Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last camping trip of the year, except hunting season

We pulled out of my driveway towing the boat, on Thursday morning around 10. Got to the campground at 10:30, got our favorite sites, and set up. It was just Candy and I and SueAnn, my dog. Dale, K and Chaps, their dog came up later after Dale was off work. The first thing after getting the 5th wheel level was to launch the boat.

Park the boat trailer and get the boat ready to go. It needed to be moved to the other side of the dock. In the process of trying to move it, the gear mechanism broke. Bummer. The boat was not able to be used except as a comfortable seat to fish from while tied to the dock.

Our camp is comfortable. The picnic table is under the canopy to the left, lawn chairs close to the fire pit, wood, and SueAnn staking her spot by the fire. The hammock has been hung and relaxation is under way.

Father and daughter trying to share the hammock for an afternoon nap. K couldn't stand it for long, she told Dad that his hands smelled of fish and that the rest of him wasn't too fresh either (this was the 2nd day without a shower); she bailed and Dad slept. We always know when he's asleep - he snores!!! LOL

And lots and lots of fishing got done. In four days there were probably 45-50 fish caught. Croppie in the mornings, perch during the day, and lots and lots of catfish in the evening starting around 7 and going until 10. There must have been about 25 lbs. of fish! The fish in this picture is a channel cat! The channel of the Klamath River is about 40 feet deep - this one must have come up a ways to get caught!

On the last morning, it was fishing in the fog! When I first looked out my window I could not see across the lake; by the time I got some shoes on and out the door it was burning off fast. Most of the catfish were caught the night before, but there were four croppie caught that morning. Dale cleaned 12 fish!

It was predicted to have 20% showers on both Saturday and Sunday, but none came. The sky was filled with dark clouds late in the afternoon and by sundown I thought there was no chance of getting a good picture. But I did capture this, with just a bright spot on the clouds lighting up. It was beautiful!

I think the most amazing part of this trip - a holiday weekend - was that the campground was only half full. And there are only 13 sites for the public! Nice, quiet, peaceful, restful and all other nice descriptive words you can think of.

It was, as it always is, a bit sad to leave. But we will be back there for hunting season. The BLM is keeping it open for hunters, which is nice.

Hugs to everyone and I hope your weekend was just as nice and relaxing.


Betty said...

Looks like a great place to spend a few days. I LOVE your last picture..there's just something about it that says PEACE!

Paula said...

Loving that early morning picture of the fog! So pretty. All of your shots are really nice. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Bummer about the boat, but seems you guys didn't need it to haul all those fish in. Very cool! Glad you had such a good time.