Saturday, June 20, 2009

Portland here I come . . . and stuff . . .

Well, the trip to Portland will happen on Monday! With some help from friends, I have rented a car and reserved my motel room. I will pick up the car Monday morning by 10 and head north. The appointment is on Tuesday morning at 8. I have no idea how long it will take - shouldn't be long since all they have to do is take a picture and fingerprints.

I'm going to head home as soon as it's over and hopefully be able to stop to enjoy the scenery along the way. I just don't know when it will be over!

Maybe another way home, besides I-5, would be in order. I could cut over to Hwy 97, but that is also a long boring drive! There just aren't that many ways over the Cascades, and I've been on most of them already.

On to better and happier subjects - - -

I'm puppy sitting for Dale's Blue Healer - is that really spelled 'healer' since basically they 'heel' when trying to move herds along? I'll have to look that up.

His name is Chaps, and he weighs in at around 80 lbs.!!! Normal should be about 55-60. Dale & his wife went to a Black Powder Shoot. Chaps isn't normally afraid of gunfire, and there will be plenty, but he would be in camp by himself most of the time, and he's a whiner.

I'd love to have gone, but SueAnn would have apoplexy!!!! Since my room mate moved, I don't have anyone to watch her, so I puppy sit. It's OK, he's a good dog.

Not much crafting going on, but I am still knitting the "Feathers and Fans" dishcloths. I have about a dozen now - it relaxes me before bedtime. I'm also experimenting with other patterns, but like that one the best so far.

The blue and green dishcloth above has the ridge in the pattern which I really like compared to the red and white dishcloth below. The one below has no ridge and to me it seems kind of boring. The ridges also help scrub the dishes better.

The camo cloth above is a basic basket weave and the yellow and green below is a basket rib.

I was introduced to the "Feather & Fan" by reading "miss woolly knits" from BC Canada. She is mostly housebound and has knit over 550 dishcloths. Her cloths are knit without the ridge and look just beautiful, I wonder why mine don't? The latest batch on her blog are in the most fantastic bright summer colors, just ready to eat!!!

Have a great weekend and I hope the weather is good for all of you.


Mary Anne said...

Thank you for your kind words about my cloths, but your cloths are beautiful too, all of them.
Happy weekend!

Betty said...

I think Chaps looks like the sweetest guy! And, I imagine SueAnn enjoys having him come for a visit, eh?

Your dishcloths are delightful! The ONLY thing I know how to knit is a dishcloth; but, it's a VERY basic, VERY boring pattern. I just enjoy doing it while watching (er, listening?) to TV.

I hope your trip to Portland is uneventful and gets you what you need in one trip.

Be safe.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Have a nice trip to Portland.
I like your potholders :-)

Paula said...

I love the colors you've used on your dishcloths. So bright and cheery to liven up the kitchen. I think they're all pretty, ridge or no ridge.

Hoping everything works out just as it's supposed to in Portland for you this week.