Monday, October 19, 2009

The girls get names!

Well the Three Chickenteers now have individual girl names.

In the back on the left is Chocolate - dark brown, on the right is Penny - copper colored, and in the front is Lacey - white and light copper. I had figured out Chocolate and Penny a while back, but just could not come up with a name for Lacey. I tried looking at her in different ways and when I asked myself what did she look like the answer came - kind of lacy. AHA!! There is was.

You can see them better in this picture even though they refused to look at the camera.

They look a whole lot better in these pictures taken on Oct 8, than they do now - all 5 of the girls are molting!!! I have feathers EVERYWHERE! I find them indoors as well since they stick to my shoes, the dog and the cats.



Paula said...

You picked great names for the girls. Lacey is just perfect! EW! Molting chickens are just not a pretty sight.
Happy Wednesday!

bneedham46 said...

Love the names of your 'girls'! They are just too cute!