

Wishing you again a Happy Mother's Day.


Betty said...

I'm sorry your best friend moved to Texas; it must have been really hard to say 'goodby'. I know you will enjoy the extra space you now have. I won't get overly-anxious to see pictures...don't want to put pressure on you to "git 'er done", so to speak. I'll just wait patiently for the updates.

Glad you had a chance to talk with your mom. Sweet of your daughter to send flowers.

Happy, happy M-day to you.

melissa said...

oh, re-decorating the room should be fun for you and perhaps a bit of therapy after your best friend leaving. :(
happy mother's day to you, yvette! x