Friday, June 5, 2009

Tidbits . . .

I never got to post more pictures of the Lilacs and Iris. We have had horrendous thunderstorms for the last week, and they beat my flowers all to bits.

We went camping last weekend and took up almost half the campground with friends and family. It is a small campground - only about 11-12 spaces - but it is so perfect for us. There are pit toilets, fishing dock and boat dock. That's it, no more. The road and spaces are paved, but the rest is left natural. There are picnic tables and fire pits at each campsite. They are dog friendly and there is an area outside the fence for doggy duty.

My dog, SueAnn, is the biggest "fraidy cat" when it comes to thunderstorms and she did pretty well. There were so many people milling around and we all ignored her, so her wigging out was ignored even though I did keep an eye on her. Aside from the bit of thunder and rain in the late afternoons, the weather was nice - in the 70's during the day and around 35-40 at night.

After we got home the storms continued and got a lot worse. Monday night I literally had to hold SueAnn by the collar to keep her from tearing up my house. She wants to hide in the smallest nook or cranny she can find. Well that just doesn't work when you weigh 60 lbs.! I finally had a "duh" moment - go get the kennel! I brought it in and when she started to feel the storm, I led her to the kennel and she went right in. I have put it in my soon-to-be craft room and drawn the curtains so it's dark, closed the door to kitty width, and left her alone. When the storm is over she comes out with her tail wagging and all is good!

I went to get my driver's license renewed on Tuesday and you now have to have a ton of proof of who you are, where you live and that you are in the US legally. I am a legal permanent resident and have a "green card". Well, the green card is no good any more. Huh?? There is no expiration date on it as it is one of the older versions. OK, but I thought that it was fine . . . laws have passed that you need to renew every ten years. Great, OK I will do that. What a shock - $370. to renew and I have to go to Portland, 300 miles away, to have my fingerprints taken and a picture! That's it, they don't need me for anything else. I don't have a rig that I feel comfortable driving that many miles over the Cascades and up I-5. I will find a way to get there.

I submitted the application on Wednesday and in 4-6 weeks they will let me know when I have to be there. I have absolutely no say in the date and time. I have no idea how much lead time I will get. So in essence I drop what I'm doing and go. What a great use of my time and money . . . It will be an overnight trip, so there is gas, food and a motel room to pay for, to have my fingerprints and photo taken.... go figure.

I realize this is to thin out the illegal population, but I have been here since 1956, and they know it! Oh well, go with the flow . . . but why can't they accept certified fingerprints and a photo taken by the local Police, Sheriff or State Patrol? These departments are not in cahoots with the illegal population!

OK, I'm done ranting. I know I am feeling sorry for myself over these expenses, but I am a 62 year old grandmother on Social Security and this money could cover a lot of other expenses during a month . . .

Next time I post it will be a happy post - I promise! I just needed to sniffle a bit.

I should take my own advice - Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

Hugs to all.


Betty said...

Well, that's just the PITS! I'm with you; you've been here legally for 53 years and they won't accept that?? Why do we make things so difficult for others to enjoy America? Sorry you will have to go through all this. And, don't worry about 'ranting'..I'm always interested in what's going on with you.

Glad you had fun camping! Take care, my friend.

Paula said...

Sounds like a fun camping trip. Our dogs a "fraidy cat" too. I swear he's going to have a heart attack one of these days over a thunderstorm or fireworks. Poor guy!

Sorry about the hassle at DMV. I've heard that it's really hard to get a license renewed these days, but that's ridiculous! I've heard that we know have to bring all of our documentation, including any old divorce papers to prove ourselves. I was married in my early 20's and divorced a very short time later. Apparently next time I need to renew I'm going to have to dig up that old papertrail. So not looking forward to it. Stinks!